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So what happened yesterday?
>2 whales dumped for profits and set off a chain reaction of brainlets selling
>Some anon bought 93 ETH worth at the top and sold the bottom for 31 ETH which I keked so loudly at
>I got lots of divs from the dumps and am still very comfy
>Most likely a coordinated FUD by TG Niggers
Please fud and dump more I want those divs and cheapies

Quick rundown for newfrens:
>6m mcap currently
>DeFi project with tiered lending releasing Saturday in combination with a fancy new website
>dOrg have been involved in AskoLend development
>Full audit by quillhash so can't be rugged
>Reserve and DAO in the future, reserve will allow minting of stablecoins on xDai network
>Has USPs compared to AAVE and COMP so long term surpassing them isn't out of the question
>Lend is starting with 10 pools on launch, increasing to 30 in the future

Nows your time to get in frens we won't be this cheap for long 1000x imminent


New website preview:

dOrg medium on lend: https://medium.com/dorg-tech/askobar-commissions-dorg-to-build-tiered-lending-protocol-a8076ef02d86

Quillhash audit: https://twitter.com/asko_official/status/1355387262393929729?s=21

Release tweet:

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Trust the plan

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I fell for RBC, I fell for COR, and I fell for ASKO. I'm still holding them all. Buy you motherfuckers REEEEE SHILL TO TWITTER

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Preese buy coin I am feeding many famiry

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Those are cruel times askobros, but we will come at the top.

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rbc would've made you legit gains had you got in early enough and not been greedy. We don't want to see a repeat with ASKO, which is why its probably for the best we didn't smash through 15c– we'd just end up crashing that much harder.

COR really was a scam tho lmao

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comfy af

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Choo choo

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This is coming back to .14 slowly but surely. Looking at dextools it’s half bots just selling and buying back between 8-10 eth each time. That’s why it keeps getting bullish but crashes right back down. The time is now anons WAGMI

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We're gonna be okay lads

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Begging you sirs, my sack is very voluminous.

Please buy sirs.

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agree, at least back to .12 before launch, then possible moon if it goes well, which it looks like it is

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Can’t wait for the launch
Fuck all the fudders, this thing hasn‘t even started and there‘s not a single reason not to throw at least hundred bucks at it
Easy 10x-1000x potential

>pic related is Rubics chart for comparison, we just did the 3000% rubic did in the beginning before it also dumped to 1500% and then eventually mooned like crazy to 18000% and this has even more potential (AAVE on steroids)

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Twitter normies FOMOing in after launch confirmed

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>he isnt selling to get back initial investment

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this is a completely rebranded project with a completely new team

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I wouldn’t even mind it dipping so much if I didn’t buy it at .13 peak but gay ass transaction failed when I tried to buy in at .10 so I ate a whole load of shit

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This pajeet tier fud is so bullish

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Checked, buying more now

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Mr Sir to the bloody moon Sir.

I am feeding my famiry. Mr Sir 13th main net we will rise ASKO #1

All you bloody bullshit FUD make more voluminous bags for me and I WILL get rich Mr Sir imagine not holding my bag for 1 minutes.

A sir with no ASKO is a fool buy the dip!

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every single person who comes in these threads the fud is just mad they bought high then sold low, kek it was the same in all the rubic threads last month whenever it dipped, the pajeets would flood in and cry how it was a scam and then it would just go straight up again eventually.. this is no different, if you sold asko for lower then you bought, just keep your mouth shut, nobody is interested in taking financial advice from a brianlet like that

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everyone who not buying asko is idiot, asko soon to the mooooooon

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>Bringing up memes made by a pajeet in a contest hosted by pre-rebrand coin that had a completely different coin
Lmao this project has no true FUD, I'm going all in

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Different team even kek i haven't slept in days

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Never to be sold for money or gold Sir!

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God bless the lad shitting on curryniggers on TG

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I'm starting to think OP was right about coordinated fud, extremely bullish

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Bought it, staked it, not selling, ignoring the aryan indians, gonna make it

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Can't wait to get banned for it, hate these lazy sociopathic fuckers with a passion, loathe working with them in the industry I work on since they're massively incompetent.

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Staking now.
Based, let's fucking go boys. 20c EoW, $1 Eom, $250 EoY.
AAVE can suck my fat ASKO dick.

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Wgmi frend. The divs are so nice. Did you register for the monthly bonus?

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120k Asko staked here. Alt season is upon us anons. Stake your coins and just hodl. Trust me checking your blockfolio only forces you to make rash decisions. RBC, ASKO, DFT chad hodling all until at least EOY. We are in the beginning stages of the 2017 bull run. Once eth clears 2k and btc finally pushes past 50k alts will blow up more so. Strap in anons

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Asko! Asko!

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ASKO now accepted worldwide!

This appears to be a glass shop.

Rebrand to GLASSKO when?

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Nice edit

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Soon lambo dealers will refuse USD and only accept Asko

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Not him but I just registered.

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>anon... I..

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18 hours in DOGSHIT volume.
when this volume increases and price goes up even to 20 cents, its meaningful money EVERY DAY

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Good sign only small businesses accepted bitcoin at the start
My body is ready

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You sneaky bastard
Shopped the new logo into this old screenshot
Try harder next time faggot

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More assko memes pls frens

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Mr Sirs, my famiry needs food please buy coin hold bag decadent fools.

Preese Sirs.

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Caught me!

I'm a firm believer that it will moon Sirs.

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Fuck, I knew I should have waited for a dip. Could have had like 50k more

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I'll dump my entire stack and crash the price to 1 cent if someone gives me some legit fud kek

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durka durka i am pajeet
I like curry and shitting in street
I am Asko ceo believe me I need
money for more curry to shit into my streets
more and to feed
my village curry so they can also shit in street

>> No.28211848

>Adam Sandler dies at the end of the movie

Sneaky meme sir

>> No.28212037

Stop trying to cope bc you bought the top and sold the bottom before its even launched kek

>> No.28212090

Bitch I would if not for 100 dollar gas fees, down 300 on asko, only up 100 on rubic. Even to transfer to probit it costs 60+ for each one.

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Well its either make it with Asko in the next 2 years or rope for me

>> No.28212291

That was my best attempt to fud but I really can’t think of any reason not to at least put a $100 in just to see what happens
I‘m bullish as hell for this token and own a 15k stack myself

>> No.28212338

bought 50k more have 350k total now am i gmi

>> No.28212404

I'm all in and fully staked so this shit better moon after friday or I'll rope.

>> No.28212481

Holy shit the fudders are going crazy, and it's all so low quality, what the fuck is happening here? Have any other coins experienced this amount of dogshit being thrown at them? is this standard for /biz/?

>> No.28212611

I want to say RBC had this shit tier style of fud and look what happened to that.

>> No.28212686

Fuck you pajeet scammers. Where is my 10x?

>> No.28212755

>Street View of inside
>rich successful pajeets who all sit in $1000 office chairs
Kek nice try poo pajeet, you are seething that even a single chair those god tier pajeets have is worth more than everything in your village

>> No.28212869


your $8/hr mindset is showing you poor fuck. most of the tech industry works in some way with a connection to India but you wouldnt realize that folding tshirts at your nearest dicks sporting goods

jesus christ the fud IQ level is fucking dropping

>> No.28212870

It got pumped and dumped?

Nice comparison sir

>> No.28212912

Could someone please crash this to 0.01 so I can even out my initial 0.12 investment?

>> No.28213023

Dumped after a 70x, yeah.

>> No.28213153

A dump after a 70x is what everyone isn't a new fag calls

>> No.28213365

So, exactly what I called it, a pump and dump. Very intelligent you are esteemed sir, buy more asko for my village sir

>> No.28213587

Lmao I love newfags will believe its a PnD because they don't understand
>Still hasn't released
>You are very early
Please sell so I can buy your bags and laugh at your working in McDs while I'm fucking roasties in my lambo with asko gains

>> No.28213718

>Please fud and dump more I want those divs and cheapies

How does staking work with ASKO?

>> No.28213812

Bought .02 then .06 then .035 then .09 now .058 np. I'll carry your bags the rest of the way: 7m mc with 107m circulating of 138m total.

>> No.28213854


Thank fuck there's someone sane left here

>> No.28213860

>brown ID
Angry pajeet, did your PnD not pump and just dump?

>> No.28213861

Hello sirs please do the needfull and buy ASKO so i can feed my goats

>> No.28214036

There is a 1% tax on every transaction of asko ever, this tax is sent to the staking pool and you get whatever % of that is your stake in the pool, I stake 300k and made 1k asko in 1 hour during the dump last night

>> No.28214073

Reverse psychology: the fud is actually shilling.

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File: 208 KB, 700x452, ASKO CEO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello sirs this is my call center boss and he is CEO of ASKO. we will feed many goats with your Etheriums please buy

>> No.28214365


>> No.28214440

is there any hope with the mainnet launch? my hands are paper

>> No.28214445

Can you stop same fagging with different IDs poojet, this fud is absolute shit tier and I didn't even kek once so what's the point? Everyone's laughing at you for wasting your one chance at consciousness doing this

>> No.28214484

Sounds bretty gud. Does it cost Eth/Asko to stake/unstake it? So like, can I easily stake my entire stack, then easily sell off to recoup my initial investment after it goes up next week?

>> No.28214494


Nobody in biz gets this simple fact lol

>> No.28214586

Yup, as soon as the project actually delivers and the fud is debunked we gonna soar

>> No.28214630

Its like dying a painful death holding onto what I have left of Asko. I'm rekd.

Should have sold when it hit 0.13.

>> No.28214639

Do you understand what the project is aiming to do with DeFi?
If yes why are you even worried it will most likely dump on launch as not currently adopted but that does not worry me im here for the long game
If no why are you just a fucking retard who buys whatever the funny frog man tells you to buy and doesn't do their own research?

>> No.28214840

You just have to pay whatever the gas fee at the time is, so who knows kek

>> No.28214860

thank god i did my research and found the teamwallet dumping. so i dumped with them at 14c.

>> No.28215047


No unstaking penalty, just the aforementioned 1% transaction tax and gas fees.

>> No.28215055
File: 516 KB, 600x600, TAP_THAT_BITCH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm gonna tap that

>> No.28215135

>Launching DeFi platform
>Decentralised finance
Hmmm its almost like you need money to give people loans, ill laugh when you're priced out
They also confirmed that this was the reason in TG, sirgey dumps 100x more every single week

>> No.28215262

How did you find the team wallet? And it would be a stroke of luck to catch them dumping at the right time an quickly bail out.

Good to hear you got out though.

>> No.28215526

anyone know how much you get by staking it? poorfag with 13k stack here

>> No.28215847
File: 29 KB, 1129x368, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i searched around on etherscan after the first dump at 14c. i held until it spiked up to 14 again and dumped with them at that time. they've stopped dumping now though so i'll check back after the mainnet dump. i will only buy back again if i see a clear upward reversal. in the meantime, there are tons of uniswap shitcoins to gamble on.

>> No.28215854

You'll get cucked by gas, not worth, staking is a richfag game

>> No.28215856

can some1 please explain how to stake?

>> No.28215862

info is false. I've been tracking wallets since Thursday. The sub .14 dumps were swingies not devs.

>> No.28216246


>> No.28216366

Asko.finance connect your wallet and away you go

>> No.28216390

10k staked am I gonna make it?

>> No.28216442

i'm not talking about the sub 14c dumps. everything is verifiable on the blockchain and even the devs have admitted to selling. just take a look at the chart. the momentum would've continued if they didn't dump.

>> No.28216550

No but you'll have the gains to get you on your way

>> No.28216726

Momentum would not have continued. The market would have sent it into a consolidation period. Nothing ever goes in a straight line up. They sold so that they have collateral for when ASKOlend goes live. It would be irresponsible for the devs to have no funds with an operating lending platform

>> No.28216844

The wallets dumping .14 bought in after .02. What am I missing? Link addy

>> No.28216894

Was only to generate capital for lend and a compete nothingburger, see you when you fomo back in at 50c next week

>> No.28216924

200k stack here, bought at 11 cents so im down - but don't care cause i'll be waaaaay up.

Get in before the ship sales you idiots

>> No.28217011

>oh yeah they sold for collateral

>> No.28217020

how do i move ASKO into meta mask

>> No.28217029

you fucks' ids are all forming the shades of the asko logo. the stars have aligned. we all gonna make it

>> No.28217188

Okay buddy retard

So how big is your stack?

>> No.28217189

Which coins have potential to x2 in your opinion?

>> No.28217254

I'm genuinely asking for the address to see what I've missed.

>> No.28217293

only 50k stack here but comfy as fuck

>> No.28217397

you wouldn't buy it anyway

if it consolidates after the mainnet dump, i might buy back in. but right now i have 0.

>> No.28217449


>> No.28217587

I'm interested in hearing what others see potential in.

I'll do my research on it before buying.

>> No.28217614

Everyone that wanted to dump already has retard, we are all long term hodlers now

>> No.28217618

but if you must know, i'm looking at DIA right now. it's in an ascending channel and will probably 2x within a month.

>> No.28217619

On the topic of lurking wallets, I don't hold $OPEN but I see it being bought up.

>> No.28217747

Aped in last week, couldn't give a fuck about short term losses. Kek those fuckwits selling at 50% loss screaming pajeet scam, always always always take out initial investment post pump and let your bag ride.

DeFi is the hype anons, normies just heard about Chainlink so let them ape in so I can get some Brazilian women to sit on my face whilst they jerk me off.

>> No.28217749

sold my reefies bought at 0.19 and sold at 0.31 to buy 60k tokens of THIS FUCKING SCAM tfor .12
im financially ruined.

>> No.28217826
File: 18 KB, 200x200, 3F4BC3DB-25E4-4936-A085-848DC4F21E26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the most obvious pajeet rugpull I’ve ever seen. The CEO Alec CURRY masquerades as an American on his fake LinkedIn account but his telegram name is fucking mahatma_alec and he created a token called Askobar Network.

>> No.28217855
File: 564 KB, 1079x986, Screenshot_20210209-171910_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh I am laffin

2nd place for you.

>> No.28217869


>> No.28217906

You may be able to dump break even at mainnet.

>> No.28218021

sure you are, buddy.

>> No.28218090

Ok cool thanks. Sounds like I'll just stake it all, then when I want to shave off the initial investment I'll unstake that little bit.

>> No.28218099

I didn't know you could audit a rugpull anon
You are actually retarded

>> No.28218130

Good shout.

>> No.28218169

>devs selling a week before your coin launches

>> No.28218194

DIA is solid. Not everyone's entire portfolio is throwing shit at the wall hoping it sticks.

>> No.28218208

please tell me how to move ASKO from MXC into metamask plz

>> No.28218263

“Audited” by some poojeet codemonkey shop. Any retard can string together a few solidity and javascript files and call it a product. Can’t wait until the devs start dumping on you faggots again.

>> No.28218277

literally just withdraw and copy paste ur metamask wallet

>> No.28218349

On mobile so probably different id but I bought in at 0.006 before biz found out bc I know what to buy and you don't, I never sold any at the top bc I know where this is going

>> No.28218354

Just send it to the 0x address. Fee is flat rate 100 asko

>> No.28218411

it doesnt matter that metamask doesnt recognize ASKO as currency?

>> No.28218508

the question is if this is a legit project after all or will die and bring us all to zero.
i ignored so many red flags, like the anon team, the unlocked team tokens, the broken english... fuck. not gonna rope, but will be hard to comeback from this.
should've listened the guy that was banned in TG after all

>> No.28218523

Next time share your knowledge. Don't be greedy

>> No.28218576

you can add custom tokens using the "add custom token" function and the contract for ASKO so you can watch the value of ESKO go to zero

>> No.28218589

it does, you just need to go to coingecko, find it, and press the metamask-looking icon next to the address (if on desktop)

on phone, copy address and add a custom token in mm

this can be done after the transfer

>> No.28218659

So you didn't read the Audit, good to know.

>> No.28218707

How will there be collateral to use the service if they have no money you fucking low iq brainlet
Haha yes india pajeet funny, but in all seriousness the office is in the biggest tech building in India and they all sit in very expensive office chairs, you can see for yourself on Google Street View

>> No.28218768

>Cant wait till the devs start dumping on you maggots again.

Implying they ever stopped?

>> No.28218789

Add the "custom token" to metsmask using the eth contract address for asko (erc-20). Google adding custom token.

>> No.28218852

I did i told biz the day after when I was done accumulating, first thread was at 0.009 I didn't expect it to blow up, obviously alot of people saw the potential

>> No.28218971
File: 1.44 MB, 292x292, 8AB301A0-A51B-4A94-82CE-F63C23FB9D39.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but in all seriousness the office is in the biggest tech building in India and they all sit in very expensive office chairs, you can see for yourself on Google Street View

>> No.28219087
File: 2.09 MB, 320x240, 1612554827150.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Soooooo office chairs are a growth market?

>> No.28219542
File: 193 KB, 1125x817, 1604223155037.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.28219573

Oh you! Yes, you did. I started lurking wallets after your thread but paid premium the following day when it started to trend. Thanks anon

>> No.28219588
File: 41 KB, 684x570, remoteintobutthole.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2017: it's getting listed soon. moon imminent.
>now: we got office chairs

>> No.28219862

Post address or forever hold your fud.

>> No.28219984


>> No.28220162

why did he try to cram it bros?

>> No.28220185

Lads, look at it on the bright side, at least we're not SHAKE or MILK2 holders.

>> No.28220707
File: 12 KB, 180x180, image0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i got asko, shake, milk 2 and rubic

>> No.28220792

My condolence's Rasheed.

>> No.28220874
File: 163 KB, 1462x1462, 1560075072288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Some anon bought 93 ETH worth at the top and sold the bottom for 31 ETH which I keked so loudly at

>> No.28220994

7 mil mc 130 mil supply 107 mil circulating.

>> No.28221026

So fake. The company made those banners and left their flip offices and asked locals to pose with the banners

>> No.28221039

stake it you retard

>> No.28221151

14k stack
got ~90 ASKO in last 24 hours

>> No.28221313

did send from mxc and displayed as ASKO/$ in metamask

>> No.28221606

This is not a fake. This is my uncles repair shop. 100 asko replace your Toyota helix windsheild with life time warranty.

>> No.28221627

Atleast we are already audited before launch
I'm comfy desu

>> No.28221646

all in $RBC

>> No.28221681

ASKObros... its been nothing but down.... please tell me this will have all been worth it once the 13th comes around.....

>> No.28221703

that's fucking dumb lmao

>> No.28221823

Honestly, it may dump after mainnet. Crypto is clown world.

>> No.28221950


hope i can buy again before launch

>> No.28222202

I fucking hope this shit pumps so i can sell

>> No.28222928

But it already pumped and you already bought into it. Mainnet alone isn't enough. We need a significant amount of the supply staked and other crypto assets deposited in pools in exchange for yield. That's how defi works

>> No.28223362

Christ the orderbook is so thin on MXC, buing 2eth will push the price to 11c

>> No.28223526

>0 marketing days before launch
devs want to bring zero attention to the launch so the exit scam isn't so significant lmao

>> No.28223695

There's a reason why I bought in big on the dip (this price right now, make your buy)

>> No.28224344

It’s time boys. RBC got a nothingburger AMA with Matic. They’re about to crab while we pump for 4 days straight

>> No.28224709

Why is there no promotion of ASKO on this board Mr Sirs? It's going to moooooooon!

>> No.28224874

Be the promotion you want to see in the world

>> No.28224884

Finally it dipped so I can accumulate more till mainnet 13/2 and pajeets FOMO back in

>> No.28225022

FOMO starts at 0.50

>> No.28225100

Im out, fuck this

>> No.28225162


>> No.28225338
File: 57 KB, 650x650, 1612898939762.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28225342

MXC is a nothingburger, north africa in 1943.
the battle will be fought on uniswap

>> No.28225381
File: 38 KB, 600x593, 1518258692697.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>everything mooning but ASKO

Even if it isn't a rugpull, the opportunity cost might of waiting until 02/13 is massive lmao.

>> No.28225580

It will pump leading up to release. Then it will either pump more or dump from there. This is the dip.

>> No.28225582

Next time you will be smarter i hope you didn't loose to much...

>> No.28225928

shut up you goddamn concern-kike
do you have a dextools membership? whats your order set at? you gon' place a little order, make /biz/ the product?

P.S. - HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.28226116

I tried so hard to warn you
>Muhhhh it will moon on mainnet
>Better dump millions before so we have money for collateral

>> No.28226223

Aight you convinced me. Picked up an 80k bag

>> No.28227405

Its pumping lol

>> No.28227551

Wont exceed 0.08 most likely.

>> No.28227618


>> No.28228827

super poor fag here, only 1k asko. whats the minimum needed to make it askonauts?

>> No.28229037

>super poor fag
be content with your 1k, but get more if you reasonably can. use the gains from ASKO to make bigger investments in the future in other promising stuff. work your way up bro

>> No.28229628

Finally price stabilizing again, onto the moon!

>> No.28229826


>> No.28229882

If you dont buy asko do you even understand crypto?

>> No.28229984

New AAVE going to the moon, rocket fueling now.
dOrg on this, DYOR pajeets.

Be ready peeps

>> No.28230079

you made the right choice, askonaut

>> No.28230227

No no not yet. I'm hoping it sticks around 5-6 cents for a few more days. I want to make my bag hit 100k

>> No.28230265
File: 141 KB, 256x256, heavy_reaction.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buying into this hocus pocus bullshit that stops working and stops holding value when the power goes off
>Not investing in physical silver which is guaranteed value, wealth and purchasing power when currency becomes toilet roll
>mfw people literally wasting their money on shitcoin

>> No.28230818

Better to hop on the Asko train before launch on 13/2!

>> No.28230857

>>buying into this hocus pocus bullshit that stops working and stops holding value when the power goes off
Realistically in what situation would this ever happen? Are you expecting societal collapse soon?

>> No.28231044


>> No.28231310

>>buying into this hocus pocus bullshit that stops working and stops holding value when the power goes off

If that happens, there's much bigger problems to worry about. The only thing of value then will be food, water, guns & ammo, and people you trust.

>> No.28231806

>posts nonsensical bullshit thinking thinking anyone cares


>> No.28232529

I think ASKO will moon before end this month trust me!

>> No.28233190

Best fud I've seen on here all week

>> No.28233410

Are we rich yet anons im losing hope

>> No.28233545

We will be soon anon. Wait till mainnet launch.

>> No.28233569
File: 66 KB, 1280x689, dpan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm ready !

>> No.28233689

Coins usually dump a bit when mainnet launch, no?

>> No.28233794


why do they?

>> No.28233892

Its usually a bubble rumor sell the news cycle. But here were dumping pre-release so there is really no telling

>> No.28234592

Hey boys, I've got a question. Can your earned dividends decrease? I tried asking in the telegram but that was no help.
>started yesterday
>up to 70s after 6 hours
>80s right before bed (got a screenshot so i'm not seeing things)
>120s in the morning before work
>check at lunchtime, back to 70s
just confused on how this all works.

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