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>is the squeeze squoze?

>relevant read
>>27590984 (Cross-thread) #

>Real-Time Trades

>Trade Halts

>NYSE Short Restrictions

>Most Shorted Stocks
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le squeze c'est ne pas squoz

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I want to get off mr bones wild ride

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Volkswagen was started by Hitler.
Why would GME squeeze when it wasn't started by Hitler?

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Retards. Keep holding. This is literally the same as volkswagen. You will all an hero if you realize the potential money that you've squandered

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reminder the rich folk would of greased relevant hands and seen the data about the shorts, the fact it hasn't gone 0, mean this is bullish

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ATTENTION ALL FAGS: SI report is out after market closes today.

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is it a type of deep diving crab?

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I tried so hard and got so far
But in the end it doesn't even matter
I had to fall to lose it all
But in the end it doesn't even matter

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You can anon, at any time.

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I'm feeling dizzy, guys..
It's going to go up, right?

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VW was a 5x increase, GME already had a 25x increase.

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bro’s i bought in at $180 for 10 shares still holding

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You retards all held the bag that the hedges dumped on you lmaooo

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we didnt even get a dead cat bounce let.

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for all it matters it can go down to $20/share, that doesn't change the situation nor does it change all the institutional money still hodling, who easily could've sold at $480-500/share two weeks ago

threadly reminder to report obvious shills for trolling outside of /b/

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>an hero
Fuck off ESL

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>Just bought one share at 47.3$
Thanks for the cheapy to whoever sold

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>Cathie Wood is ready to take care of your money and provide you good returns
>You keep losing money on some stupid mall store stock
Why anon? Just give Aunt Cathie what's left of your money.

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>buying when it's obviously going to keep dropping and not just waiting until the end of the day

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you need to go back

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Only if she's also willing to do my laundry, and cook me dinner.
Otherwise, no bueno

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why look same

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None of this shit matters. Stop with the retarded analogies. The VW thing was a squeeze. The GME thing at the end of last month was a pump and dump. No squeeze happened. And even if it will happen, there's no way to tell where the price will go. Maybe it will peak at only $160 during the actual squeeze. A short squeeze is a technical term and it's not defined by price increases.

You can tip me for this information by giving me (you)s. Have a nice day.

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tempted to put 700 in now, is it worth it?

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you know why

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Your reddit is showing

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yes, today is the last day to buy in

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No. Wait till tomorrow. Or after hours if you can buy then.

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As of right now, it has not dropped below 47.3

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get out of here, newfaggot.

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is the squeeze ever going to be squoze? possibly. At this point, most short interest is help by people who sold the stock during the peak, who are not losing money now that its price is reduced.
*guys that doesnt sound too good does it?

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Look man, I just like the logo. I get all my porn on onlyfans.

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What’s this report gunna say bros.

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>report comes out
>post market, not able to buy/sell unless burger
>eurocucks fucked

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I just wish I'd gotten out sooner. What a shit show.

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"sorry hedgies, reddit won, here's how to apply for neetbux"

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It's gonna be a train schedule so you retards will know when to jump in front of one

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Found the assmad ledditer

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wait for report that comes out today

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I suspect it will still be high because of new shorts taken out during the pump. People will look at it and say "See we still got em by the balls!" even though these are new shorts that really can't be squeezed unless someone finds a way to pump and hold it over 300-400 for weeks. But normies won't think about it like that, they'll see high short % and low buy in cost and pump it for one last dead cat bounce tomorrow and then it's going to be all over after that.

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Could melvin get into trouble from the sec if it turns out he didnt cover

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nice dubs fren

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yes don't listen to the shills


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>we didnt even get a dead cat bounce let.

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keep averaging down.

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that's just one guy's opinion, people have done the math and concluded that shorts are still fucked

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>tfw today is the 52 week low as of 2/9/2022 and you bought it

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>new shorts taken out during the pump.
If anyone shorted the top it was negligible.

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>I want to get off mr bones wild ride
Just sell that shit and buy something that actually makes money.

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>diamond hands
has any meme ever killed more people/ruined more lives?

diamond hands doesnt even mean to never sell at a huge profit and hold into huge losses.

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Why do you think that fren?

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will we breach 50? What do you think guys

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how can mere goyim possibly win against them, bros? it's ogre. the merchants won this game.

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make sure to smoke crack and ask the Qanon shaman

>> No.28205031

because he's a dummy who thinks the hedgies AREN'T in cahoots with the brokers

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Tons of people seem to be implying that those numbers can be fudged.

I'm not expecting anything that is positive for GME holders desu. I don't think we'll have a true grasp of whats going on until March.

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You mean dump? It's dead, my guy. Seriously, does anyone expect this to suddenly pump to a thousand bucks? Your window was the thursday before trading was restricted.

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All of you must feel pretty dumb to have hodl AMC and GME.
All of you are losers in the highest regard.
I hope this is a lesson for you brainlet normies to not invest in reddit memes.

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If you kill yourself over an investment then good riddance. People need to learn how to gamble with what they can afford to lose

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How are your accountie wounties?

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Thats a dude

>> No.28205427

I expect more laws and rules to be broken to preserve the dignity and position of blatant money handlers. Biden may as well bail out Melvin and go "see? I told you I would forgive loans!"

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"Hedgies" compete with "hedgies".

Because no evidence of it shows up during the 27-29 of January peak days. Most of the volume during those days was made up of bag swapping.

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Here's a tip

>> No.28205590

>You mean dump?
It's been crabbing around 50. It dumped 10, from 60, in the morning. Like usual.

>> No.28205598

Should I buy a put for 25 by the end of the week? Im just worried about the premium

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surprisingly stable

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do it faggot

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Nah I feel fine

>> No.28206217

All I know is CNBC is still up in arms about people needing to sell and inviting all kinds of hedgies on to talk. Fuck it I'm holding.

>> No.28206375

THIS. There is no way following reasonable logic that these two unrelated stocks in unrelated industries should have identical movements every day for more than a week. It's absurd.

>> No.28206390

Does anyone have call volume on hand for the last two weeks so we can cross reference it against today's short data when it releases? I'm anticipating a bait and switch.

>> No.28206505

this I think is the real sign

what other stock have they given a shit about, ever? they didn't bitch about tesla when it got massively shorted. you don't hear them complaining about crypto volatility (only about how evil pedo hackers use BTC to buy stolen credit cards). I've never seen the mainstream media flip out over one measly stock acting erratically. if this didn't hurt their sponsors and pals, they wouldn't be screeching about it.

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Please listen to me anon
I know how you feel: you're angry and afraid. Angry about having made to wrong decision, and afraid you're going to lose everything. And you think that if you just hold, everything can become good again... but it's not true. You're listening to people that are lying to you, and you'rre lying to yourself.
All is not lost anon. Some can still be saved.
Your life is not over anon.... but only i you sell.

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>Tons of people seem to be implying that those numbers can be fudged.
Anything can be fudged but not everything is fudged. The report will be mostly accurate. It's in everyone's interest. And by "everyone" I don't mean retail traders or bag holders. Even the hedgies short GME benefit from accurate SI. There's only so much you can afford to fudge before you fuck the market and yourself in the process.

>> No.28206648

i'm not sure whether you're saying sell or hold

>> No.28206650

shorts are doubling down


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Report is out
GME is at 226% short interest

>> No.28206687

There are dozens of correlated stock prices. You just don't pay attention to the others. This doesn't really mean much.

>> No.28206743

Trying too hard

>> No.28206768

Please sell anon, and all will be better.

>> No.28206786

I'm holding to zero because I remember a time where I used to go to gamestop after kitchen work every morning shift. It was the highlight of my simple day knowing I could pick up and trade in some ps3 games I never got to play before.

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ow in that case nigger tongue my anus

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honestly I'd rather you just call me a retard

>> No.28206893

lets claim it's an even 300%?

>> No.28206938

in all seriousness it wouldn't go to zero, total assets of gamestop would be the real floor
post link?

>> No.28206980

See anon, see how agressive you get. You're tense, you're stressed, you're miserable.
You don't have to feel that way. Just sell anon, and you'll finally be able to rest.
Please just sell

>> No.28206995

>report is out
>it starts pumping

>> No.28207047

>I know how you feel: you're angry and afraid
I'm pretty happy today actually

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I’ll just take a close over $50 after a ride like this

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>tfw I was out 2 weeks ago then bought back in that bull trap
i'm ngmi

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i was laughing at my own post kinda proud of it desu

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>> No.28207228

I wouldn't believe you if the price didn't randomly go up at the same time, where is it?

>> No.28207296

thank you very much anon

>> No.28207297


>> No.28207333

That's not the SI report people are waiting for..

>> No.28207377

That is another lie you tell to yourself. Along with "I'm going to make it, just two more weeks".
And you know it's not true. You know you need to sell, before it's too late.

>> No.28207388


We're gonna make it lads

>> No.28207412

Go back to wherever you came from

>> No.28207477

The schizos on reddit think that everything is a conspiracy out to get them. They truly are delusional. This stock is fucking dead. It's time to move on, retards

>> No.28207555

Holy shit. We’re finna be rich

>> No.28207578

Ok now that's good bait

>> No.28207621

does it sound better the 40th time?

>> No.28207622

What exactly does that percentage calculate out to?
Does that mean the price they have to buy each share at will include a fee of 226% of the market price of the stock, or does it mean something else? I can't fathom it being that high of a cost for them.

>> No.28207652

Why dont you go back there?

>> No.28207703

it's ok anon
I did the same thing

>> No.28207704

At last, a chart nobody can read nor decipher

>> No.28207715

I have less than 20% of my portfolio invested in this.
I think I'll be fine if this completely bombs.

>> No.28207732

you are a MANIAC

>> No.28207759

this is based off of the last set of data from the 15th - we wont know till after hours tonight

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holy shit guys check this out!

>> No.28207823

You'll be fine, but only if you sell now

>> No.28207862

true, we have to wait until market close for the short interest data to update.

>> No.28207867


>> No.28207897


>> No.28207955

lol shut up

>> No.28207964

basically this
even if they're proven right and it absolutely moons tomorrow, I won't be FOMO'd back into this schizo dumpster fire

>> No.28208021

700k net worth
salary 28k/month
gme cost basis 223k for 3500 shares
i'm fine either way
nigger tongue my anus

>> No.28208022

What are those 6m and 1yr returns based on???

>> No.28208043

You forgot
>Everyone is a shill

>> No.28208055

Sell, now!

>> No.28208140

Trying too hard

>> No.28208143


>> No.28208172

>The schizos on reddit think that everything is a conspiracy out to get them
but the /pol/tards who believe in white replacement theory, the JQ, Qanon, election fraud, the dangers of 5G, covid denialism... They're all of sound mind by comparison?

>> No.28208218

Nah just you shlomo

>> No.28208226

> this larp
neckbeard tongue my anus

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Here's a tip

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It's going to be cold tonight guys.
Better sell now, so you can affoard heating.

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I'm fucking dying

>> No.28208265

don't make me post screencap nigger

>> No.28208333


Every 15 minutes is a very weird pattern.

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File: 288 KB, 717x1128, c5sq7sj41hg61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I almost feel bad for these people

>> No.28208337 [DELETED] 
File: 20 KB, 500x341, 643243d1442507680-drug-users-death-scene-autopsy-suiau8[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you need to an hero too gtfo my 4chen faggot

>> No.28208364

you're not even good at your job go back

>> No.28208423

See, even you took an example of dark times coming because you wouldn't sell. But you can still prevent it. Just sell.

>> No.28208488

good, I hope we enter a new ice age.
pretty cold on the streets of NYC, eh hedgies? better find someplace warm to huddle around - maybe you can burn your exotic wood office furniture for heat while you try to fend off the bums

>> No.28208496

Why do you put effort into making these?

>> No.28208522

Everyone stfu and answer my question. I need to know if I should really get popeyes for lunch

>> No.28208537

>totally normal poster not a hedgie goy
>sell sell sell PLEASE SELL my JOB DEPENDS ON IT

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File: 375 KB, 798x863, qxeny4ebygg61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have fun paying 1k per month, bros

>> No.28208577

It's hilarious lmao. Never laughed at gambling retards? Your pain is giving me pain in the sides.

>> No.28208594

bro that guy is an obvious psop. speaks like a reddit nerd, site mysteriously goes down trying to get people to panic sell, shilling that they reshorted at 300. he wants people to drop.

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I want GME to soar because the losses ate up my goddamn gains from crypto
>ADA, GRT, and AVAX mooning like crazy this month
>doesn't matter because I fell for GME @220

>> No.28208667


>> No.28208709

I found it on gme_meltdown its hilarious

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Nah I'm the schizo thinking that everyone is a shill. I love GME and will hold forever.

>> No.28208752

>current lending rate for GME shares
>~5% APY
AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Really sticking it to those hedge funds faggots

>> No.28208758
File: 61 KB, 688x692, 1603095504640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it was negligible

you're right, hedgies hate making easy money off of children.

>> No.28208817

simple, the basis of a contract is how we can win. they can do whatever they want to price, but contracts must be honored

>> No.28208823

>All I know is CNBC is still up in arms about people needing to sell
Huh nice, any source? I might buy a couple more if so

>> No.28208874

that's why i've been waiting for a market crash for the trigger

>> No.28208875

>no mention of jews
wouldn't want to get your boss mad huh

>> No.28208969
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>why are we so poor daddy?
>why do we have to live like this?
>why didn't you just sell?
What will you answer him? "Two more weeks"?

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You can tell we have shills because when you doubt the plan they tell you to sell in a comforting way instead of egging you on and laughing at you.

Be tough niggers. Don't fall for the tricks.

>> No.28209043

Who else here so retarded and held for so long that they've come back around to being intuitive geniuses, able to see clearly the modality of the present and can now freely choose which timeline they wish to follow?

Seriously, I have the patience and serenity of the Bhudda now. GME could drop to zero and it wouldn't matter. I have completely detached from all worldly concerns and let my mind drift into the infinitude of the aether. When I return from my astral travels, I will not have returned to the plane of existence in which GME goes to zero. GME will be $3k by April.

>> No.28209189

Normies gtfo

>> No.28209238

don't fucking worry about it you little shit

>> No.28209242
File: 371 KB, 1540x460, EtzL46EXYAIg8rN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

schumann resonance is high today, i'm in bliss don't care bout the fake price

>> No.28209258

Imagine watching the movie and DFV and Micheal Bury make millions at the end of the ultimate short squeeze and your dumb ass sold for a loss lol...I’m not selling

>> No.28209300

Oh, no! It's crashing again
Quick anon! Sell before it gets worse!

>> No.28209355

Yes we all remember how it feels to be new not caring about losing $200

>> No.28209388

While you're traveling the aether could you tell my past self not to buy this shitty stock when it was at $300?

>> No.28209392

>he thinks /biz/ posters have kids

>> No.28209401



>> No.28209424


>> No.28209462

I will see you on the great throne quantum enlightened brother

>> No.28209484
File: 86 KB, 1280x720, gme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it ain't coming back, is it guise? i'm about to lose everything. i went into soooooo muuuuuch debt for this. now i can't even afford a rope to hang myself with. what now??????

>> No.28209488

I will be single as long as I will hold GME

>> No.28209558

Bait or...

New faggot detected

>> No.28209647

Wait until you can buy a rope and a lambo

>> No.28209706
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>Anton, the developer of H3VR actually fell for the GME stocks meme
>always makes a video once a week
>last video was Jan 29 which was before the giant dip
>no video since then
fucking commie lmao

>> No.28209713

Not really

So you’re a redditor? Got it

>> No.28209758

unironically hold kek
shill please use brain

>> No.28209814

so die of old age? i'll just have to jump i guess.

>> No.28209890

It's not coming back anon. The only one you're hurting by holding is yourself. And it's hurting us to watch you hurt yourself.
Please stop anon... please. just sell

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This was funny and now it's quite sad

>> No.28209970

Imagine still holding this unironically. Nubiz is a fucking clown show.

>> No.28209978

I find it mindboggling how the price is at 49 and shilling only becomes more obvious and stronger.

Like what the fuck. I'm already depressed. I'm already down. I already made peace with not making money on this shitty stock.

If there was no shilling here, I'd probably sell long time ago. But no, the worse it seems, the more (((friendly anons))) push me to sell. Right before the report.

What is going on, guys?

>> No.28209980

What? Are you 80 or something?

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File: 1.44 MB, 2048x1971, 1612736101232.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it doesnt hurt me to hold

>> No.28210030


>> No.28210078

Shlomo upped the ante.

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It's not too late bros, you can still make 4 cents off the stock you bought for $20. You don't want to miss out, do you?

>> No.28210083


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File: 3 KB, 512x448, 1598911486394.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sure, I'll sell for 1,000,000 per share, and that's me feeling generous today

what do you say, hedgie? oh wait, you're not a hedgie, you're just an unpaid intern who's been ordered to shitpost on a vietnamese gourd-carving forum for your increasingly desperate boss. but be sure to forward my offer to the man who pays your non-existent salary

>> No.28210129
File: 106 KB, 700x700, 1612367167955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the death throws of dying hedgies

>> No.28210227

>I'm already down. I already made peace with not making money on this shitty stock.
This is where I am too. I didn't get out in time so I'm in forever, I guess.

>> No.28210274

Believe it or not people just think you're retarded. It's not some special psyop.

>> No.28210277

no point in selling. it wont get back enough to matter at all. when i went into debt $75k and then just lost 85% of it, there is just no point in continuing.

>> No.28210337

cause unironically this shit is not over yet although don't expect it to blow up there is literally no point withdrawing your money with idk 80% losses? what kind of a deal is that you moron
all the normies panic sold already and now it's back to the stock market to play with gamestop
don't think this whole thing relies on normies

>> No.28210365

Keep crying faggot. You lost your life savings and no matter by hard you try to cope you'll still be a fucking loser who listened to redditfags and got outsmarted by them.

>> No.28210409

My friend is a bridge seller, want me to introduce you to him?

>> No.28210425

It’s throes not throws

>> No.28210454
File: 92 KB, 444x659, 1591965957777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shit is going to blow up the banks

>> No.28210486

delete this anti-semitic post immediately

>> No.28210495


>> No.28210504

yeah yeah why are hese fuckers always so concerned about what others do with their money. God I hate people who tell others what to do and give their unrequested (((advice))). Mind your own small foreskinless dicks.

>> No.28210537

We constantly post that we're already JUSTed so we might as well HODL and see the report. I don't think anyone here would deny that.

People thinking I'm retarded is not an issue here. It's 4chan, OF COURSE people will laugh at retards. But it's 4chan - if anything, people would laugh and beg us to HODL so we can own ourselves even harder, so they can laugh even louder.

Why the fuck suddenly, of all places on the internet, I find so many people telling me to sell here? Be real dude, that's not normal.

>> No.28210620

see guys this is an expert shill. he makes you think he is on our side, while espousing the "just two more weeks" by saying we have to wait for march. ignore him

>> No.28210626

it’s a doggy dog world >>28210425

>> No.28210638

I have outed myself as a nigger phone poster

>> No.28210643

I think you should just sell anon

>> No.28210650

Why are you people always trying to get others to lose money?

>> No.28210654

You act as though 4chan is some weighty authority on stock markets that should he regulated by Jews.

>> No.28210790

Isn't it obvious? The normies have invaded. After the doge and GME debacle they're here to stay

>> No.28210793

i too believe the technicals are the same. We just saw a huge normie fomo pump and dump. It was stupid to fomo in on the pump. It was smart to buy before, its smart to buy now. Big question is when to sell on the squeeze, how will we know how high it goes ? 150 could be considered a squeeze already, and people bag holding right now are people that got fucked over by kike level greed not selling 400+. How do we know when to go out?

>> No.28210801

4chan is being regulated by jews right now though.

>> No.28210819

I'm acting like 4chan is the place where people egg on retards instead of caring for their well-being.

At this point I suspect some anons schizobaiting GME bagholders by ironically shillposting.

>> No.28210837

Don’t worry anon, I’m a phonefag too it’s okay

>> No.28211090

I doubt it. Why would they give a fuck about us? We aren't even a blip on their radar. A person making 100k a year is a joke to them I'm sure. So they wouldn't give a flying fuck.

4chan is full of normal people living normal lives now. Site traffic has exploded. It's by no means what it used to be. So I'm surprised you don't believe there'd be average Joe's just telling you to get the fuck out.

>> No.28211184

So wheres that report everyones waiting for today? Has it dropped yet?

Pls respond. I'm a wagie and dont have time to look.

>> No.28211289

Why are you invested in something you don't know anything about?

>> No.28211292
File: 56 KB, 830x738, 35EC5DFE-091C-48B3-8C34-44DB25BFF422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everyone time to stock up on SOS blockchain it’s moon time soon buddies

>> No.28211294

After hours, so sometime after 4pm est

>> No.28211299

Post market. Lurk in after close GME threads.

>> No.28211382

yes im thinking its the alphabet ppl encouraging an attack on wallstreet

>> No.28211388

>I doubt it
Jews are praying that we sell because they know for a fact that other real business entity that play the game are definitely never selling. We're the low hanging fruit here.

>> No.28211489

If you retards are so smart and knew their every move why did you buy near the top? Why not buy at the inevitable dip before the moon phase?

>> No.28211491
File: 626 KB, 840x859, can u repeat questn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>How do we know when to go out?
You cash out at a profit or when you risk losing more than you can afford to. How is this a question?

>> No.28211503

squeeze was not snuozen


>> No.28211521

>3,5h in
>not even 20mln volume

>> No.28211547

Perhaps that's true. But the anonymous nature of this board tells me they'd prey on reddit first. But who knows, maybe there's a Jew rubbing his hands reading my posts

>> No.28211603

In your reality, perhaps I have indeed lost $200. But in the reality I choose for myself, I will have gained thousands. I wish you could join me and see for yourself, but it seems you are too concerned with worldly fictions like money to open your third eye and witness the truth across all timelines.

Would you prefer me to deter you from buying it, or should I tell you to buy it before the pump? Be careful of what you wish for, friend.

>> No.28211649

au contraire, it's easier to filter them on reddit by banning shill accounts or keeping new accounts from posting, etc

>> No.28211705

I'm too normie for your sentiments, I guess.
I just want to wait for the report, and then decide what to do.

>> No.28211768

>Reddit spacing
>Schizo conspiracy post

>> No.28211769

thats it, holding forever. fuck women

>> No.28211784

Surprisingly, this is a good video. Guy knows end of January was a pump and dump, not a squeeze.

>> No.28211824
File: 121 KB, 512x375, 1566966809250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah that's fair enough.

>> No.28211867

>but the /pol/tards who believe in white replacement theory, the JQ, election fraud... They're all of sound mind by comparison?

That shit is true you fucking mong

>> No.28211994

>1 post by this ID

>> No.28212025


>> No.28212043

that's uhh... uhh...
why would...
I feel like a retard for putting $800 in these memestocks
what the fuck?

>> No.28212066

why can you do this? Neat

>> No.28212111

Lmao scrub

>> No.28212120

hey what the fuck

>> No.28212148

How the fuck are you bleeding? Did you borrow money to buy GME? Holding costs nothing.

>> No.28212204
File: 118 KB, 724x1024, 74C4193C-046A-4028-9A0C-C31C9DA5FF36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28212240

Imagine being so stupid that you don't set up a stop loss for such a massive amount

>> No.28212278

There are enough available shares for them to just cover with those.

>> No.28212294

apply band aid

>> No.28212320

Oh I'll be pumping something alright.

>> No.28212345
File: 557 KB, 590x720, statue.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Friendly reminder to bag holders that you can write off up to 3k in capitol losses. So you could theoretically sell now for a loss, and recoup more from taxes/selling combined than you would if you held until GME hits its low.
Or just hold forever. I don't give a shit. Just a reminder.

>> No.28212367

buyin today and selling again at 72 like the past week

>> No.28212378

he 9 figures if hold

>> No.28212402

yes went in $75 from 2 loans. it costs me more every day!

>> No.28212432

Yes, yes, I know. "two more weeks", "operation shadowprez", "trust the plan". You faggots have been bagholding brain-rotting ideas for longer than WSB have even existed. No shit you all fell for the "BUY SILVER" meme.

>> No.28212543

>operation shadowprez
That was a meme, come on now

>> No.28212550
File: 160 KB, 850x747, 5F4493F0-012A-4B8A-BA89-F6E2E3089E07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>1 share bought at 62

>> No.28212576

Are u retarded?

>> No.28212587
File: 334 KB, 775x625, 1612366659484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28212592

as if anyone here makes any capital gains lmao

>> No.28212626
File: 3.04 MB, 2000x2000, holy fuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My sincerest condolences. Until the SI report is released in 3 hours no one knows if there will even be a squeeze. Asking "when" is asking the wrong question.

>> No.28212677

The standard deduction is pretty large because of Trump, people could also lose money doing this if they can't deduct more than the standard deduction.

>> No.28212705

if you aren't going to help then you could at least put a dick in it. things are bad enough.

>> No.28212735

I did selling when it hit 400. Which unfortunately means a bit of a hit during tax season.

>> No.28212821

can't we just force it somehow? no way they can get away with this!

>> No.28212896

Same lmao. I’ll gamble 60 dollars in chance it does go somewhere

>> No.28212936

even after its release they could hide it with synthetic long to trick us into selling

>> No.28213006

>I was just pretending to be retarded!
Only so many times you can play that card until the doctor gives you an official retard certificate instead. At least it's laminated so you won't dribble all over it

>> No.28213073

that's why market crash is the only definite trigger

>> No.28213082

Reminder that today is THE day. Actual short interest will be unveiled. If SI has tanked, and you don't sell even for a loss, you're fucking retarded.

>> No.28213148

someone take this faggots 4chan gold pass

>> No.28213195

shill saying this makes me think they already rigged the SI report
hold no matter what

>> No.28213257

melvin employee here
keep an eye on the volume as that will be the spike

fuck jews

>> No.28213260

SI can be spoofed by buying synthetic longs via call options.

Even if SI is down it doesn't matter, HODL. It is MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE that they have covered their shorts, there hasn't been enough volume. They will claim they have covered via synthetic longs.

>> No.28213334

>can't we just force it somehow?
Do you have a few billion dollars stashed under a mattress somewhere?

Unlike shorts, which you can keep for as long as you can afford to, synthetic longs have a de facto expiration date. They have to even out the books.

>> No.28213344

>Only 2 months more guys!

>> No.28213396

Based hedgie

>> No.28213402
File: 56 KB, 500x506, CC6E279A-38C8-477A-B9D0-034D2C6F2A7E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Volume meaning people buying and selling?

>> No.28213412

go back to sucking your boss's dick hedgie

>> No.28213494

yes synthetic longs have what 90 days?

>> No.28213585

You delusional faggots will still think that you can win when gamestop goes out of business 5 years later. Have fun checking GME stocks hourly for the rest of your life

>> No.28213668 [DELETED] 
File: 46 KB, 528x1024, 722DB09B-4415-4E92-806C-461623C0A4DD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28213777

You notice how it's only the retarded poor normies getting tricked into buying this worthless stock? If it truly was something significant other companies would've already bought millions worth of shares but yet they don't even thought they're 1000x smarter than the retards on reddit.

>> No.28213781

>Have fun checking GME stocks hourly for the rest of your life
this is actually one of the big reasons I pulled out. I like living, not checking my phone and cringing every 30 seconds waiting for something to happen that most likely won't.

>> No.28213797

This thread will blow up if something ever does happen. I don't need to check it. Rather shitpost with the boys than stare at a graph forever.

>> No.28213828

I had it for dinner and will have leftovers for lunch. Do it faggot, just don't make it a habit.

>> No.28213835
File: 47 KB, 1280x720, 05126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28213840

This board is actually giving me second hand schizophrenia
>t. bagholder

>> No.28213954

I am willing to bet money that retarded poor normalfags now own less than 10% of the stock.

>> No.28213999

they did buy them and still hold them though.

>> No.28214044

You first faggot.

>> No.28214129


>> No.28214136

You know why poor normalfags always lose? Its because they fomo'd in at 300 then paperhanded their loss straight away selling at 100 two days later. Buying now sub 50 at the peak of despair doenst seem too retarded of a gamble from my POV.

>> No.28214277

But that was a Jewish operation to fool the goys.

>> No.28214289

>This board is actually giving me second hand schizophrenia
That's exactly what ((they)) want you to think....

>> No.28214309

Checked with superior 9s

>> No.28214316

I think this is worth a watch from those who are waiting for the report.

Basically talks about why there is large potential for the report of today to be manipulated and that the 'all or nothing' mentality people have regarding it is wrong.

Not what I want to hear honestly and means this could drag on for ages potentially and creates a lot of danger for the squeeze if people are not aware of it. I suspect it's too late now for this info to spread honestly.

>> No.28214352

He's from plebbit and bought the GME top so yes.

>> No.28214394

Please stop this Zelda is not for sexy, she is for cute

>> No.28214500

Will GME continue to fall tomorrow, or have we hit the floor?

>> No.28214613

>Basically talks about why there is large potential for the report of today to be manipulated
we're reaching cope levels that shouldn't be possible

>> No.28214625

I will tell you after I've decided what to do with my 7 shares.

>> No.28214719

If nobody sells, again, will happen the green line of the last week

>> No.28214753

Consider it done fren

>> No.28214754

I'm so happy for all you retards holding this stock, soon you'll get rich.. soon.. just hodl (hehe its memetalk, it means hold)..

>> No.28214759

shill more. none of your plans work. your psyops are shit and you already lost this fight

>> No.28214871

The possibilities are

1. Report shows high short interest - likely significant price increase

2. Report shows low short interest - this means either the report has been manipulated or they have covered. Price will probably drop unless people are optimistic that on the statistics it cannot be accurate, which I doubt will fly at this point unfortunately.

>> No.28214968

I am just repeating the content of the video. Believe me, I want a conclusive outcome to this but I can't fault what he says.

>> No.28215059

If they can manipulate the data what hope do we even have that they ever need to close the shorts? Obviously all kinds of tools are allowed, why can't they just erase the shorts if it's that easy?

>> No.28215150

Price has dropped so fucking low at this point even if they start covering their shorts it won't be a moon mission. Wouldn't be surprised if they don't start covering until it's back down to $5.

>> No.28215161



>> No.28215224

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this theory is most likely wrong.

>> No.28215225

Nah, stay mad tho

>> No.28215288

Well, they do have to put the shares back into the market eventually.

The danger a falsified report will create is that it will allow the price to drop to its original level and they can just cover there.

Unfortunately if that is the case I really doubt enough people are willing to bank on that to keep holding enough to keep the price up, so even if it is manipulated I think it will have the same effect as if it wasn't.

Let's just hope that it does show high interest and we won't have to deal with that.

>> No.28215296

How can the report be skewed?
Say you have 1000 shares in short positions in a company that only has 1000 shares available. That means that your hedge fund has a 100% short interest in that company. Say, some random trove of wandering monkeys notice that your hedge fund has 100% short interest in that company, and you and your billionaire friends are all spooked because there aren't enough shares for those monkeys to buy (the short squeeze narrative). What do you do?

You somehow have to amass enough shares to drive that short interest percent down, because you want to appear that you've closed your short positions and scare the monkeys away. So this is what you do. You buy 800 shares in long positions (using call options), and suddenly the short interest is only 20%. You have made it appear that your hedge fund is no longer unreasonably short on that stonk.
HOWEVER, YOU HAVE STILL NOT CLOSED YOUR SHORT POSITION! You still have to buy back all of those shorted stocks, and you've effectively thrown a rug over the giant shit stain in the middle of the room. It's worth it for you to do this though, because the monkeys who are expecting a moon will paper-hand and stop the short squeeze from being as severe.
What does this mean? Hold, despite what the report says. If the report shows high SI, then the hedgies are actually 100% boned and have not even had enough time and/or money to offset that SI number. That's huge. If the report shows low SI, HODL. The big players simply have not had enough volume to cover all their short positions, and are trying to manipulate us into thinking the MOASS was a hoax.

>> No.28215395
File: 53 KB, 732x556, 1612372574247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Toxic masculinity
Spotted the non-channer.
Anyone who thinks this is over, it's not over till it hits 0.
And the fact it's not 0 yeat is SOLELY on the information yet to be provided/
They are trying to drive it down as LOW as possible.
The issue is this may just be intentional on the part of the people BUYING UP stock to drive the price down so they can buy more. This could be mindgames on the part of the longs to FUCK the shorts harder.
The lower it gets without hitting 3 bucks, the more people can pile on.
This is an attack /on/ the shorts.

>> No.28215455

>but the /pol/tards who believe in white replacement theory, the JQ,
both are true you fucking kike jew faggot

>> No.28215480
File: 168 KB, 900x1024, he's right you know.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>even if it is manipulated I think it will have the same effect as if it wasn't.
Pretty much.

>> No.28215486

I don't understand how you retards lost money on GME, it was literally a 2000% pump in the span of like a month. Even if you FOMO'd in on like the 27th or the 28th there was a huge rebound on the 29th where you could have sold and made bank. The only people who are bagholding are literal retards who bought the top or people buying as it crashes.

>> No.28215547

too long didn't read but they can just report whatever they want without proof, the fine is only $2m

>> No.28215570

I think way too many people are too emotionally invested in this to sell. For once a good thing. This time sunken cost fallacy actually works. This time the retard gamblers will actually win. Nobody selling. For once retail retardation is a strength

>> No.28215664


>> No.28215675

if(post number >= 6, AMC ++
if(post number <6, AMC to the pits ;_;

>> No.28215689

I'm sure this is exactly what happened. It is truly amazing to be among such intelligent posters to have figured out their game so easily. Hold, brother. Hold so we can witness the greatest mass loss porn in the history of the internet. We're going to need a PornHUB for loss porn just for this entire GME squeeze event.

>> No.28215716

Hindsight is 20/20.

>> No.28215808


>> No.28215853

They got dumped on and got memes into holding to 0. Instead of taking profits or a slight loss they are going to hold to 0 to stick it to the hedge funds>>28215486

>> No.28215877
File: 109 KB, 564x846, 1612894831675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i bought on 2/1 expecting a second higher peak(s)

>> No.28215939
File: 34 KB, 602x750, 3BDAE698-5464-4748-BD0E-5EBCF2B2E244.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wasn’t something supposed to come out today to prove that Reddit won and the squeeze wasn’t sqoze?

>> No.28215969

You're way, way, way off the mark.

>> No.28216061

After market but it won't matter

>> No.28216120

Only 2 weeks now

>> No.28216140
File: 253 KB, 1228x1139, 1612301119147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not till after close, then we get the shorts data, and they either lie to our faces or fucking reveal the truth and we go all in on them.
This is literally the final push to try and force it down to sub 3 dollars so they can cover their own shorts.
If they can't cover them today, it's game over and pic related for our bank accounts.

>> No.28216177

>If it truly was something significant other companies would've already bought millions worth of shares but yet they don't even thought they're 1000x smarter than the retards on reddit
BlackRock, Fidelity, Vanguard, and Morgan Stanley all have sizable stakes in GME lmao

>> No.28216180

Setting up my 9999.99 after market sell order.

>> No.28216234

Just two more weeks.

>> No.28216362

bros.... we lost......

>> No.28216364

I just sold 200 gme ($62k buy) for $10290 (sold at $49. Later on this evening I'm going to have a decent meal and then utilize my exit bag. Nice knowing you guys. Stay strong and better luck than me. Peace.

>> No.28216422

>1 post by this id
post sell order

>> No.28216451

What's your exit bag?

>> No.28216459

Reddit literally can't win. These people can literally buy millions worth of shares right now then lie on the report saying that the shorts are at an all time high and then when the retards on reddit see that they'll buy back in at march speed and then they get dumped on once again.

>> No.28216496


...she's 16

>> No.28216514

So either they lie or the apocalypse?
Why wouldn't they lie? They already showed everything is game

>> No.28216591


>> No.28216650

Only 2 more years until onlyfans

>> No.28216681

I hope you're right man

>> No.28216694

Only because they're selling ETFs with Gamestock in them.

>> No.28216715

method for suicide, supposed to be the most peaceful way

>> No.28216732

just look up ella hollywood if you really need a fake blond tranny with tiny tits
he literally looks like this same guy but like 4 years older

>> No.28216826



>> No.28216863

>perfectly still at 48,65

>> No.28216871

deja vu

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