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The difficulty in understanding crypto is not only caused by complex and dynamic interactions of novel systems with individuals, but is mainly derived from the fact that we do not have a functional framework with which to interpret these interactions. If we were to make an attempt to understand these systems through pre existing frameworks (legacy Finance) we would miss the point, we might be able to make number go up but if that is the only utility you see in this space, you might make it, but by what standards?

This general is an attempt to offer retards like myself useful tools with which to interact with emergent technologies. Im tired of constantly being shilled shitcoins without discussion of how to actually “make it”. As far as I can tell self education is the only means by which to succeed inside of crypto markets and as a result of this I’m gonna try and offer some educational links to offer people brand new to crypto a lifeline so they don’t have to lose money on PnDs and other forms of coordinated market action.

Crypto is a new space & markets are heavily affected by what signal is receiving the highest broadcast inside of that space. There are so many factors that affect markets and cyryptomarkets are on steroids when it comes to this. You need to be able to follow some breadcrumbs to have any handle on whats about to happen. As an example Elon told everybody that something was about to happen 4 days before Tesla bought 1.5b in bitcoin when he changed his Twitter bio causing the market to jump to an ATH.

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did you claimed?

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If it exists in the crypto world someone wrote an article about it, medium has some high noise to signal ratio because anyone can publish articles but its worth digging around if you’re thinking about making a move or trying to understand things like AMM,DAO,DFO

An interesting intersection between markets and high signal articles that will help you develop a deeper understanding of the space. Nothing groundbreaking but the people on wall street who are getting into crypto are most likely using something similar.

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Want to know how markets move? You can just watch it happen in real time. If you can do that you don’t need to trust other people to tell you whats happening, let me repeat that because you are not familiar with the concept.


The amount of public information available on the block chain is unprecedented in human history and that’s significant. Learning how to access and understand that information offers you the ability to make informed decisions that can pay dividends.

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As one of these former kingz just to say:
" read more, lurk more, change the globe"

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