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Guys this is the last time Doge is going down to 0.07, this is your last chance. If you guys don't buy this time then you are missing out on amazing future gains, buy now or remain a poor fat for the rest if your life.

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This, Doge is going to moon and bobo fags will kill themselves

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I love seeing that gay bear suffer.

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>Infinite supply
LoL, just buy nano

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Same anon same

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Buy Hoge you stupid niggers
Doge is dead people are no longer fooled by fake Twitter shills

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Hoge is for hoes and is hard to buy. Normies won't bother pumping hoge up.

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Hoge is gay, and costs 150$ gas to buy
Stop shilling that pajeet scam

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Buy what?


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Sure only Hoge costs gas fees
The absolute state of Hoge FUD

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First it was shiba
Then it was tosa
Now it's this hoge shit
Not buying neither of that shit

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a whale grp told me not to buy doge today.

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Some stupid scam shit pajeets have been shilling for a week.

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Proof?! You want proof?!


While Elon Musk puts his love on the cryptocurrency dogecoin, Norwegian Harmonychain raises capital to make computer chips that extract the digital coin.

- We have a queue of investors from here to Børsen. It will surprise me if there is not a significant oversubscription, says chairman of the board Bjørn Zachrisson to E24.

Harmonychain will use the money to make a computer chip or "chip" that will be able to extract or "mine" cryptocurrency 300-500 percent more energy efficient than today's technology. The company will first make a chip for the currencies dogecoin and litecoin, which use the same algorithm, and then another chip for bitcoin.

- The goal is to complete a prototype wafer in December. Then the wafer should be cut into pieces to make chips. We aim for mass production in 2022 and delivery of mines during the third quarter of 2022, says Zachrisson.

The hoarding is only beginning to start. I'm long on $DOGE. NEVER FUCKING SELLING.

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Im hodling from .080
Zero fucks given

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this is a shakeout
weak hands are ngmi
the rabbi always does this

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I agree. I think we're going to .1

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Iron hand Chad.

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Ha..."Hoge"? what a joke

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I bought more Doge coins today, feels good.

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Thread theme:

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Uncapped supply of dogecoin means that the value of it will be..

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It's softcapped.

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no thanks, i just broke even selling my bags at 0.075, think ill wait for it to hit 0.03 again :)

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All those tokens combines misses you a 1500x. Have fun being poor

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Not going that low again, but best of luck.

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You should've sold this shit at $0.08 and never touch it again until it's going below $0.01.

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when everyone said 0.05 was the new wall it still dipped into 0.028 a few times, it'll happen again

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Shut the fuck up retard

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Why tho? It clearly has an eight cent ceiling, no matter what the Demon says

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You're supposed to poo in the loo.

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so that shit meme coin is finally about to crash? I wanna see the bloobath

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let them burn. why do u want normalfags that spent no time researching or enduring years long bear markets to profit? we should rob them all as god intended.

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Heh faggot doesn’t understand the concept of buy the dip, back up to $0.073+ why do you do it? Why do you shill fud? Why is your life encumbered by negativity?

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One of you DOGE shills please tell me what upgrades this coin from its existing status as a small meme project into an actual reputable coin that will increase in value over time.

If it's true that Crunchyroll takes DOGE, that's all I've heard. Otherwise, I see no evidence that this coin can actually make me money.

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>literally pnd from .02 to .08 30x times, 5x in the last 2 weeks
>last time
Lmao ok

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dogebear 3x on ftx

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DOGE down, HOGE up!

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lol, buy while its cheap anons

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It’s literally a fucking meme coin!! Lmao. Plain and simple.

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Do you even read, or are you just a fucking contrarian parrot?

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fucking this. doge strong

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A week from now no one will even see Hoge threads, there'll just be another doge mimic to replace it.

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great b8 op

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Good luck to you DOGE holders, I never wish failure on anyone and I hope it goes up and makes you all very rich. Personally I wouldn't touch this coin with a shitty stick, but would never argue against memes=dreams.

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Kindly do the needful and fuck off back to your containment thread.

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I want to make this clear. Doge can go to 100 dollars, and I will never regret not buying this 2013, no use case, stale meme shitcoin.

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Methinks Pornhub, livejasmin, chaturbate also are accepting doge,

Coomers love doge and thats fine with me.

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lol they still try to shill this shit here, don’t check it if you are not a retards

wanna have income with no risks - use NFT, best option for 2021 kek
I found Playcent and that scam that u try to show me is not exciting

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Sure I’m hodling till 1 cent maybe I’ll give you a few Hoge in the future if your nice enough

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Another tweet is coming

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