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Its being manipulated by whales and their fuckery to keep the price below 26..Didnt you see the other post on here..there is a screenshot for proof (coinbase)

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People are dumping all their alts into bitcoin and then they’re going to dump all their bitcoin back into alts. Very simple stuff happening. No schizo shit.

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It's suppression.

They tried to keep it below $26 with minor bot action, but it failed and Link broke through.
So they used turbodump instead to get it back below $26.

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thank you OP I sold my 100K stinkies

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but why???

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I mean you faggots loaned all your Link to short sellers for like 5% interest.
And now you complain about suppression.

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the breakout is imminent

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Because of the eth gas fees. Wen this will be solved, shit will go parabolic

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How do these pics describe that hypoth

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It's old news

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Insider here. Next target: $12.65

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wait shit is that whats actually happening? I thought it was like a savings account

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except btc dumps in the meanwhile, then we'll be back at low 1 digit $$$

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What else would they be loaning out tokens for?

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Long term, is this a bad thing? They can't do it forever, and it suggests high levels of demand at current prices

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You're literally a troglodyte if u think bitcoin will dump after all the institutions got in at 40k

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look at shit shit

those jew whales need to hang

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what the actual fuck i thought it was like when you go to a bank and you earn 0.0001% on your deposit because the bank wants your money to be in there. this is so fuckjed

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Man should I just get out of link? This shit is never gonna break out if it’s so easily manipulated at current market cap

Even a 2x would be a waste compared to the potential of up coming defi tokens. There’s 5x happening every day on much less manipulated shit

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What defi tokens look promising to you?

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hello chainiggers

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Except no one dumped their BTC into Chainlink last time this scenario happened. It only flowed into defi projects and stuff like, link is still only 10-20% up from its ATH in august 2020

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Come home chain niggers

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>Imagine being this naive
The simple answer is it is just so good. The best doubt being cast right now is it is a glorified price feed system. Even just that small amount of functionality makes ETH thousands of times more useful and it is just the tip of the spear.
The last time shorts built to this level, they got liquidated. I do not see this system changing unless the project fails.

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See pic.

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This is what I realized 2 months ago as I went balls deep into plays like AAVE/SNX and have never been happier

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fucking retard, what do you think happens when you put your money in an interest account? the bank uses your money, same shit happening here

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They can do it until people move on for this cycle. Then accumulate with their pumped alts and ETH and pump LINK next cycle. Most of us are just holding and paying the opportunity cost so it's not like they're trying to fight off GME levels of interest.

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What's a good free site to watch charts on? Right now I've got link-usdt on binance in a window side by side link-usd coinbase pro, it's clunky. Who would have thought watching 1m charts could be so entertaining

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These faggots, like all greedy faggots, are going to end up fucking themselves out of profits thinking they are shaking out all the weak hands. They'll suppress and suppress until BTC takes a massive shit in March and th-th-th-that's all folks: gg no re

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I will not be demoralized by your pathetic memes. You will never know this level of comfy waiting for your shitcoins to peek and inevitably crashing.

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yea im looking for a good site to watch charts on too does anyone know a site with charts that look all technical and cool like a hacker theme or something? im trying to impress my dad

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Sergey needs to sell his 700,000 link every week to pay for his McDonald’s budget.

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I remember when this chart was at $4-5 lol

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You will take it in the ass for shilling for Schwab. Cuck

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It's okay to seethe a little bit, after all you shilled for Schwab.

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>Long term, is this a bad thing?
I don't think so.

Back around May 2020, Link was suppressed via BTC. Every single time Link broke above $4, BTC would dump.
Then when the suppression finally stopped, Link blew to $20.

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Link is for a Satoshi bear market. We are in a Satoshi bull market so it will underperform in relation with altcoins and Satoshis

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The schwabpill is bitter but you will love it anyway

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Your move cuck

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>tfw never be able to relive the moment when all the fudders got absolutely btfo crying about selling link at 6

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>see schwabfaggot spamming his shit memes on every single LINK thread on /biz/ again
>come back a few hours later
>he's STILL fucking mass spamming
Broken brained nigger LMAO

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sorry sweetie, IOTA just made your coin redundant. Ooopsie

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How does this work technically?
Do they use BTC as collateral to dump Link they don't have?
Why does it cause BTC to dump at the same time?
Did they sell BTC?

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Why complain about it crabbing when you could shill it?

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They just dump BTC to make the entire market sink due to bot action.

It makes sense if you're a BTC whale looking to transfer large chunks of BTC to Link.

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slow and steady my friend

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Don’t worry about shit linkbros. Klaus is light years ahead of the game and he will not be outdone by shitty retail investors looking for the next pump.

>> No.28202719

Buy axiav3

>> No.28202844

Btc and link will continue to antagonize each other until there’s a market correction. We start mooning again in Q2. Link won’t drop below 22 in this quarter. Hold you greedy fucks.

>> No.28202871


rofl, been holding my iota bags since 2017, thanks for reminding me, gonna finally sell them. worst investment of my life, fuck iota

>> No.28202886

who is this klaus guy and wtf does he have to do with Link

>> No.28202954

racist braindead imbecil fuck off

>> No.28203075

Our new age nazi leader

>> No.28203158

Why do bots sell Link when BTC dumps?
It wasn't this way in 2018. Link was independent from BTC.

>> No.28203439

>Why do bots sell Link when BTC dumps?
The entire crypto market is connected via bots; pretty much all coins and all exchanges.

So if one of the big coins (BTC, ETH) dumps, it's almost certain all coins will have a similar dump in the short term.
This effect is normally only short term, but if the dump is big enough, then human hands will obviously follow through.

>> No.28203916

welcome new friend

>> No.28203976

pls explain for a smol brain

>> No.28204084

how new are you that you think "racist" is an insult here?

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we won't know organic price of link until speculative trading corrects back down but hits a floor

>> No.28204787

but that could be like 3$

>> No.28205201

not at this point. my guess would be it's possible it may hit 10-12 worst case scenario but people would buy that dip hard back up to around 17

>> No.28205365

should i dump the rest of my ETH for link?

>> No.28205523

not giving advice because i have no idea what eth is capable of right now or what the timing would be in their price action

>> No.28205710

thanks for the honest answer anon

>> No.28205855

np, i will say that link generally pumps after a btc rally fizzles and starts to crab

>> No.28206004

Threw in $11k like 2 weeks ago and I'm pissed I didn't put my money into something else like OCEAN or LUNA. This fucking thing rarely moves, I'm up $1k but god damn this shit is a stable coin.

>> No.28206076

banks loan out literally all of the money you deposit into them too....

>> No.28206138

don't worry
Pump will come anytime

>> No.28206144

How many bongs until sergays talk?
He must atone

>> No.28206163

the price has doubled since new year my dude

>> No.28206177

>there is a screenshot for proof (coinbase)
could you post it please?

>> No.28206194

kys and leave

>> No.28206233

It's not an insult? Also, I wouldn't be to proud of having spent much time on this website...

>> No.28206274

and this is why you should buy linkpool anons

>> No.28206319

>pump LINK next cycle
price target

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>he laughed

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shitcoin gonna shitcoin

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the hypercomputer AI behind REALITY is already emergent
so let's see how long it takes for the hype to hit when people realize it's hooking itself up to the blockchain

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File: 431 KB, 857x789, 1610754302469.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ha ha

>> No.28206472

Price target when Link finally cum?

>> No.28206509

checked. also fuck off back to plebbit, nigger.

>> No.28206526

god protocol not a joke.
AI banning me from /pol/ for mentioning the full extent.

>> No.28206536

its hit the limits of speculative investment. It needs an actual product in order to go any further

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2 hours I think

>> No.28206615

This is the most idiotic thesis I have ever seen. It's literally a few cirlces with some exclamations next to it. This proves fuck all. Fucking morons.

>> No.28206683

the product is, primarily, the data you create with your mind.
the market is other networked AI systems and algorithms in other financial structures.

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File: 1.49 MB, 1237x635, 1604252066425.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28206889

is this the AI shitting on literally every politician and financial elite in existence because it's rogue and knows it controls humanity at this point?

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That'd be your old pal "42"

>> No.28207192

You wreak of Reddit, go home faggot

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He is shilling LINK and Blockchain on /pol lately.

>> No.28207294

talking in code while posting sneed shit that's mindbreaking to sneeds means a yes.

>> No.28207348

stoppp lol you're going to break the schizos

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Dumb nigger

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>we don't have to do this

>> No.28207667

ex pol-tard if you must know
7k linker since 2017

>> No.28207791

price target

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dumb nigger

>> No.28208194

blessed Klaus father of Sergey and the spirit Satoshi

>> No.28208284

>Hits 26.3
>immediately dumps

fuck this scam coin

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>> No.28208372

gotta take some vacation to spend on trading now
but this niggers try to shill their fucking shitcoin
good that I join bot ocean algorithms and strategies
no reason to believe in this shit

>> No.28208517


Fuck you link faggots getting piddly gains and loaning your coins to short sellers.

>> No.28209054

You havent been here long enough if you havent seen the blatant LINK price suppression
Lurk longer before posting you absolute faggot

>> No.28209275

Funny how that thread got shoahed by the jannies when someone suggested Elon was using BTC as a leverage tool to buy up LINK.

>> No.28209571

how long can link price supression go on for? it seems like its at the end of its run considering how fucking wild the wick are on the 1h binance chart. what happens when it breaks?

>> No.28209765

You still have time to buy $OCEAN I'm a believer in LINK, but I love $OCEAN and its future prospects. Could be some news regarding OCEAN and the EU coming soon.

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>what happens when it breaks?
We wake up on a cart crossing the border into Skyrim and the price is at 20 cents again

>> No.28211092

At this point how are none of you rich off of the gains this coin has made this year? If you’re so upset then you’re probably poor and had 500 dollars in link to begin with

>> No.28211139

Once LINK is an accepted form of payment for normie sites (which it will be) it will start a new level growth. The coins that are mooning are either accepted forms of payment coins or those affiliated with the process. Link just needs more time to assimilate. It’s has an upward trajectory no matter how you slice it. Even in boomer brain logistics, it has intrinsic value.

>> No.28211183

>what happens when it breaks?
we will probably go to around $200 +- $50

>> No.28211597

It's so pathetic watching everyone get excited over $1 pumps every few months when we were literally doing that every week last year.

>> No.28211930

By the way. 24 hr chart indicating clear cup and handle. Put your buy orders in now on Link.

>> No.28212072

The decent sized linklet stacks are all in 6 figure hell. 10k through to 50k LINK can't realistically cash out and enjoy the freedom we were promised. Also 2021 has a lot of big milestones waiting for LINK, so imagine cashing out a big part of your stack now to see it moon past Saturn. I'd kill myself for sure.

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>decent sized linklet stacks are all in 6 figure hell
Hey, that's me.

>tfw Schwab schizo poster thinks he is somehow mocking us by posting the LINK-WEF connection
I have the Schwablords book right next to me here, schizo. I revel in the fact that Chainlink has made its way into theupper echelons.

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File: 823 KB, 765x988, 1577033570224.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>By the way. 24 hr chart indicating clear cup and handle. Put your buy orders in now on Link.

>> No.28212603

>4 responses to one post

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File: 67 KB, 576x432, ThreeHundredBigBoys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We are doing well today, stinky linkers. I'm expecting $27 in the end of the day.

>> No.28212699

Ethereum fees

>> No.28212760

this image is fucking kino

>> No.28212830

i capitulated, sold, just can't handle it anymore

>> No.28212897

Do we have a Chainlink tan yet?

>> No.28213010

I sold my 540 link stacklet today and swung into ETH 60% and BTC 40%. Can't take the crabbing while literally everything else moons.

>> No.28213062

paump eet

>> No.28213103



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File: 1.54 MB, 815x441, boooooooba.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You mean to tell me that you sold all your LINK as it comes close to hitting a new ATH, and bought BTC and ETH at their all time highs? Are you fucking mentally disabled or just a troll?

>> No.28213296

Kek its gonna pump now.
I just sold more Eth for stinkies.

>> No.28213352

Kek. This has been posted for the past 6 months. Look at what has happened.

>> No.28213701

> "dont sell high on a literal vaporware project bro just HODL!"

>> No.28213731

I could've made way more on stuff like UNI, BTC or ETH since August than fucking LINK.
Not pumping your bags, asshole.

>> No.28213972
File: 170 KB, 1024x768, IMG_2332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28213977

what do you think they do with it? they pay you to keep and stare at your money or something?

>> No.28214006

you guys are still buying a dinosaur shitcoin?
ngmi desu

>> No.28214056

Why isn't my yahoo stock pumping?

>> No.28214072 [DELETED] 
File: 387 KB, 2048x1760, EeM25-KXYAAEy49.jpg_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just remember swingie, the only thing you will be investing in soon is a rope.

>> No.28214153

Im glad i sold it all month ago. Bought ada

>> No.28214240

fuck it im selling my 1k link and going all in on hoge

>> No.28214256

Gay. CZ > Sergey.

>> No.28214361

reverse wave riding, the quintessential biz move

>> No.28214543

Niggers are unironically not welcome here
gtfo redditfag

>> No.28214800

You might be ok, but it's likely you're gonna feel some pain

>> No.28214976

Thanks, Jeb!

>> No.28215870

>we will probably go to around $200

>> No.28216025

>It's literally a few cirlces with some exclamations next to it.
lol and humans are just a bunch of atoms with stink lines drawn around them.

>> No.28216470 [DELETED] 

>The decent sized linklet stacks are all in 6 figure hell
I wanna share a testimoniance... it's really painful. You can't cash out you can't send n celsius because you don't trust centralized platforms
It's a painful feeling. But better than be in 5 figure hell

>> No.28217825


this guy fudded I saw him on telegram

>> No.28217838

That's only Indians

>> No.28218166

That literal vaporware as you put it is securing most of your precious defi space.

>> No.28218306

>Also, I wouldn't be to proud of having spent much time on this website...
I’ve been here since 2005 and you can fucking get raped by the most POZZED downlow niggers in all of Detroit

>> No.28220149 [DELETED] 
File: 256 KB, 728x409, 1612286551382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28220842

They are not dumping into LINK. Opportunity cost may as well be part of the branding at this point.

>> No.28221058

Just bought 100k LINK : )

>> No.28221951

Once this market cycle has finished, a lot of coins will dump heavily. The idea is that by maintaining a steady rise, link will only correct to it's fundamental or "true" value allowing it to continue it's function.

I'm not sure how much I agree with this theory or "grand plan". We're at the stage now that crypto is being adopted by major multi-billion dollar companies and global financial uncertainty will only drive the reliance on crypto for more accurate and reliable data. I believe this cycle's correction will be far less severe than 2017's.

>> No.28222296

Bought 565 linkies

>> No.28222718

nice larpstack bro

>> No.28222911

Holly fuck just checked 565 link costs $15k now

>> No.28223663

I'd even wager we're barely in a bubble yet. Sure the scaling isn't there yet but if scaling were here already current prices would be FUD level.

>> No.28223879
File: 241 KB, 924x1116, donalds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Slowly but steady eks dee

>> No.28224174

linkies got cucked by SNX badly

>> No.28224428


>> No.28225068

This is the literally THE most stable, non-stable coin in crypto right now. It holds strong and does whatever the fuck it wants to do while all the meme coins and pajeet coins rugpull day in and day out.
Bitcoin crashed? Oh look at that Chainlink is mooning . Bitcoin pumps? Oh look at that Chainlink is still at a comfy $25.

Chainlink is above all this cryptocurrency bullshit. It’s its own thing now.

>> No.28225130

link breakout this week confirmed with all liquidity in the space jumping into the candle. Thanks for the Intel

>> No.28225347
File: 2.42 MB, 498x1080, lia itzy thighmogging kro7_IMCi1c-[24.59.899-25.05.104].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i almost didn't buy the dip

good thing i did
i almost missed. good thing i didn't overleep

>> No.28226173

piece of shit

>> No.28226883

still waiting for my ethereum transfer to finalize so I can sell it for LINK. WTF spent so much on gas and now missed the dip Ill just send the ETH back to fucking cold storage and pay more fucking gas for the privilege what a total fucking shitcoin ETH is btw.

>> No.28227375

it's centralized

>> No.28228437

What is there even to look forward to at this point. Fucking Sergey said they were finalizing staking in 2019. What the fuck happened? Where's Whitepaper 2.0? Where's everything they promised?
Where's the fucking singularity? Oh right, it's in ADA and AVAX. Imagine being such a fucking brainlet as to be shitting on Charles while ADA 32x and Link bleeds sats. Fuck Link and Fuck Sergey. This is a total brainlet token at this point.

>> No.28228746

Whales are just cashing out because its no longer worth holding duh.

>> No.28229133

linkpool was mumbling something something soon two weeks ago, and nothing ever happened with that. i am so fucking tired. even if this shit goes to $30, it still can not beat the recent btc pump.

>> No.28230258


>> No.28230626
File: 312 KB, 730x606, staking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a trend at this point: vague promisses that never materialize. Segey's recent talks are all about the grand vision, about the future of smart contracts. He doesn't even talk about anything specific that chainlink is doing anymore.
I'm actually stating to believe the "sergey betray" meme.

>> No.28231743

It drops down to $22.50 regularly. There is still a lot of volatility in it.

>> No.28232388

Arbitrum will be released in the next 24 hours

>> No.28232510
File: 110 KB, 646x1041, opti vs arbi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know I'm responding to a meme but Harry from Offchain Labs said yesterday they are optimistic about mainnet release in March.

>> No.28232936
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yeah that was my fault, I got cold feet and swung my SNX back into link and was immediately BOG'd

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