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Here's a screenshot I took a few seconds ago of MNE (Minereum).

Next stop: the Moon.

Hope you've got your ticket.

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Graph looks familiar

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I never bought NMR but I am confident that MNE is about to moon.

The dev has a project with a new coin that requires MNE to access, so people have to buy MNE and trade it for the new coin. This could get interesting.

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neat just bought 18.

targeting ~.005

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I almost bought this at $5 so I'm considering dropping a bit on it.

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Nice, just bought 100k

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Well the sellers of it obviously pretty exhausted at this point.

I think everyone is just waiting until the dev's August announcement.

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It's not a shitcoin retard stop posting about it on /biz/


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>The dev has a project with a new coin that requires MNE to access
Buy this shitcoin to trade it for another unknown shitcoin by the same people? Wtf kind of logic is this?

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That's roughly where it's ATH was before so that's a reasonable point

Do you have any idea how much the genesis address holders make off of this?

This new coin has genesis addresses too and those who want them will buy MNE to get it.
Sure it smells like a Ponzi except that MNE itself is new and innovative technology with a product (Minereum Token Service) and another product (Minereum World) on the way. There is some value to it, as a cryptocurrency anyway, beyond just using it to buy more currencies.

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>didn't buy when it crashed

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dont buy when it crashes. buy when noone talks about it anymore.

ex posw and xby

well maybe not xby since that one is REALLY scammy

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Just bought 500k

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A LOT of people are going to want to get a genesis address for the new coin the dev is working on. You need MNE to buy the new coin so this means a LOT of MNE will be burned and the price will skyrocket.

It's a no-brainer.

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This was the very first coin I bought at like $12 each kek

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