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3 digit $ETH fees are fucking ridiculous. What platform if any has a chance to replace $ETH both in terms of gas fees and infra?
1. BSC: CZ fucker keeps pumping it, not sure if any major apps are built on it
2. $DOT China is big on $DOT, projects built on $DOT so far are shit
3. $SOL: Looks promising, not sure what applications use $SOL except $MAPS maybe. Again pumped by SBF
4. $ATOM: Is it alive?
5. $AVAX: Looks promising but again no major app built on it
6. ETH 2.0: For fucks sake is it coming out this year? Gas fees have been a problem for almost a few months now, why cant Vitalik pay a few million and hire the best devs and get 2.0 rolling out faster.

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7. Egld soon top 10

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Fantom obviously

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What is built on EGLD?

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You forgot ALGO which is probably the single most likely. USDC is built on top of it
But the reality is there will be no ETH killer. Source: I’m a dev myself, the people making these projects are thinking in terms of “how do I rapidly develop this and raise VC rounds” not “how do I make anon’s gas fees go down.” They’re gonna pick whatever has the most tooling and make bank either way cause they pre-mined.
So even if the “ETH 2.0 in 2025” is true (and honestly it could be) don’t expect it to make a difference.

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I risk sounding like a retard but what exactly happens when Eth 2.0 comes out? Is it a new token, or do all current holders just get a coin that's the same in name and look but has updated capabilities?

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>not mentioning ADA

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>gas fees are high because people use the ecosystem
>solutions are live on mainnet to pay low fees (loopring for example)
>let's look for a completely different and unused ecosystem instead
why do smoothbrains think like that? serious question

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147IQ take summarized in 10 words:

The only platforms that matter are ETH 2.0 and Avalanche.

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ETH doesn't need to be replaced, it's the best platform there is.
We are moving to ETH 2.0 which will solve almost all the issues with current ETH version

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Hmm dont see much updates on ALGO these days

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Some eth shill said 2.0 was launched already.

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Loopring is shit, withdrawals take hours, liquidity and order book volume sucks and the overall experience is pathetic

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I think they're trying to get people to burn their eth tokens for 2.0

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Its between DOT, SOL and AVAX. One will take over and moon the others will die. Might as well invest in all 3 to be safe

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Not replace, but supplement it and fix this gas problem, would be Harmony I guess, which apparently isn't a ETH killer anymore.

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based, you forget NEO though

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8. XRP is XRPoopoo
9. LINK is just plain shit
10. AAVE... WHO?!

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Clearly IOTA. Bend the knee or die poor

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BSC and more specifically pancake swap are exploding right now, binance is pushing for everything that increases BNBs value

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Pangolin will be coming out for Avax soon, if you want to take a less risky approach I'd wait for it, but investing in avax will be very profitable until the end of bull market

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>>28186261 >>28186261 >>28186261
people think that projects are successful, because they solve project, but it's the opposite, the more problems a project brings, the more likely to become a success and de facto standard. As a corollary, any success software project will consume much more resource than the current available.

tldr; eth is the windows of blockchain. Instead of a project killing eth, what will happen is that eth will phagocyte any viable eth alternative.

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hmm there also
WAWES Neo and Strax

Neo is Chinese Scam and everytime they release something it is disappointment

Waves looks good but surprisingly they not getting much attention they are my black horse in crypto

and then there Strax they did got only 600k ico in 2016 so it is kinda miracle that they still around
recently they did get some serious money from some bilionare fund and it seems that they were active even in the bear market so they have a lot of tech to show but overall it seems that they are like the small guy who trying to compete against the giants

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nothing, clear vaporware

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wtf are you talking about? NEO releases are on point and always deliver what they promise. Only the 3.0 is delayed by half a year. You clearly don't follow their releases.

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ah and i forgot Harmony the project also look good

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The only right answer: eXRD.

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ZK rollups coming soon poorfags don’t worry. You will find another reason to self-sabotage though I am sure. That is why your parents never made it and you will never make it

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>NEO releases are on point
Only the 3.0 is delayed by half a year.
not half year but whole year Neo 2.0 was disappointment and they lied many times so it is not something i would want to buy into

do not take it personaly if you like it or see something i do not see then good for you

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>no mention on Flare

I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

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>t. Poorfag

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btw it will likely moon anyway so if you already hold it it would be stupid to sell

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BNB to replace Eth $2K end of year

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ADA erc-20 converter coming next month, big players e.g. celcius already moving to ADA

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>gas fees

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Someone says Vechain, your first thought is supply chain.
WRONG. Vechain is the ultimate defi coin, you get paid just for holding the token. You get paid more for staking. I'll tell you how.

Vechain is a fork of eth, it can do everything ETH can do with consistent fees at 0.01$ even at 10 000tps.

>Now here is the redpill.

When you pay ETH fees All of that goes to the miners. ALL OF IT. YOU. DO. NOT. SEE. A. PENNY. Miners are the crypto jews. They are parasites and leech our ETH and when they've gathered all of that eth, they it dump on us.
You can cope say muh security muh decentralisation but the truth is ETH is controlled by less then 15 mining pools. It is already centralized and we are being jewed.

All of the fees paid when using VET, they are all equally distributed towards all of the token holders equally. Stakers get more obviously, but there is no middle man. No filthy jewish miners taking our hard earned crypto. We token holders get our fees back. Do you understand the enormity of this?
We get fees back and we distribute it back into the Vet ecosystem pumping up the marketcap,, Vet gets used more,, more fees earned, pump back into the eco-... you get the idea right. Its an organic constant pump cycle.
You can create tokens on Vet. It has its on Uniswap called Vexchange. Its own metamask called Comet. Its own blockchain games called, Berserk, Vulcanverse. An official mobile wallet. It has special features that help normie adoption that I'll tell you about if you ask me.
And best of all the circular economy means everyone is rewarded in fees just for holding the coin. The rich don't get richer, the holders do. No parasite miners draining our wallets, ETH would have overthrown BTCs marketcap if it wasn't for the scaling. That's the truth. Vet is heading to the top 5.