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>Going for #1 - So It Begins

Where to Get:
>Exchanges - World

>Exchanges - USA

>Welcome to Cardano

>Comfy Hoskinson Interview

>Why Cardano (Official page)

>Also formally verified - see future of DeFI section below for a bit more on formal verification

>The Most Decentralized Cryptocurrency
>Over 1,600 Stake Pools participatign in Consensus
>100% of all blocks will be produced by the stake pool community by March 31
>Anyone can run a stake pool with any amount of ADA &/or Delegate to a stake pool

Should I delegate my ADA? Yes!

How to Delegate tutorial:

>Decentralized Governance & Funding of DAPP developers through Cardano's Catalyst
>$200,000,000 On-chain Treasury for Funding DAPP developers
>$1,000,000,000+ in funding will be available in the future
>$500,000 Round 3 underway now -- focus to DAPP devs
>10 total rounds of funding to happen this year

>Decentralized Identity - Cardano's Atala PRISM

>Atala PRISM Demo

>Cardano to onboard 2+ million people

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>Native Tokens

>ERC-20 Converter:
>Video Demo (start at 10:20)

Smart Contracts in April
>Solidity, Javascript to Marlowe, Drag & Drop via Marlowe, Hardcore Haskell
>Solidity Smart Contracts 100% Ethereum compatibility via Cardano's KEVM
>Drag and Drop smart secure formally verified smart contract creation via Marlowe

The market is waiting to be captured.
Intro to this video (first 2 minutes) ...provides high-level context preview for the next section on multiple programming language support:

Multiple Programming Language Support for Smart Contract Creation

The future of DeFI requires formal verification (start at 33:00)

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Media Channels that Cover Cardano:

Projects Coming to and Moving to Cardano
>SingularityNET moving to Cardano and fully focus on Expansion into Cardano - ETH token to have low importance

>DNATags™ full conversion to Cardano

>Celsius Network to Cardano - Losing Millions of USD each Year in ETH Fees (start at 26:15)

>BeefChain (only USDA approved blockchain for tracking Beef & Sheep - Multi-billion dollar food-traceability market in the US)

>Stablecoin AgeUSD algorithmic stablecoin

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jesus.. you're really dedicated to cardano aren;t you?

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yes anon

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how much do you have?

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1k stacklet reporting in

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based ada shill, i wish i had more money to buy it before it pumps to one dollarino

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You can;t tell an anonymous fuck how much internet money you own? That's sad bro
If you have more money buy more, i have most of my money, in ada, 12k

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Bros I am feeling so good. I bought a 25k stack at less than $0.10 and I'm on tope of the world. Looking forward to the future! WE ARE ALL GONNA MAKE IT! pic unrelated

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Some news from yesterday
DNATags(TM) To Convert Ethereum Solidity-based Smart Contract To Cardano's Goguen Smart Contracts
>DNA Brands Inc. (OTC PINK:DNAX) and Santo Mining Corp. dba Santo Blockchain Labs (OTC PINK:SANP) owners and developers of DNATags™, today announces that DNATags™ will be converting its Ethereum Solidity-based Smart Contract to the Cardano Goguen Smart Contract. Santo Blockchain Labs has been developing and deploying Ethereum Solidity Smart Contracts for over 4 years now, with experience in ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155 & ERC1450. The company has evaluated the long-term economics and technology benefits and has determined to move all its blockchain projects from an Ethereum to the Cardano Goguen. Unlike Ethereum, Cardano uses a mechanism that handles the tokenization natively on the ledger instead of via smart contracts, making all tokens in the Cardano blockchain follow the same logic and be inherently supported, instead of requiring the creation of layers as is the case of ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. This will ensures scalability, performance, and reduces transaction costs; also known as GAS Fees in the Ethereum world which lately are extraordinarily high and slowing down the transactions on the Ethereum network.
>DNATags™ prime directive is the authentication of products to ensure the consumer of its authenticity, there is a secondary component that will be the coupon rewards module. Users will have the ability to earn DNARewards™ native tokens as they scan products to ensure their authenticity. These DNARewards™ will interexchange with other coupon rewards systems or can be converted to the native Cardano, ADA cryptocurrency.

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4chan is not anonymous. Your identity isn't revealed to other users, but the database is entirely harvested by Google ReCaptcha/Analystics, or sold by hiro to surveillance agencies. I'm not saying this is a good or bad thing, but data leaks are a really common thing and inevitable for most organization, no matter how big. https://intelx.io/

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I have enough to be comfy anon. I'm practicing keeping my yap shut with my stack info. I got used to spreading it on /biz/ and I noticed that I was more tempted to tell people in real life

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do you guys think Kleros should move over to Cardano once Cardano is fully operational? Kleros running on Ethereum is really bad at the moment.. I think that could change on Cardano.

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Yahoo finance picking it up... Cardano breaking into mainstream business press. We're gonna make it bros.

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No experience with it but if it runs bad on ETH send your Kleros-bros to this thread to learn about Cardano.

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ads keep the money flow going, so yes, it's a good thing. What i meant is that if i wanted to see who the fuck op was, i would have a very hard time finding out

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okay I'll try but they always ignore me and call me a tranny

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I believe there is 0% (zero) chance any serious project stays on Eth, and will either migrate to ada or avax, depending if it needs security or speed.
It's not about you.

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>We're gonna make it bros.

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>smart contracts delayed again
>no devs
>no projects

RIP hoskinfags, this is EOS 2.0

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Kleros is a serious project, but I think there are some eth maxis in the team and/or know the team :(

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New fag here, I’ve been taking tips from anons on this board for crypto, is it better not to have more than 4 at once? I currently have a decent return on ADA,ETH and XLM and it feels comfy having a small profit trickling in.
Got involved in the OCGN pump yesterday and sold at the peak thanks to anons telling me when to sell. I put the profits into MIOTA and I’m now nearly at 1.3 k after starting with 1k about a week ago. I’m sure I’ll fuck it up soon but any tips would be appreciated on how to manage my portfolio at this point

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I bought in late but can't wait to see smart contracts hit, I still wanna trade fucking shitcoins but uniswap fees say I'm too poor. Recently converted cardano bitch boy let's get this bread

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>is it better not to have more than 4 at once
people often say that when you have a smaller stack it's better not to spread yourself too thin, and I tend to agree with that. You have to decide for yourself though what the best path forward is for you.

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I'm just some random anon, my opinion isn't necessary relevant. Everything is possible, if everyone wants to use ethereum it might still work out. The thing is, once eth2 docking will be completed (2022 or later) and eth finally moving to PoS, ada will already be more advanced by now and impossible to catch up. Eth will never have the benefits of 3rd gen tech of a foundational structure built from the ground-up with knowledge of previous failures. The network effect is exaggerated, it's so easy to trade and have interoperability between cryptos.

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We are going to be fucking rich anons. Amusingly the salty mETH bagholding FUD factories will be priced out .

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K=1000 in March
Currently 1578 stakepools

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About time us autists got a general. Today OP was not a complete faggot.

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Literally unfuddable. my body is ready

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Greater chance for small pools to make blocks. 4CHAN hasn't missed any slots, it's just small, so it doesn't make each epcoh.

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it's not even ATH yet right?

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EOS didn't work out because the tech is targeted at companies (blockchain as a services, VM supports for C++/Java, ...), which doesn't really make sense since corporates don't want to give up control on their own infrastructure for (currently) slower and more expensive decentralized systems.
Cardano is appropriate for decentralized governance (DeGov?), scientific hivemind, social hubs, and many new ecosystems that we can't have now considering how technologically unstable Eth is.

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When is Ada coming to coinbase ?When it does are we going to be rich ?

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ATH is when USD mcap is zero'd.
Yes, but be careful. Coinbase is well known for massively buying before revealing support for new coins. It's definitely going to be temporarily over-hyped.

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4k stacklet reporting in

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If you keep those nodes running I might check it out.

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Bros, can only one succeed out of AVAX/ADA? Or can they co-exist at the top?

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$5 EOY is possible

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Bros it got stuck at .56

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ADA will be the top imho. is AVAX a bottom?

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Not comparable imo, Avalanche is a non-history preserving consensus and less censorship resistant. Being a leaderless protocol also means lots of tech won't be compatible with it. Still avax is likely going to win when it comes to in-game tokenized assets, high frequency trading, or anything that requires asynchronous Tx handling. Both will grow in time.

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Thanks for the QRD. I can safely invest in both then.
I was under the impression they were both competing to be the "next gen" ETH. At least ADA should be trying to be that, I think.

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I will anon. Paycheck and tax return coming next week.

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AGI will be the first token to Move from ETH, today pumping 26% because they are implementing a Cardano-Style deep funding pool

>> No.28192979

Also for the other stacklets, if you believe in the project long term, like I do, then don't worry too much about the daily price and just put in a little bit from each paycheck.

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based sats

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That's what I'm doing, anon. My bags are pretty pathetic because I'm a poorfag student from eastern Europe, but every bit helps in the long run.

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My impression is that distributed ledger protocols will be vaguely categorized into set of usages.
- Fast, quick evolution, state pruning and high interoperability (for games, consumer products, algorithmic trading): avax, near, dot, iota2, eth, atom
- Slow, steady, meta-consensus aware, high security and available checkpoints (for decentralized banks, governments, voting and important social networks): ada, xtz, algo
- Store of value and purely speculative assets: zec, nano, btc, xmr, doge, bnb

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ADA scales to 1 million TPS so not sure about that anon

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I mean, it's just not the main selling point. 1000tps is half the speed of Visa, which is already decent.

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Outstanding. Hail victory.

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Anon, you do realize fascim is inherently stupid? If you're unable to get your ideas adopted without force then they're wrong.

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1$ soon.

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The logo looks like...
Well we all know what the logo looks like and everyone that notices this uon an exchange is going to know what the logo looks like. How can we have any faith in a project that has such a repulsive logo?

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I bought 4k stacks and staked them at Cardano Samurai. Will I make it, frens?

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I sold 20% of my ADA for Reef. I'm feeling pretty happy brehs

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daedalus wallet and yoroi are the official ones anon

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Cardano (ADA) price rallies 139% following smart contract implementation
>Data from TheTIE shows that Cardano’s social media mentions have been increasing since the beginning of the year and the most recent announcements have been followed by spikes in price and tweet volume since the first week of February.
>The amount of ADA staked on the network continued to increase throughout January and is now at a record 22.6 billion tokens staked, representing 72% of the total supply. There are currently 1,602 active validators on the network serving 176,696 total delegators.
>Once smart contract functionality is brought to Cardano’s mainnet, the platform will be able to host a variety of dApps including decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, a sector that has been one of the main driving forces in the growth of the cryptocurrency sector over the past year.

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I know, I used Yoroi and used Cardano Samurai pool

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I hold both too.

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If I swap to the /biz/ pool after today's rewards, how many epochs of rewards will I miss out on?

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Cardano is my favorit coin . I one just 2 more DOT and COTI. People we will break MC form xrp back in 2017. That means $5 at least!!! We might go to $7 at the top of the bubble . be prepared my friend for the moon.

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ahhhhh. cool

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Chad checking in. Let's go!

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Cool. And my rewards should stay relatively similar? I am in a pool with 95% saturation now.

>> No.28198522

why hello there moby dick

>> No.28198707

legitimately jealous

>> No.28198755

it doesnt even have smart contracts
all you xrp schizos just changed the letters to ada

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I bought most of it when it was under 5 cents Lmao

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you're gonna make it fren. I wish I was as lucky as you

I just want six figures by next year so that I can move to the countryside

>> No.28199157

You’re spread too thin. I would go all in on any of the coins you currently hold until you at least have a 10k stack of them.

>> No.28199166

based, good luck

>> No.28199695

What's the name of this thing on Binance for me to buy anon?

>> No.28199900

Can't wait for the Defi mania on cardano, just imagine buying the uniswap of cardano early, fuck

>> No.28199943

Will ada drop a bit before rallying to 1$ or are we gonna smooth sail ton1$ without correction. I dumped all at 70cents hoping for it to go down. I got an order at .70$ so im not worried if it surges but hoping itndumps a bit before dollarino

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maybe it drops a bit but I think if it ever goes near 50c people are gonna be buying it up fast. even 60c feels low to me now, I actually bought more at 61.

>> No.28200925

So only way it dips would be for btc to lose like 20% fast

>> No.28200977

Thanks fren

>> No.28201443

look it up on pooltool.io

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What's the coin number to world population here? I forgot, but someone definitely had the figure for it, like 57 ADA per person or some shit?

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Gonna make it, big time

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you keep posting this like it has any impact on the 70% of ada that is staked LMAO

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More, 1000 per pool that runs a Hydra node. There are now 1578 active pools. Also, those 1000 TPS per node were "early tests".

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This was a little cringe at first in 2018, but now it's pretty based and funny.

>> No.28203967

That was a random number dropped in a video not confirmed.

But theoretically it could go further but it requires mass adoption for it to get there.
Stil don't under stand how you get around network constraints though.

>> No.28203988

yeah. will be exciting to see what they can pull together with Ouroboros Omega. I bet we have 2000-3000 active pools by then

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1$ EOM

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File: 18 KB, 250x208, D1BE69C5-3C70-459E-B9AE-2F75B4FC2F70.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28204251

If you like cardano, youll love coti. Check it out!

>> No.28204540

Ok but where do i buy Cardano?

I know its on Binance, but can i transfer my ADA from Binance to Yoroi?
I'm a bit afraid CZ will steal muh moneyz.

(I dont have Coinbase/Kraken in my country)

>> No.28204581

>Check it out!

>> No.28204654

because each hydra head runs as a state channel that inherits all the smart contract capability of the base layer. Each head can run at 1000 TPS (early testing) and then send merge those transactions back down to the base layer in a single go. the hydra heads will also have intra-head comunicatin. Ouroboros Omega (which will include hydra) is going to melt faces faster than a 2006 Shadow Priest

>> No.28204688

>but can i transfer my ADA from Binance to Yoroi?
yes, for 3 ada fee

>> No.28204763

yes, to yoroi or to ouroboros wallets. look at the OP post for the info, it's there

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how do i know which stakepool to pick. just installed daedalus

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10k stacklet here, currently have my ADA staked on Exodus but it's only a 4.28% APY with their pool. Would it make sense to move it to a Yoroi wallet and find a better pool?

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>could only accumulate 12k ADA
>people not even FUDing, just shilling
Anons why, I just wanted a bigger bag

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File: 2.05 MB, 358x200, 1612823660681.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>10k stacklet here
>could only accumulate 12k ADA
you guys are making me feel like shit for only owning 3.5k stack

>> No.28206359

you know how privileged you goys are? Most owners from Africa in future will only have 1 or 2 ada each you fucks

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Yes, and?

>> No.28206632

Is it still worth getting into? At the moment holding 200 ADA but I could put in much more.
Quite new to crypto so I dont want to put a lot of money in scamcoins/p&ds.

>> No.28206651
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>niggers will literally be tonguing my anus for 1-2 ADA in 5 years
feels good man

>> No.28206773

i have 100k ada.
you should really kill yourself for having such a small stack and missing the only chance in your life to make it

>> No.28206947

>Cardano Price Forecast: ADA bull run to $2 regains traction as whales step in
>Cardano price is up more than 50% in the past three days after rolling out a new network update.
>ADA’s uptrend shows no sign of stopping, but there is a critical resistance barrier ahead.
>On-chain data suggest the presence of whales behind the current price action, supporting a further advance.
>ADA has seen a 50% increase in its market value in the last three days. On the one-week chart, Cardano price shows the formation of an inverse head and shoulders pattern, suggesting further gains in the horizon.
>The number of large transactions with a value of $100,000 or greater has seen a 424% increase since late January. As more value is transferred within Cardano’s blockchain, higher fees are paid, which tends to affect ADA’s market value positively.

>> No.28206968

Ada is likely to double in a couple months (like by April I'd guess) so that's an EASY 2x, and it can still go higher from there.

>> No.28206979

i dont think charles created ada for that purpose buddy. that's not nice

>> No.28207107

Whoops. Forgot the headline
Headline should have been
Cardano Price Forecast: ADA bull run to $2 regains traction as whales step in

>> No.28207533

im gay and i invest in ada

>> No.28207576
File: 12 KB, 665x294, Screenshot_2021-02-09 Global Charts CoinMarketCap(1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's hard to tell. The whole crypto market is inflated right now, but it's mainly an issue for eth and btc. If you're a long-term holder, it's never too early.

>> No.28207608

should I all in ada with my btc right now? first @ 30c, considering getting more since btc just pumped
help cardanobros

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>fudders larping

>> No.28207744

>higher fees are paid
Fees rarely exceed 0.18 ADA

>> No.28207844

I keep wondering how hard it will crash (assuming it does). Like where the bottom will be assuming BTC takes a big dump. -50%? More?
That's what scaring me the most at the moment. Like you said, the whole market is very inflated at the moment.

>> No.28207911

I just sold 8k ADA. ill buy again when it goes back down to .40 a coin by the end of this week.

>> No.28208357

I see. Interesting.

>> No.28208678

ballsy, but if it does happen I'll be buying there too

>> No.28208704

>go to pooltool.io
find a pool that has decent saturation but is not oversaturated with a good % uptime.

>> No.28208801

yes anon, do so. you should be hetting between 5.5-6.5%

>> No.28209366

You fucked up ada will be around 0.85$ by friday. 1$ monday morning

>> No.28209395

I've been Fudding Cardano relentlessly since we hit 36 cents. I mean some of the best FUD We've seen has been from me.

I can only hold back the masses for so long anons.

>> No.28209414
File: 453 KB, 1080x1175, Cardano.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All in the superior coin. Amazing vision, hard working team, actually solving problems. Aiming to make the world a better place for their fellow man.

So comfy.

>> No.28209496

just imagine what happens after cuckbase finally adds it while dapps start deploying

>> No.28209742

I had 50k and sold half at 17c to pay bills... feels bad man.

>> No.28209818

give it to me since you can't hold for shit.

Jk, bills are more important fren. Hope you're doing well out there

>> No.28209852

If you have faith in the project long term, then yes do it. But BTC will always have a place and will most likely hit $300k still. Not going to tell you how to spend your money. I expect ADA to still 5-10x from here.

>> No.28209936

Kek. Got kids to feed bro! Thanks pal

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You'll still make it with 25k stacks brah. I wish I had that much (only got 3.5k @.066)

Good luck fren

>> No.28210131

Bruh, I swear it was like 0.5 ADA 1 day ago. I swear to God I saw it on Binance. How the fuck did it jump to 3?

>> No.28210139

When do we go back ? We're not going back down to 0.40 cents are we?

>> No.28210152

What you're saying is genocide all non-ada holders? But why?

>> No.28210215

.66 I mean*

>> No.28210281


Ask someone who has followed Cardano since 2017 and is closely aligned to the project anything.

>> No.28210321

The dream. I share that dream with you. Let's be neighbors on countryside. I shall plant a row of poppies on the mountainside in the form of a giant dong.

>> No.28210353

Btc and eth will crash because the coins have absolutely no utility right now and are entirely speculative (eth is still years behind key update). This makes the price highly volatile, but it isn't necessarily an issue for altcoins with serious development team or unambiguous usages in the future. I feel like people buying ada are less likely to sell, and traders swinging back and forth won't affect holders position.
Also the stake is different from 2018 bullruns. The tech wasn't ready back then, everything was over-hyped and people bought cryptos without knowing what they got into. Now they know a lot more and the whole GME events + Musk shilling will also keep adding fuel to the flippening with fiat. I think there is some probability the bullrun keep going for a while and stabilize back above current mcap (not a financial advice... I'm just a random idiot).

>> No.28210622

Highly doubt we ever see ada below 0.59$ ever again

>> No.28210625

thank bud. I loaded up between .03 and .09 I'm pretty happy to have taken profits at .17. Buy dips if you can and stake that shit. Who knows, ADA might be the revolutionary project that some of us are hoping it to be. Could be a make it stack for you too.

>> No.28210695


What is Charles like in person when no cameras ?

>> No.28210791

will it go back down?

>> No.28210810

Coinbase listing, when!?

>> No.28210836

Chill guy. Loves weed and whores. Fav scotch is lagavulin.

>> No.28210915

Hey, at least swingies get some profit out of it.
See you when it's $1 by March.

>> No.28210990

Charles hinted at a big listing by the end of the month. Probably coinbase real quick.

>> No.28211238


Never personally met him but I've heard from those close to him hes a genuinely nice dude. More importantly tho, hes not the be all and end all of Cardano.


Theres a lot happening this month, who knows.


Probably by end of feb. Why would they miss out on Cardano's volume now it's one of the most traded coins, and its fully decentralized.

>> No.28211394

That would definitely rocket ADA. Another question, how likely is $2 before March?

>> No.28211746

Not very, unless Coinbase and smart contracts hits at the same time.

>> No.28211757

Coinbase listing could potentially do that. I don't think we're going to see significant sell off pre ATH, the fundamentals are too strong right now. Might hit close to $2, would be pretty fucking sweet if we did.

>> No.28211857
File: 8 KB, 249x249, 1573527667180s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just bought 139 ADA

>> No.28211962

139k? Nice

>> No.28212079
File: 12 KB, 251x242, 1595333230529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no, 139 lmaoo im a poor fag

>> No.28212149

based poorfag

>> No.28212232
File: 37 KB, 566x360, 1607593984975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28212330

Based poppy anon

>tfw 5,030 stacklet poorfag

All I want in life is to buy a small house in cash, and grow a little garden in my free time.

>> No.28212410

Anyone else find it ironic that African nations are going to make a bunch of low-middle class whites in the west rich?

>> No.28212558


>> No.28212624


Its a mutual symbiosis. Together we can help lift each other, in ways that were previously non existent.

One way Cardano will help change the world for the better.

>> No.28212739
File: 446 KB, 220x168, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28212880

That's the dream. I'm all in ADA precisely because the philosophy behind it. Building a better world is the goal (profiting off of it is great too).

>> No.28212955


>> No.28213087

yeah but they will go from poor to lower middle class, so it all works out. There's literally billions or trillions of dollars of wealth locked away there waiting to be unleashed

>> No.28213186

Stfu Charles make us money so we can acquire more tendies

>> No.28213486
File: 11 KB, 341x157, 192151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

3 HOURS!!!!!

>> No.28213620

Guys, what's a realistic price point in 2 years?

>> No.28213647
File: 16 KB, 650x650, haskell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

computer science graduate here, first time to crypto
i think this is gonna win just because it uses haskell.
basically the computer science world is split between formal proof theory people that advocate for strong typed and functional languages like haskell and on the other hand you got the retarded business oriented "researchers" who push crap like java just because it can even be used by a monkey (good for the business owners because it makes it easy to hire/fire their codemonkeys).

cardano seem to be created by the first school of thought and i like that.

so i got 800 shekels to invest this month and i hesitate to pull the trigger now because i feel like i'm gonna buy high.

am i wrong ?
should i research this further and not rely on my lazy intuition ?

>> No.28213788

Too much text didn't read
Cool that you bought ada tho

>> No.28213876

>and its fully decentralized.
78% decentralized atm, IOHK's still phasing out their block-producing nodes, full decentralization in the next 6-8 weeks

>> No.28213923

Just watched bitboy talk about this, with the "ocean" protocol, or whatever he called it. Absolutely bigbrain idea and very forward-looking

>> No.28213994

Yes. This anon gets it. Also remember that Simon Peyton Jones advises IOHK. The smoothbrains who say 'hurrr durr no one uses Haskell' are also retarded because you can write in multiple languages on Cardano, and it gets compiled to Haskell. It's basically a huge safety net for catching retarded bugs that cost eth cucks billions of dollars in smart contract exploits. Big businesses will explore Cardano for this reason alone. Check out the new Plutus and Marlowe devnets, and also the native token devnets.

>> No.28214134

jsut bought 300 ada
should i buy moar or any other coins?

>> No.28214281

bros I won't have money until next week or do, will I make it before this shit takes off?

>> No.28214305

buy coti, adapay soon
also singularity3 maybe it's also ada based

>> No.28214781


around 1$ to 4$

>> No.28214894

watch the shirt the 'welcome to cardano' vid in the OP... Charles points you to all the repositories and such... you sound like the kind of guy who could understand that stuff

>> No.28215084

just fomo bought 1383 ada

i'll do my research then decide to stay or not

>> No.28215217

if it drops, buy more. Don't sell at a loss. ADA hasn't even hit ATH yet.

>> No.28215265

Where's the fucking dApps?

>> No.28215333

Fucking idiot

>> No.28215350

Wait until March.

>> No.28215401

gotta have some vacation to spend on trading now
but this nabbas try to shill their fucking shitcoin
fine that I join bot ocean algorithms and solutions
no reason to believe in this shit

>> No.28215483

kek how many times have you posted ghostchain?

>> No.28215562

Just start posting Charle's twitter screen caps, best FUD there is.

>> No.28215601

I really hope they deliver that fucking ERC-20 converter otherwise I'm dumping everything for DOT

>> No.28215685

That will be in a week or two I believe.

>> No.28215779

if you doubt they'll do it dump for DOT now. Your strategy to wait until they fail is only going to lose you gains.

>> No.28216303

>>Video Demo (start at 10:20)
>>https://youtu.be/e_C90pUrfKs?t=620 [Embed]
rolls out with Native asset Mary hardfork-recombinator event in a couple of weeks I believe

>> No.28216334
File: 11 KB, 216x234, 1612681594530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

going to be a big year for cardano

>> No.28216440
File: 111 KB, 668x651, 1533188708823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to reach 10k stacks before the masses come
>only got 3.5k

>> No.28217265
File: 67 KB, 740x416, Band-Protocol-2.0-just-saw-launch-on-Cosmos-network-740x416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You forget about me? Avax is a meme compared to cosmos.

>> No.28217360

>want to reach 100k before the masses come
>only got 10k

>> No.28217441


>> No.28217498

can this go to 4$ already. I wanna quit my job

>> No.28217657
File: 197 KB, 1024x538, EeXLwG5WsAYYI7g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i feel like i'm gonna buy high.
It's more mid than high. If 1 is ATL and 10 is next ATH, you're buying at maybe a 6?

>> No.28218245
File: 1.66 MB, 332x331, 1612572941331.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been DCAing since 2017. I'm more than 10x in the green.
Also, Haskell

>> No.28218319
File: 374 KB, 1182x691, Banks using Haskell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ergo $ERG as well. They are building dex, oracles, stablecoin and mixer that Cardano will use.

>> No.28219423

That image is like saying banks use money.
Investment banks in particular use all sorts of languages based on needs.
The thing that interests me though is many of those banks are still rocking shit built in the late 80s early 90s.
Gen 3 blockchain platforms have the potential to transform this space.

>> No.28219948
File: 86 KB, 563x437, image_2021-02-09_193605.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28220017
File: 62 KB, 480x480, +_78d9f5058fcfafe6aa6503826c0c8f4f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Didn't forget you in my meme list. >>28193861 I'm not sure if atom is even better than dot though.

>> No.28220332

literally fuck this zombie chain vaporware bullshit.

>> No.28220439

what reason is there to believe that cuckbase will add ada?
It feels inevitable long term but is there any news regarding listings?

>> No.28220480

What's the required mcap for this shit to read 100$ bros?

>> No.28220694

3.5 to 4.5trillion?
Depends on minted coins
You never know but not in the immediate future

>> No.28220717

are you seriously asking us to do basic math for you? just find the outstanding supply and multiply it times $100. that is the market cap required.
in short, ada is not hitting $100 until IT CAN ACTUALLY FUCKING DO A SINGLE THING.
you moonboys make me sick.

>> No.28220985

circulating supply can change which will fuck up it's price. MC is not the only deciding factor.

>> No.28221189

The science worked on dot when they copied it. Isn't it beautiful?
(btw smart-contracts available on testnet for years, no point rushing mainet implementation just to satisfy a few pumps. docs and sourcecodes speak for themselves)
Use the fully diluted mcap.

>> No.28221741

Apparently haskell is also used a lot in finance. it seems the whole project has a solid foundation, that's why I'm confident in it, that it will mitigate all the problems of ETH and overtake it for Defi and whatever else

>> No.28221758
File: 31 KB, 720x574, 1611489480335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, look. Another one wants to move to Cardano. SingularitNet and Celsius Network before this. 90+ others in the pipeline.

>> No.28221834

it's the number three crypto right now after bitcoin and ethereum, why wouldn't they