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We are leaving the launch pad

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No, you're not fucking leaving with me.
I missed fucking snx and Aave. Not gonna miss this.

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why do bancor threads feel so inorganic, I mean I ownt BNT too but something just feels off lol

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It's a scam anon, sell.

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Its because a pump and dump telegram group is pushing BNT, same with PROS and others.

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PnD groups target sub 5million mc uniswap shitcoins, imagine thinking shilling 300 million mc on /biz/ can have any impact on price

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listen fat, here's the deal

bancor is not a cool token. the logo and name of the project give off office space type generic vibes. its not flashy or colorful

but its a heavily undervalued defi token that not only works right now, but it works *well*. this is an investment for practical people who believe that practical projects will succeed.

this coin is zero hype, all utility. so buy it if you want fagget

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And um. What does bancor do?

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This is an IQ test for biz.
I can guarantee you they'll fail it.
This unfortuantely isn't biz 2018 anymore. Although 2018 shilled coins like Holo and Nano...
Forget what I said, biz has always been a shithole, kek.

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Why Bancor and not Balancer? Genuine question. I thought Bancor became obsolete last year

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We had this threads for some time now, but here are few key points:
>LM rewards
>IL protection
>single sided staking
>L2 scaling via Arbitrum
>discrepancy between price and locked liquidity

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>We are leaving the launch pad
dropping. lol faggot

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I've been following Bancor since 2019 and if there is one thing I can assure anyone of its that they push tech way over marketing hype. If anything that strategy is just starting to pay off. they have exclusivity over some pretty big features. Impermanent loss protection, single sided staking and BNT actually playing a vital roll in the protocol vs just a tacked on governance token. It's pretty reasonable to think the attention thats building up is organic.

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just like how Chainlink pushed they over marketing. True valuation will reveal itself soon.

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>why do bancor threads feel so inorganic, I mean I ownt BNT too but something just feels off lol
you should sell immediately.

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The pump and dump crew are trying to make quick $ off anything they can. People just arent moving like they hope anymore and panic selling and moving their money to the next big target.

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destination:MADE IT
>CMC:barely clinging to top 100
>sushi/uni/*swap:cut and paste forks of bancor worth 5-10x
>andre:"I cut and paste bancor, i can't even understand the contracts they are so advanced"

Bancor is the most obvious moonshot in existence.

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Nano gave me a 10000x lololol

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Easiest x10 ever

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into oven

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For me, it's exactly the opposite: The Bancor threads feel much more organic than most of the other threads.
There's always a single Bancor thread (until it gets archived after an hour or two) with a reasonable discussion going on instead of multiple threads at the same time that include only constant shilling of a single coin .

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You're right anon. I feel the same

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BNT will save us from gas fees and IL and moon while Charles tells us money is a social construct and that we need to accept bbc into our hearts and assholes.

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Btw bros do you see BNT going to 1 billion this time around?

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>multiple threads at the same time that include only constant shilling of a single coin
rubic is flavor of week

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Is there a single drawback to staking from different eth addresses beyond having to pay more gas to restake rewards, something that’ll be irrelevant with arbitrum? Asking because if the bonus multiplier is address wide, this would give you the ability to cash out some of your position while retaining the multiplier on others.

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Yeah the sign of organic threads to me is anons actually discussing the project and/or their interactions with it. I was sold on it after I saw some dude's screencaps of his rewards and then I went to the website which was pretty intuitive to use and ended up providing liquidity myself.
Felt undervalued to me. Idk I'm bullish on any crypto product that I actually use.

The absolute #1 indicator of organic discussion? There's no wojaks/pepes or other stupid meme image macros for hyping it up. If it sounds like shilling it's probably because anons are actually enthusiastic about the project. It seems like there's a very high percentage of us supporters actually using the product because from my own experience it's easy to do so.

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This should be fine, the drawback of course is the new address starts from no multiplier..

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EOY price predictions sirs?

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$20 minimum, probably $50

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Hey friends, what's the minimum amount of Bancs I should have for staking? I plan on just leaving it there for a while. Is 800 too few? I assume the fee will be made up for over time

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Am I schizo for stacking these? They're all undervalued for TLV. I don't actually like balancer that much because the swap prices are awful but obviously that's not a permanent problem.

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how much risk is there in using bancor?

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They basically double every ~200 days at the current staking rate.
So 800ish + your initial investment - Fees (Eth gas) So if that equals profitable for you then yes. I think it is worth it to stake

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for staking on it that is

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You are keeping your assets in a smart contract. So its extremely safe/tested, but not 100% ( this is all smart contracts, not just bancor)

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>how much risk is there in using bancor?
its crypto anon, the risk is in boomer terms unlimited.
go read the bancor blogs on 2.1 protocol and health update since it launched mid nov.
Right now things are running very strong, 65% of ALL BNT is staked right now which is pretty crazy if you think about it.
Burn is balancing against the minting function, inflation is totally under control.
For the time being, things are quite good anon.

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Cheers for the info! Yeah def gonna jump on that then, I planned to just leave it sitting in my wallet anyway

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staking $5.5k worth of BNT right now just watching my little rewards number go up. 2 questions:

When is it worth to restake rewards (assuming the gas fees are insane)

When i eventually withdraw am i gonna get dick punched by the same gas price i paid to get in ($250)?

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>When is it worth to restake rewards (assuming the gas fees are insane)

I haven't figured this out quite yet, but I am thinking restake when the gas is less than 10% of the reward at that point...i could be stupid though.

>When i eventually withdraw am i gonna get dick punched by the same gas price i paid to get in ($250)?

nobody knows. I plan on staying in for the long haul, the entire program last 72 weeks from Nov 16 2020 and I am staying in. It is VERY likely that whales and dolhpins like me will vote to keep rewards in place.
nobody can predict what gas will be a year from now though, so...gas might be 1K but eth might be 10k and bnt might be 100...nobody knows

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thanks anon. im in the aave pool. lower rewards but had the longest time left. maybe i fucked up if everything will be extended again anyways lol