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You wont believe it!

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I cant wait until this Russian scamcoin falls out of the top 10.

>> No.28185033

Will it dump even further? Amazing!

>> No.28185069

w-we raise with btc now... r-right?

>> No.28185090

is 10k even enough to make it at this point?

>> No.28185091

imagine still holding link in 2020 kek

>> No.28185211

it's 2021 anon, you were in a coma for 2 months

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Will I own a place for me and my kitty?

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I wish i could be one of you when you find out

Gosh im so excited for you kids

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dump on chinese new year please

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Sergey is picking one lucky bag holder to feed him his weekly big mac? Can it be me?

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Any day now marines!

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cayman islands scam

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Its funny. When confronted with dead they try to offer your their stack for their life. As I understand it, 350K LINK are out of circulation forever now. S

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