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>Checks catalog

oh well, you're missing out anon, even the TA is looking beautiful.

>Partnered with the Dutch government
>Partnered with IBM
>87M market cap and growing

Let's get a bit of attention on this enterprise usage low cap gem

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u kidding, right?

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If it makes me money i use it :)

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pick one

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Feeling comfy just broke well past .3

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currently leasing 1000€ worth of LTO to xeno pool

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comfy with my 45k stack, all staked on xeno

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comfy af leasing to /ournode/

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Fug I still wanted to DCA under 25c at least once, oh well.

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Can we get some more FUD? I didn't accumulate enough yet

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FUD be like: 32ct stable coin

50ct EOW bros

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something stablecoin something something smells like curry

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How high can we really go LTObros? I'm thinking 2-5B market cap EOY if the bull market continues

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12k stacklet reporting, gonna keep DCA till I have 15k. Underrated gem and I love that we're still in the early days.

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Same but up to 20k at least.

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I had 5k as my initial goal and now I want 10k at least.

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Remember folks, the UN is recruiting middle eastern countries to move their land registry onto LTO.

Every transaction fee sends 0.25 LTO to stakers. They essentially pay you to stake.

This will literally be us in a few years. Don't miss out

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>tfw I can buy my own land by having afghanis register theirs on the network

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replies like this make me think youre a hindunigger

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How do I buy LTO?

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Binance.com or Uniswap

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Bincance wants me to show house documents and Uniswap looks gay?

What do I do bros?

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Kek too early where I am for this anon but thanks for the laugh

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If you don't have an account in a platform with KYC, then I think you can transfer fiat to Metamask through wyre. I traded in Binance without KYC just fine, but you need it for fiat.

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18k reporting leasing to /biz/ node

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Can someone shill me on staking on xeno
3k stacklet here but might dump in 2 eth more

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>1 LTO = $7-19

I want to believe anon

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this or grt

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>Can someone shill me on staking on xeno
currently 6.61% annual return
but transactions double quickly so 12-13% by March easily

this on top of the coin rasing in price
literally no reason not to stake/lease

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Why did the market have to blow up? My money just reached Binance, I could have bought nearly 2x the amount in the dip

>14k stacklet

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People were asking if it was too late a week ago, a month ago, a year ago...

You can't go back but you can get in now.

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My fiat will transfer tomorrow so hopefully there's a dip by then. I'll bring great offerings to El Tío for that.

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.35 cents incoming,
have others been doing the math and figured out that in the end Ricks real name is, Rickamoto Satoshi Schmitz!

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You're not late. In a years time, you won't look back but enjoy your gains.

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>pic related, j curve looking BULLISH as fuck

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Aka Big Dick Rick.

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How many make it stacks left on binance?

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Top 200 holder checking in, feeling comfy.

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Big Dick Rick, El Tio big erect dick. Did El Tio send Rick to us, is that his only begotten son sent to save us from wage cucking?!

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Bros what the fuck is going on, why is this pumping so quick, this isn't sustainable

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they did the math

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i wanna buy but its pumped too much in two days.

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Lots of people did the math. Within 10 days of the riddler telling us to do the math we break ATH. Is reddit still in the dark?

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Exactly, I want to accumulate more but no way is this not gonna dip below 30 cents again

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Those who did the math are now staking and never selling.

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Hope it's below 30c by tomorrow so I can get some more.

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LTO Network is a hybrid decentralized ledger for securing, verifying, and exchanging critical enterprise & government information.
LTO's architecture separates private data sharing between existing systems from public network consensus which serves as a universal ledger.
This hybrid approach makes LTO Network GDPR compliant so that business and government (esp. in the EU) can legally use it.


Meta Use Case:
>scaleable inter-agency data sharing consortiums


>partners include IBM, UN, AIRBUS, Dutch & Euro gov bodies, Chainlink
>already one of the leading cryptos for Tx/day (~100k)
>99.9% of Tx's are generated by paying clients
>100% of staking payouts derived from network fees (APY ~7%)
>clients have to purchase tokens from the market to pay for their transactions -- no OTC


>50% circ. supply already staked
>as clients start their own nodes, they will stake LTO themselves
>those staked tokens = non-circulating supply
>deflationary supply: 0.1 LTO burn every transaction; ~10k LTO burned daily
>~80M LTO held in treasury M&A fund
>M&A fund will not be touched until LTO price is much higher (maximize leverage of reserves)

>LTO in 1.5min:
>LTO in 3 min:
>in 30min /w /ourguy/ Rick (CEO):
>white paper
>/biz/ pastebin:
>general profile:
>tokenomics faq:
>big brain deep dive:
>/biz/ LTO Node

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Hope not, just bought some

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You shouldn't care about day to day fluctuations if you've already bought in though. Come back in a year or four WAGMI

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Borg Coin

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Yeah why would you care if it's 28c tomorrow? this is a 3 year hold token at least, likely a never sell. My children will inherit my LTOs.

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>anon has done the math
>anon knows what he owns
>anon is LITERALLY never selling

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Don't need to bc of staking rewards. They will go down in percentages eventually for holders BUT by that time, the token price will be so high, it won't matter anymore.

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You are right, just my inner Jew kicking in, looking for the cheaper buy. Still tryna grow my stacklet.

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Yes, this is important for new comers who are learning about LTO to realize, pic related. Don't have unrealistic expectations like $100 token price with current APY...not going to happen. But this is why it is so essential to establish a strong position while LTO is still a micro-cap.

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>tfw crypto will create inter-generational wealth as never seen before
I just want my descendants to be as free as possible from the techno-industrial NWO globohomo kike tyranny.

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can someone comment on this?

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dip below 30c so I can buy more jesus christ!!!

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Noone should decide for you.

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fuck that dutch stoner CEO. Looks like he touches kids.

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this nerd

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This. More potential if you look at the marketcap. GRT had its hype, LTOs is yet to come. I know there are a few threads on /biz/ at all times now but /biz/ is in actuality not that big.

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Just but market, I almost bogged myself yesterday trying to time the top, it kept rising and I aped back my original position and then some at 2c more than I sold.

Stings, but the other alternative was to just sleep and hope it goes down and thank god I didn't cause the fucker just keeps rising.

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/biznode/ unironically has about 4.5% of the circulating supply staked to it and is trending very rapidly towards 5%.

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Praise be El Tio. He is rewarding us all for our commitment to him. Let us continue our offerings of booze and cigs that he so much deserves. May he continue sharing his wealth with us at a rate of 7% APY and growing. May our lovers relish in ecstacy from his glorious cock as we journey to salvation. May he bring about the destructions of miners as he grows his ever arching network of acolytes across the world. Amen

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I'm glad to have collaborated in the doing of the Math. I will be El Tío's acolyte for the rest of my life.

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Gracias el tio

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30k purchased and leased, and once the rest of my deposit is available to pull of (((coinbase))) an additional 30k will follow. We are ALL going to make it.

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Who is the riddler

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We don't talk about that.

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jk, check out pic related. desu we don't know who he was. He just told /biz/ to "do the math". And we did. And now /biz/ owns 4.5% of the circulating supply -- at least.

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Tell me or else

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Ah. The math isn’t just metcalfes law?

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In my opinion "the math" is in regards to the LPoI (leased proof of importance) tokenomics of LTO. When you wrap your head around the economic incentives promoted by LTO's LPoI model you really start to "get" why a supply shock is inevitable. The tokenomics on this project are very, very interesting. I recommend reading the white paper.

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>the math doesn't work under 20 Bil MC
This means $74 at current supply

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Long term hodl negro

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I am, I already said my children will inherit my LTO.

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My conservative target is personally $10 bil valuation. That's not where I think LTO will p&d, but rather a mk cap that will eventually be achieved based on sustainable economic incentives. My time horizon is about 5 years for LTO to reach that point.

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Then again there is token burn so $80 could happen with 10bil MC

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hi frens, is this still a buy at 0.33? i just can't get myself to pull the trigger after seeing it crab at the 0.10s range for so long...

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Ya that's why I focus on market cap, token price is too complicated with the burn rate, the M&A fund, etc.

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Yes but it could dip a bit. It also could not, so it's your choice really. If we reach $80 it's still x240 from here.

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>number go up
>or number go down

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We're still below $100mil market cap. When we reach $1bil market cap (imo, this year), you won't care that you paid $0.33 rather than $0.29. This train is leaving the station, its already rolling.

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Still a great buy imo

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I bough 10k when the volume was around 9 million. It was almost 20 million today, feeling good. Im thinking I could buy a bigger stack soon