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>Low MC (3 + 3 M)
>awesome FUD
>new tech
>baked by high defi

buy the dip?

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name you nigger

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Nobody wants your bags Hans, get rek'd.

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going to literal, unironic zero
exposed as scam 100 times over also by war on rugs
fuck u

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>Cointelegraph China
>Nova capital

wow still accumulation phase, see you in a week then

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Only question is when. 10MC Save bet.

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Sold my shake at 14. Look at it now. It's over buddy boyo. I bought one just in case though

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good for you, sell the next one for 30
don't think it will moon endlessly, but for the time beeing i don't see any better uniswap token for the next week of moon chase unless you want to buy a risky top.

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Already got a bag

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how many clowns who think nothing in SpaceSwap! Are you familiar with the DeFi industry at all ??? Space Swap offers excellent earnings for those who want to earn money, they bought milk and shake coins long ago and are making a profit!

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Justin with an E shhhh

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Sold this piece of shit coin with 65% loss.
never felt better

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if you are engaged in charity, then I am ready to redeem milc coins from you at the price of 50 cents! are you ready for sale? In the near future, I plan to sell coins that will cost $ 5 and possibly more! You look so much like a child who had their candy taken away! lol

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a friend just sent an interesting link! you must read this! You seem to be shitty guys.

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also SpaceSwap is in the top 10 DeFi industry! I think I made the right choice when I chose SpaceSwap!

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Anonymous here for duty sir!

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I’ll drop 30 k if they fix the contract and governance issue

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If this project gets criticized, then it is a really great project!

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These developers have loophole in fiat to invest billions in marketcap. If the shake price is 20k. Did you know that infinite token can milk minted to sell shake? Infinite token milk drop wallet. Whales can dump the milk sending shake to ZERO. Developer is known as the honeysuckle of thieves a total lowlife in Shakar-Kihon. Car

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went in at 1 dollar with 15k
Didn't regret it and never will

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hey guys i was part of the fudder that dropped the price.

I was solo fudding and i think there was a gorup of 3 people fudidng using my screenshots thanks for the cheap shakes lol

mission accomplished im buying all the dips. wait for bitboy or chico crypto to make a video and its gonna rocket

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Ofc buy guys! It’s so promising project

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Scam. Not ironically because I want to buy this shit but unironically because I hope to protect some newfags from roping

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The project announced new technologies! Their twitter is very popular! Their developers work really hard! Good guys! Good project!

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bitboy ??? !!!! WoW looks like we're going to the moon soon! This is undoubtedly a very cool and promising project! Space Swap you are very cool !!!

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Please stop shitting up these threads you're scaring the normies

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nice, everything is going as it should and I will see a rate of $ 4000 to buy a couple of tokens, the fudders have helped me in this. very well.

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Any proofs that this is a scam?
At least you don't need to send them LPs

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kekw, look tokens i bought at high of 4$ after them trading at 0,04$ is shit...

big brain, we need peepos like this in crypto :)

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And I’ve bought at 0,5 and I’m not going to sell if the price is 1. I’m sure that soon it’ll be 3-5 dollars. But maybe I’ll hold and wait their x20

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well, who buys the crypt at a high price and drains it during the correction? Sorry, bro, you made a mistake

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I've bought at 2,3 and wanna wait till 5-7$

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https://twitter.com/CurveFinance/status/1356923187754328065 This tweet is popular too

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There are many other altcoins that are not tainted, if you buy this you basically pump Hans bags, so he can dump on you.
I was holding this shitcoin and sold at a loss, just telling you, there are plenty other opportunities.

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everyone is responsible for their investments and money! that you are a shitty trader, only you are to blame, not the project! lmao

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Reminder thatthe price of SHAKE is approximately 5 times higher than it used to be a week ago. This is going to be huge despite all FUD

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grab talk nonsense, scam, scam, show me at least one proof so that I believe you! your words are not louder than a barking dog!

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So interesting ))) If you’ve bought at the high an sold on its low it doesn’t mean that all others do the same

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I really don't understand why this project is getting criticized...
They are good imho

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I'm sure it won't, just the correction.

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I'm also holding my bags of MILK2 ;-)

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I'm sure Space Swap has a good future! their Shadow staking technology, behind which the prospects of the DeFi industry!

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>introduced crypto and more partically altcoins to two friends
>friend A very interested and DYOR intensely after hearing about the potential gains
>friend B interested but doesnt DYOR as much
>two days later i join the discord call with them and hear...
>friend B decided to play with 5k euros and found spaceswap with the help of friend A who is cheering him on
>friend B he bought 1 shake for 5k euros
>me: "holy shit anon you retard its a farming coin you'll never get your money back sell sell sell"
>friend B: "noooo way i'm up 4k euros" on day 1
>friend B: "noooo way i'm up 7k euros" on day 2
>friend B: "noooo way i'm up 2k euros" on day 3
>friend B: "noooo way i'm up 10k euros" on day 4
>friend B: "shit im 3k down" on day 8

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Honestly baffled it hasn't gone back to 5$ again
The fud was so weak
This project has no business in the 3M mcap range, fucking kikes slowed down the road to 100m

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That's right. Let's see what those haters say when the price skyrockets.

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SpaceSwap is underrated for sure. But when real hype for DeFi begins this gem will shine.

>> No.28193202

it's at least a 50M marketcap (even BAO is at that level), stop the FUD and fill your bags

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Holding DeFi long-term is a key to success. Look at big-cap DeFi porject. Several months they didn't exist and now everyone is talking about them.

>> No.28193492

I mean DeFi project with good tech behind it. And SpaceSwap is deffinitely one of such projects at its early stage.

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I just want other projects to use their Shadow staking ngl

>> No.28194684

Is the fud over? But honestly though, I feel that people who claimed to be fudders are just holders trying to de-fud. There's no fucking way people would fud a coin with <10M MC this fucking hard to the point that the project might not do well in the future if their ultimate purpose is buying low.
Unless the fudders are competitors I really don't see how.

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what is it? Literally everyone is talking about this Shadow Betting. Have you tried it on yourself yet?

>> No.28194791

easily probably more like 200M in the next month or so - its better than bao and its extending to binance binance chain and has legit investors and partners

>> No.28194970

im starting the think theyre rubic fags. but they do have a legit point about adding a wallet that could potentially do unlimited minting...thats somehting to watch for

>> No.28195352

if large projects notice them, I think the price of the coin will go up quickly

>> No.28196681

You're right and I went all in before but you may have missed some threads where it was discussed in depth. There was fake fud that killed the momentum but genuine fud did the rest.

Also, their team is tactlessly obsessed with pumping the price up. And look at milk threads like this one being crudely astroturfed.

>still holding 0.222 shake though

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