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>Link isn’t manipulated

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someone dox the whales

i will order a hit on them

fucking pieces of shit

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LMAO that is hilarious

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It’s all so tiresome

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keep coping, no one cares about your measly 10B shitcoin and no one is manipulating shit

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Link is okay. But, it will never be a real coin. Buy litecoin, which is actually real and actually undervalued.

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It continues

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what fuckery is this

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This shit is so hilarious it's making me cry and constipated at the same time.

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whalekiller was right rip

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manipulation costs a fuckton of money and when it breaks the uptrend is going to rip peoples face of
if it was worthless no need to manipulate it down

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This is some hard ass top you linkies are having.

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lol newfag

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The same shit was happening when link was trading in 4-5 dollar range, so a breakout is imminent. This was in a bear market though

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that's a sell wall, newfag. a big fucking limit sell order at that exact price

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Same thing on Binance btw.

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No there isn't.

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It's Sergey himself dumping his burger diarrhea from last night McDonald's Uber binge

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it’s trying to follow its BTC pairing in USD while fluctuating along with whatever bots/traders/swingies are doing. Keep coping.

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>fluctuating along with whatever bots/traders/swingies are doing
And that's who's doing the suppressing.

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>what is a limit order

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The market has spoken. Link has no NEED to be worth any more than $25.99

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So when does it stop?

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See >>28176489

If there is such a limit order, it's only flashed as needed.

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Massive brainlet here. What in pic shows manipulation? The gap? The sell walls? Something else?

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unnatural ceiling

never happens organically

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The seemingly hard ceiling at $26.

It happens at random price levels too sometimes, see pic.

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Oh crap, totally missed that. I think my mind just saw a cropped image and ignored it.
We're at 16:15 now by the way.

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how do they do it? unironically not a nufag, been in link since 2017 and never understood how they still manage to do it with a lot more volume than before

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exchanges let premium users hide their walls or put up fake ones
looking at 1m charts is braindead

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ask /pol/

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There were like a dozen or so 1m candles with about $150k in volume EACH.
What kind of a sell wall would it take to keep them all at the exact level of $26?

And don't forget, this was apparent on at least two major exchanges, as proven itt.

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it’s literally pumping

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LINK is now a stablecoin pegged to range between 20$-26$

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CZ is fucking us. He hates Chainlink

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they saw that it will cost them too much to keep it submitted at 25.93 , they moved it a little bit up. its was the same when we crabbed at 4.90 for like 3 months, then the china bsn was released and they turned it off for a while because they knew that mass wave of chink money is coming soon and it will cost them too much to keep it at 5 dollars.

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Why supress the price?

I believe you just curious.

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so they could get more

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Reminder that Binance’s #1 ERC token held in wallets is LINK

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Isnt it the only ECR left? Everything else has native chain now. Not saying link needs one

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>litecoin is real and undervalued

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Imagine taking out a bunch of whales and vanishing all that LINK supply

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come home nigger man

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in minecraft

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Jesus fucking Christ, how high would link go if the manipulation stopped?

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You WILL stay at 26.
You WILL like it.

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also explained how AVAX mooned so quickly, likely less manipulation

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I always discarded this as delusional retard talk, this looks very strange indeed though

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pee pee poo

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because whales dont give a shit about useless shitcoins

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you probably think biden is legitimate president as well

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Le Schwab Schizo has arrived

Reminder that CZ scooped up a few million LINK for literal pennies by setting orders under the allowed limit and crashing the price to $0.0001 in march 2020. I curse the day he added LINK to Binance without the Chainlink team's approval.

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I'm the original Hilldawg

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Back to $26 we go

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Schwab is truth, Schwab is pain

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that's kinda like the plot of goldfinger

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Lmao wow

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crab 21 continues

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You have no idea what Link is clearly, or what its value will be when the whales have had enough and shaken out enough of you. Basically, we weren't supposed to know about Link. We're not really supposed to hold it. 81k is fud.

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>Basically, we weren't supposed to know about Link
If that was true, you wouldn't fucking have it.

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They're trying their fucking best...

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It would take $150k times a dozen, ya fuckin tard

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LMAO ltc will fall out of top 20 (TWENTY) this bullrun. Tell me one good reason why it would be worth more than uniswap, aave, etc

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I know its hard but we need to be patient frens. Just enjoy the ride.

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Top kek I remember this shit before mainnet release

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because uniswap is shitcoin trade system and chainlink will power your brain with internet

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This is getting ridiculous now

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Ethereum is being suppressed/manipulated as well. The buying pressure is so fucking strong from CME futures but like always, these fucking pieces of shit whales/miners are keeping the price down for whatever reason. Meanwhile, the safest bet ended up being the lower cap alts... imagine that....

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