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Same slides?

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What did you expect bro?

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Fried Chicken and Purple Drank.

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Haha... surely staking will be... announced... this time...

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I bet sergey is going to fart on stage after the slides, his gotten so fat these past months

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he’ll one-up vitalik by performing a rap duet with ed felten

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gotta take some time to spend on trading now
but this nabbas try to shill their fucking trashtoken
good that I join bot ocean algorithms and solutions
no reason to believe in this trash

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Are they ever not?

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What time zone?

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>5 minutes of eating Big Mac
>5 minutes of burping
>5 minutes of farting
>We are going to have staking!
>5 minutes Q&A

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if i see him start eating a big mac im gonna whip my dick out and start cranking cuz i know whats coomin

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Insider here: same slides.

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they will save all the important news for smartcon this year, its tiresome but it is what it is.

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glorious Mumbai time sir

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watermelon would be nice too

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when smartcon? please anon... I'm losing hope...

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But, stacking was originally supposed to be ready during Q4 2020 at the latest, right? What went wrong?

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if you want to stake maybe try reddcoin lmao staking is not some instant moon switch

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Livestream link please.
I can't find it anywhere.

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I want to believe arbitrum is ready to pounce and singlehandedly save eth from floundering during the bullrun

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No chance why the fuck would there be staking for a fucking price feed; once they expand to something else maybe but not for just a price feed. Still years off I’ve adjusted my expectations fullly

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Same shirt
Same slides
Same price

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Thanks bro

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I'm so excited for you guys

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lol they still try to shill this trash here, don’t check it if you are not a stupid

wanna have income with no risks - use NFT, best opportunity for 2021 kek
I discovered Playcent and that scam that u try to bring me is not interesting

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>But, stacking was originally supposed to be ready during Q4 2020 at the latest, right? What went wrong?
if you fell for the discord psyop that staking was going to be released thats on you

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LINK insider here. Serg has told us (the team) that we're going to be going public with staking today.

Do with this information as you will.

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mountain standard time
no idea what mountain but it's 19:45 in Amsterdam so 18:45 GMT

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Insider here, can confirm. Also tsigs and OCR released today. Good god I’m so excited for us guys.

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>Do with this information as you will.
In the trash it goes

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Which larp to believe

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staking will be announced in less than 4 weeks,
I don't care if you believe me or not, it is as it is

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Someone tell me approx how Link performed during the last few BTC crashes?
I'm wondering whether I should cash out before my Link goes to shit because of space cunt's tweeting.

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Its gonna be same slides otherwise price would have pumped

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LINK outsider here. McDonald's has told me they'll be going live with my Big Mac order in three minutes.

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Arbitrum has been "tomorrow!" for a year. Eth 3.0 will be out before it is.

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LINK was the best call of the last 5 years on this board. Suterusu will be the next.

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HOLY SHIT GUYS, my brother works with Chainlink, he confirmed that staking is going live today, we should see a nice price bump :)

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rumours say BOND is going to be part of it
>confirm please

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The talk on sunday suggests we're just doing the same old. Patrick just went on about what the oracle problem was. So I'm assuming this will be the stale counterpart of 'what's going on in the defi space'.

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>bought at 0.78, sold at 0.43
How do I make it back?

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Kek I really wonder about guys that post about suterusu. That shitcoin has done absolutely nothing since I bought it last year, the discord is dead and the team is MIA. You have to be the same guy every time

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Last chance to buy.

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based coomlinker

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Insider here, Sergey will announce a MIND SHATTERING announcement of an announcement half way through his speech something greater than anyone on this board could ever have imagined, however as soon as the green candle with over 100 billion dollars worth of volume appears on the 1 minute chart, BTC will simultaneously crash upon that same chart with a volume beyond that which the worlds economists thought was possible. You believed Link would "capture" the worlds entire derivatives market? Will yes this is indeed true, the entirety of the derivatives market will be unlocked and coalesce into one big gigantic short position upon BTC driving it so far down that BTC holders will owe the IMF millions of years worth of wages immediately. The entire cryptomarket will promptly follow. Yes my dear sirs this is dire news and you should act accordingly.

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what has made you think that?

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wagie wagie in a cagie
please make my tendies tasty

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It's obivous

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because of the q1 meme? or arbitrum coming out?

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just sit tight and get your ducks in a row

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any more info than it being obvious?

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What kind of MK Ultra shit is happening here in these stinky linkie threads? God damn.

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>Any day now marines!

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Take the schwabpill

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Plug eet baby

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Linkanon is that you?

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It hurts.

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Already bracing for the dump to 18-20 when its "soon" for everything

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I'm about that 4th industrial but we can just synthesize meat and cremate the dead. Bakas gonna get your self killed in 8D chess at this rate idiots.

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Is this real?

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the DUCK is being prepped as we speak.

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gee whizz

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>no idea what mountain
The Rockies; the event is "ETH Denver".

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how long until sirgay speaks? its 1am here

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About 8 hours moron. According to his twitter he's still at one of the ethdenver parties from last night.

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>let zem eat crab

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Surgay if you're a cabal whipping boy you're going straight to bad brap prison again. Check the Archives. Just checking.

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All is pointing towards the fact that, as Chainlink DeFi TVL rise up, the Chainlink security model will have to scale or it won't be enough to secure its underlying value.

~10 billions being secured right now by Chainlink price feeds. The question you should be asking yourself is: "What is the DeFi TVL that will trigger Chainlink to say 'this is not enough, we need additional cryptoeconomic guarantees' because it will happen, sooner or later". My guess is insurance will trigger this response, but who knows

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when is the conference?

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>everything else skyrocketing
>link still in 25 dollar hell
>getting surpassed by fucking litecoin and binance coin of all things


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Sergey is on exactly six hours and 15 minutes from now.

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Better keep this thread going

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When is he even talking? Website doesnt have time zone

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He just did a short stream on periscope saying he had to be up in 5 hours for the speech.

He was gurning like a maniac so i wouldn't be surprised if there's a delay.

>> No.28187167

I am suicidal over chainlink (LINK). How much neet blood will be on Sergey's hands from false promises?

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Official wallet will be released this week. It has lots of fun options

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>He was gurning like a maniac

I hate when he does that.

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Outsider here, i dont know what they are going to say

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Also outsider here, can't confirm.

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fggn checked

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More like emergency meeting.

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Iota is using Kaiko's price feed, which is a Chainlink partner.

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Sergey will give one week notice
what is one week from 2/09

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that would be pretty based not gonna lie

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You pathetic stinkers just need to realize you fell for a useless (token not required) Jason Parser. There are hundreds of interesting defi tokens out there (like rubic and cardano) but you instead bought into one of the biggest Ponzi scheme there is.

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Sergey has basically already had Patrick so Chainlink 101 this year so I pray he’s not just doing that again. My expectations aren’t sky high but he did announce arbitrum previously at Eth Denver, so an announcement is not out of the question. OCR is my guess. Regarding arbitrum, there’s currently a proposal to integrate sushi from the sushi community. There was a voice chat on the sushi discoed yesterday with Harry from arbitrum on the call. Harry said they want to make 100% it’s secure before release and it’s the audits that have slowed things down a bit. He says they’re hoping to launch in March.

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2/16 is exactly one week away.

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Patrick's talk covered the bare basics of the oracle problem, far from the full 101. From the title i bet this is going to be a 'the state of defi' talk. Though even if he says 'arbitrum out now' i won't be excited as it's basically been a year of that being 'imminent' to the point that eth has nearly solved L1 scaling.

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Cope. Just pure dope.
Sushi? Really man?

Just sell your bags while you still can. This shit is going to zero.

>> No.28190950

Sushi is a big deal. Unironically huge in Asia. They can do things uni can’t because they aren’t based in the US. Sushi will beat uni this year.

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That’s just dumb bull shit

>> No.28191231

I don’t know what uni is but sushi is only big in Japan. I’d rather have fried rice or Kung pao.

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OCR seem to be out with 1.0.0, which is 6 months away with past velocity.

>> No.28191363

It will be phenomenal if Smartcon 2 is entirely the same as the first given not a single announcement was realized in the following year.

>> No.28191546

OCR price feeds are already live for some pairs

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Well I wouldn't be surprised if that were to be the case desu.

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How long VRF was on testnet, after it was anounced? I expect OCR to take even longer.

>> No.28191628

If this is really real we are going to make it...

>> No.28191667

Well, at least I can do something with bnb; reduce fees, use it as gas on bsc, ... what is link good for besides saying I have it

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It was all a meme

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>pajeet music playing on stream
Can't make this shit up

>> No.28192013

Not sure, honestly
Like I said, I don’t have my hopes up. It’s just my guess for if something is announced.

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Nice one anon, keep pulling at their emotional fragility

>> No.28192072

Tesla price feed

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>> No.28192570

Already live. What good does an announcement at a conference do?

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you are such a collosal faggot to still be namefagging on here. do you have any idea how much money I have made off this fucking coin that you have endlessly fudded? Do you have any idea how much money YOU could have made, had you just bought like 100 dollars worth back in the day? fuck off man seriously.
>pic related is you

>> No.28192792

>he doesn't know

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Mark my words, this will be a legendary talk by Sergey
Buy now or be left behind

>> No.28192938

50 cents off ATH that happened last week. You really should kill yourself.

>> No.28192999

Wait, Link is $26.50?

>> No.28193043

I expect nothing but betrayal and am still disappointed

>> No.28193112

Anyone got linky to stream

>> No.28193186

>please somebody pay attention to me

>> No.28193238

it will be a nothing burger

>> No.28193442

Nice digits, faggot.
24h Low / 24h High
$24.96 / $26.41
All-Time High $26.87 -5.8%
Feb 05, 2021 (4 days)
All-Time Low $0.148183 16990.0%
Nov 29, 2017 (about 3 years)

>> No.28193447

Yes this guy is a colossal faggot, he needs attention he doesn’t get in his personal life. Unfortunately you are also low iq, do you realise he holds a far bigger stack than you, likely 100k plus, as he has been spotted saying in the past. It’s all part of the game anon, it’s zero sum, wise up.

>> No.28193493

He realized BNB was the better 10 cent buy.

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>torn ACL, cant do anything but sit inside and watch link crab in the $25 range while crypto mass adoption is literally unfolding
>shitcoins and scams are doubling in value
>link being pushed out of top 10

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Hate to break this to you guys...but you can create a json parser in 3 lines of code in microsoft powershell. No one will use chain link to solve a problem that can be solved with a $100 a month Azure Windows server.

Good for you guys in terms of shilling the fuck out of this though.

>> No.28196063

You're tiring. Release a LINK clone then. Vary it up since the parser part is so easy. Get it shilled on Uni and make years or decades of your developer salary.

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>just use centralized oracles running on centralized consumer servers, bro

>> No.28196111

Chain link is not just a parser though, it’s a parser with data consensus

>> No.28197281

LINK EOY price: pee pee poo poo

>> No.28197417

I check.

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this is bullshit, i know someone on the team that says they MIGHT figure staking out by summer. Its more complicated than you stupid fucking incels think

>> No.28197780

Sergey said in 2019 they were finalizing staking. What's taking so long is the audits.
Mainnet was the same, it took a year and a half because they did 3 full-blown audits.

>> No.28197961

Sergey's had three full blown aortic dissections due to his extreme blood pressure. If you're going to invest in Link also invest in emergency health facilities near smartcontract offices. It's been an incredibly reliable bet.

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No, but this is

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