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Hello McFrens!
Contract Address:
>mcdcoin dot finance
/biz/-friendly Telegram:
>t dot me slash mcsheks
Get in here, let's talk the future of fast food cryptocurrency. Post stacks.
Any fudders and fomoers, feel free to swing by and post all your copes here too.

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Lit. This is the ultimate coin for the season.

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Still geeking over Blockfolio alert
Somehow this feels bullish for mcdc

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Nice meme

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Fucking based gem of the century. We’re gona make it bois 1M+ not selling until 135

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I've never had so much fun hodling a shitcoin until I came across this. Glad to be part of the McFamily

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Alright fuck it I’ll give into your McDonald’s shit. I’ll buy a bag cuz ur all so determined to shill this so hard

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Think of MCDC as a professional, venture capital backed coin. With a trashy start as a marketing gimmick and to support branding.

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I have 8k of your McShitcoin what should I expect now

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1 MCDC = 1 Big Mac faggot

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Unironically the best community I have ever been apart of. The last few days have been some of the best days of my entire life, so many new frens, so many top tier McMemes..

Thank you to all my McFrens

If you haven't bought atleast a suicide stack in $MCDC then I don't know what to tell you fren...

Hop on board. It's not too late!

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Fuck off pajeet scam

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join us friends! I promise, we're so much more than whatever you think
>t me mcsheks
>>28174568 is right

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How does 8 million dollars sound?

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$2 eoh1

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post a single piece of evidence to back up this claim
>protip: you can't

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Buy elonx is at 370k mcap

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Top 10 not dev not selling

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>t. Azad

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This picture is fucking with me.

I am remembering how nice it is to have a girlfriend and grab her from behind and pull her into you and her hair smells amazing and it makes your cock hard and she is soft and hot.

Fuck I need some bussy.

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i love this just bought

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No. Fuck off with your gay ass shit. Musk is a fag. We’ve blown past gay Doge in a few days. He’s a Normies tier celebrity for niggers

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love how jeets are grifting in MCDC threads now. who's your daddy?

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Coingecko wen???

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I’ve been looking for this, thanks OP

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Application in process. Application for blockfolio also processing. Expect results by EOW.

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Based, thanks for the info anon

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Fastest way to bussy: buy MCDC and get rich

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The best way to get some bussy is lining your wallet with $MCDC and just HODL and then you will be getting more bussy then Dan Bilzerian by Mcfwend

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Send me mass effect’s head on a platter in the mail and I’ll consider pumping your shitcoin
>t. Skeptical rubichad

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Wasn't the 100x in 2 days enough?

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$MCDC soon to reach .20 EOW

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this desu, fuck lockdowns

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All MCDC OGs are rubichads like you. Check the wallets.

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ur old boiz

$elonx is it

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MassEffect has been eternally priced out. Trust in Comma

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impressed that it only dumped halfway after pumping that hard but don’t see why it would go back up, seems pretty stagnant. what are the short term plans?

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Lots of listings are planned for this week
Marketing involving going to McDonald’s stores and asking for Big Macs using MCDC to pay
A bunch of plans are in play

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if you get listed on coingecko and start pumping again I’ll probably get in, until then best of luck

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The real money is made with big conviction buys before the pump starts.

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I still don’t understand how they thought they could rugpull so easily

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Bussy stands for boy pussy, anons, or rather... pajeets.

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Is this a McPnD?

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McPumping to 1 BigMac

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Just buy Elonx, much better risk/reward

Join the tg


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Which DEX canI get this from?

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Czeched. Buy on Uniswap
All links on https://mcdcoin.finance/

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Uniswap only, for now., Other places eventually

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This has got to be the stupidest token I've ever heard of.
MCDC is alright, but this one is just pure cringe. Noone likes Elon for what he did to crypto, and only the retarded speds of plebbit follow him. I'd rather buy 100k MCDC than just 1 PeelonSex

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uniswap only is unironically good for now, prevents bots from messing up the mostly genuine flow now

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Do it, faggot.

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Absolutely based. 1 MCDC = 1 Big Mac eow

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This team is the most motivated team you’ve probably ever come across. Honestly if they can outlast HOGE RBC over the coming weeks this is the up and coming no doubt. Just keep an eye out on the subliminal memes over the weeks ahead and you’ll see why this is a good investment.

Alt season has become a competitive market, packed with teams that are ready to meme ahead. The only part that matters is how long they last through the storm of FUD and regrets of FOMOCHADS.

To my MCTEAM screen shot this and pass the ROPE to the failed ALT-Coins. We demolished BKNG. The future is bright, stick together and we will make it.

I8Cheetos. $MCDC $135

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maybe not eow, but in 30-60 days 1 MCDC = 1 BigMac is FUD
two weeks may be enough to 100x from this point
just wait for the 4chan banner, general ads, forbes article, etc