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Tell me what this does. I tried reading about it but I didn't understand.

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Look OP I have no fucking clue either, but this is giving me serious LINK vibes I don't want to wageslave for 50 fucking years and neither should you! Everyday you wait the price goes UP! It's your choice but personally IM in

>110,000 LTO Anon

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I still have no idea

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Its pretty simple
Numba goes up, down or stays the same

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Read the generals, start from end of Jan.

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I dont understand, explain it to me like to a baby

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>Try to buy LTO to provide liquidity
>Not enough liquidity to buy

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It's basically hybrid network for everything. Only thing different for other ghost networks is that LTO network is already in use.

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It basically is a network designed to exchange documents and signatures through blockchain. Pretty useful for businesses dealing with regulatory means etc etc (I work in an industry with lots of regulation and confidentiality, and the methods of approval and validation are archaic as fuck. This will help). at least that’s what I got from watching an interview with the ceo.
As far as the token? I got no fucking idea

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it's a new method of communication that has been tokenized, you buy the tokens and you stake them on xeno and you watch gains comfortably, because with every transaction token is burned so there will be less and less in existence meaning the price will naturally go up.. a lot

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Give me your realistic price targets for this coin.

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It's got half the supply of Chainlink bros but with the actual real world national partners and applications. Buy in now or cry when it hits 20$ eoy

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use cases already happening: https://www.ltonetwork.com/use-cases/

it will be the standard defi oracle for decentralized identities, showing proof of ownership of a specific wallet without doxxing you, for example: https://blog.ltonetwork.com/chainlink-oracles-b2b-accreditation-ethereum/

add on top of this that stakers get rewards not from inflationary minted tokens but directly from transaction fees (and you can "lease" your tokens to a staker and get 99% of the rewards you'd get if you staked directly thru the biz staking node, and the tokens never leave your wallet). and it's consistently in the top 10 coins in activity, working with the UN, Afghanistan, bunch of businesses (more of a b2b coin). yet it's mcap is only like 65m.

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It's quietly growing giant that very few anons have noticed yet as they are hurry to throw their money to pajeet scams.

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You're welcome bastards.

I just ate some nasty slippage so I can provide liquidity and you faggots get better deals.

Now go pump and dump this shit, I make stupid cash when greed and fear run amok.

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>(and you can "lease" your tokens to a staker and get 99% of the rewards you'd get if you staked directly thru the biz staking node, and the tokens never leave your wallet).
care to guide how?

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fuck this trash.
why would you invest it all in 1 dumb thing?
you’re dumb as fuck.
>my purse with playcent and you will lick this nigger balls with fucking scam you use

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remember all the talk about chainlink cutting out the middleman? LTO is a realization of that use case (enabled by chainlink oracles)

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do I need anything to "unlease" them one day before selling?

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best guide is on their site, scroll down to where it talks about leasing: https://blog.ltonetwork.com/staking-and-leasing-lto-network-node-guide/

you'll have to get the mainnet version of the token. if you have bep2 or erc20, you can the LTO wallet on their site has an easy to use bridge to turn it into mainnet.

the biz node is https://xeno.finance.. you can find the address there.

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Anon, nobody knows with this one. It's pretty unprecedented in current cryptoworld that there actually is working company behind the token they offer. Current token valuation is not just speculation.
Company that already has multiple other companies as an client while they also have working network that they are constantly developing and using.

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Yes. Click of a button and instant

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unleasing is instant and costs 1 LTO token (same price to lease).

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>you'll have to get the mainnet version of the token. if you have bep2 or erc20, you can the LTO wallet on their site has an easy to use bridge to turn it into mainnet.
I'm thinking of buying lto on binance, guess I'll check if they support mainnet

thank you ALL

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It's run by some silicon valley wannabe trying to get ahead of the game marketing LTO as "hybrid blockchain" and "blockchain tech made for REAL businesses." Truth is you can listen to the guy speak for 15 seconds and realize he's a total lightweight who's in way over his head. LTO will completely flop because it's pushing a way-too-early product to people who literally don't even understand Bitcoin yet. Have you ever worked for a boomer/genxer? Do you really believe they'll be convinced by that slick-haired millenial "please respect me" faggot to replace their email with blockchain comms tech. Give me a break. While he's wasting his time trying to appeal to random government bureaucracies in irrelevant nations the good companies will be focusing on the tech, which is the smart business move right now. By the time people are ready to accept blockchain tech, LTO will be beyond irrelevant and at best bought and sold for parts.

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isn't the owner a pajeet scammer?

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thing is no one really pump and dumps LTO cause most take them out of the exchange into the LTO mainnet for staking and leasing

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This also means that there is absolutely no reason not to stake everything you have. That's why staking percent in their network is so high.

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you can withdraw on binance, it will ask you what version. choose mainnet. this way you avoid having to use the bridge (costs 10 LTO) and pay eth gas.

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If ducth are pajeet scammers then yes.

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Seeing how the previous slippage/impact was horrendous I figured I'd contribute to LTO that way (plus LP returns are nutty in a bull market)

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1 million LTO holders get to creampie the bottom right

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I'm so tired of this meme

Hello we are sad to announce we closure of our services to all black people and niggers, with immediate loss of all funds.

We advise all Niggers to do a prompt withdraw to prevent loss of funds.

Thank you

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Q3 epiphany?

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checked 'its too good to work' fud

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Most of them seems to be dutch. They have also registered company with the real address in Netherland.

>LTO Network B.V., a private limited liability company organized and existing under the
>laws of the Netherlands, having its corporate seat at Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with
>address Herengracht 504, 1017CB, Amsterdam, registered at the trade register of the
>Chamber of Commerce under number 73662968 (hereafter “LTO Network”)

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literally "email but blockchain." With all the infinite potential of blockchain tech and all the exciting ideas coming out that couldn't be done without it and THAT'S seriously what you're investing into? EL EM AY OH

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Yes, but anon. Those are not only workers in that comapny. Look my other pic got from article about LTO networks

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>Rick Ros
kek, i'm in

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so do I get a return for leasing? how much?

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This is it
This is it

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Anon, this chad will forgive you for doubting this company. Every anon will make mistakes sometimes

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I can buy LTO on binance via USDT and BTC

it's cheaper via USDT, why

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probably just bc they are different markets with different liquidity/volume. happens with everything sometimes, it'll get evened out by arbitrage

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You see that sustained green dildo thats been holding for hours? Unfuddable.

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Fuck it I'm in

now I need to make a mainnet wallet to withdraw to, to begin leasing?

(how much will I get from leasing?)

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yes make a mainnet wallet.

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explain it again but dumb it down for a smooth brained ape like myself

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is this the mainnet?

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for the uninitiated

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>bought in 5k at 0.20
Uhh am I going to make it bros?

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Can I choose any of these?
is it the same?

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did LTO make this themselves. As if I needed more evidence he is a total lightweight desperate to be taken seriously.
>bragging about a 50% on the month on a low cap during the greatest bullrun yet to grace crypto
spell it with me:

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Xeno is the /biz/ node

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pick xeno node that's our node

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I'm going all in nft on playcent
After I make it people will ask me how I got successful…
I will tell you to get your brains off and show some respect to my wallet

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here we gooo

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how's the rugpull going rbc nigger

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this shows data including current return rate of 6.61%. but this scales directly with # of transactions which has been steadily increasing by the day. so if it doubled, return would roughly double.

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>return rate of 6.61%.
is that per year?

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Welcome aboard fren

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Text fixed

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chose Xeno, it's the /biz/ one

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you'll receive the staking rewards every Saturday. staking starts after 1000 blocks from when you lease (about 16 hours)

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yes per year. other coins are inflationary, meaning they just mint new tokens from supply and give to stakers. this is a much better system because it's directly from fees, ie. use of the token, not to mention LTO burns with every transaction, causing deflation and thus upward price pressure too!

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which part? basically solves a big problem in defi which is anonymity vs privacy. allows your identity to be linked to a wallet or something else without exposing your privacy. lots of applications. but lto does so much, they tailor their services to clients. check those two links I sent, and research decentralized ids

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Nothing. It's garbage. Just use Kleros.

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keep in mind rewards don't compound, you'll have to add them. note each add to the lease will cost 1LTO token, so don't add your rewards until it makes sense to do so mathematically

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sirs pls do the needful village is getting hungry buy kleros oOoOoOoOOoo

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thanks for telling

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Don't know about that, but I've heard he's a bit of a nonce

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and also, they do a lot surrounding using blockchain to confirm authentication of things, not just identities, but products, land registry (see the Afghanistan partnership), etc. myriad business applications

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The fact that the chain is in the top 10 in terms of usage while being #226 on coingecko is what's the most bullish to me. The transactions also mostly happen Monday to Friday, indicating that it might actually be used by businesses.

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Please help a smooth brain here.
Does it then mean that it makes sense to re-lease the reward if it is more then 1 LTO?
I've seen number 400 floating around, but didn't find why that would be a best re-leasing amount.

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That's really cool. I just hope this bull run can sustain itself seeing that the whole of crypto is dependant on bitcoin, which will correct at some point

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gotta take some time to spend on trading now
but this nabbas try to shill their fucking shitcoin
good that I use bot ocean bot and strategies
no sense to believe in that fuck

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>crypto is dependant on bitcoin, which will correct at some point

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??? The index will obviously collapse, this is all speculation

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but we already know 99.5% of the transactions originate from businesses. you can see the breakdown of daily transactions here
all the anchor transactions are from businesses

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if you have 50 LTOs each week (600 year) and you lease them back in immediately you will spend a total of 52 LTO (one for each week) and finish with 548 LTO

if you have wait until you have the 600 to reinvest then it costs 1 LTO and you finish with 599 LTO

however, investing early means more gains from compounding, so there's a balance you need to decide based on how fast you think the usage will increase (ie interest goes up)

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don't feel like doing all the math right now, but figure out your weekly rewards in raw LTO by using annual APY of 6.61% times your total leased, the divide by 52 for weekly. now take THAT weekly amount, subtract 1 LTO, and do the same thing - figure out what that would produce in a year, then you'll probably wanna divide by 365 to get a daily amount. divide 1 by that daily amount to see how many days until you get that 1 LTO back from one week of rewards added to the lease. I'm sure there's a way to solve for optimum frequency to re-lease but I'm tired af right now and can't be fucked to think of how lol

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true wise choice nonetheless

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Thanks LTO bros, much appreciated!

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is it a good idea to wait unil the weekend?because is when the capital of transactions goes down. Or u think this week will be a bullrun?

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Hit 5 digits first time ever
Thank you LTO

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proud of you fren

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no one knows man

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Any outflows from staking back to binance yet? Ive done the math so obviously im never selling my make it stack.

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6 figure heaven next.

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if we knew we'd all be set anon

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Please get someone to proofread before circulating. Thanks anon

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400k has gone back into from the very bottom. but since yesterday binance is still down nearly a mil, so overall its getting drained fast. track yourself here: https://lto.tools/balances/

third wallet down