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>That one guy that hasn't even made +15% the entire bullrun
It's not you is it, anon?

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I bought Rubicoin and lost everything

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I made +%400 on gme does that count?

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I've made 100$ against my 2300$ so far.

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I shorted doge :(

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try longing any other shitcoin

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I started with 5k, lost it all on RBC. Took out a 10k loan and lost it all on RBC next day. I'm going to take out one last loan of 20k and buy Dogecoin. If this goes bad, I'm going back to my job and never touching crypto again.

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I'm down about 50% since I got in three days ago. I think I might be retarded.

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>I'm going to take out one last loan of 20k and buy Dogecoin.
Okay nevermind I think this man is a genuine retard. I'm probably a midwit and this guy is likely going to make it somehow.

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hahahaha get fucked faggot

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Im the last nocoiner, I have nothing to live for at all, I have been destroyed by divorce and unemployment at 29 years old.
By every possible metric my life has been a failure, I cant even get a mcjob.

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hodling monero... so kinda. Dollar value I'm up about 2x, shitcoin gambling which I started only a few days ago I'm down about 40% eth value lol.

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How did you lose on RBC? You didnt sell at a loss did you? you fucking idiot

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You're stupider than johnny mcturtle. Put it all in on COR bro.

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how can you lose it all with rubic? is larping fun for you? why not just hold?

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when next bull run

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It is, actually, but everything moons in a bull and i will not fucking chase moons now.


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somehow ive lost 15%

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Made some money on ETH and ADA.
Next paycheck is going into BTC and ADA.

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>I'm going to take out one last loan of 20k and buy Dogecoin. If this goes bad
I can already tell you now, it's going to go very fucking bad. You're chasing pumps into the most retarded fucking cryptos. Rubic was a PnD that went on longer than expected because some discord group was spamming pepe memes 24/7. Doge will crash harder than any other crypto.

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live with parents and get on welfare and throw everything into ETH every month. ur fine

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More than a 100% increase. Still feel bummed out due to all the times I messed up. Shouldn't feel this way but I'm tired and can't get a job or get treated like a slave when I do. Many, many times I messed up.

Fix one of the bigger earlier ones and I'd be sitting on more than a 400% increase to my networth alone. After that fix another big one and it's a domino effect propelling me out of the wage cage with each doubling increasing my networth if i went all in. Even just 1/4 in is a pretty good return.

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I don't understand coins

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I've made exactly 15%.... fucking LINK

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fuck elon

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why not?

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I bought in 2017 and held. Probably only breaking even at this point, maybe up 10k.

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This it's so evident if you've been around. I've been increasing my wallet this whole leg. Even with this rising only few platforms made fine staking, liquidity pools and even NFT options. I use only PoolzFinance now because of successful private round

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how do you lose it all on rubic when it rebounded retard. don't tell me you bought the top and sold the bottom. keep your rubic cubic ffs

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I'm up 10,000%

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Just buy BTC, ETH or ADA and enjoy life until the market peak. That easy.

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I made 20k u realized gains this last month, but the „more“ money I make, the more I feel like I missed out on way more money, by buying sooner or by following hunches that would have made me 6 figures, that I ultimately didn‘t follow.
Will the pain ever end?

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Livestream the suicide attempt please

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DCA it into bitcoin. The safest bet that's guaranteed you money in the long run.

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I made 200%

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I made 1000% so far and it still feels like I'm missing out, fuck me.

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kek, all these newfags buying at ATH. Strong sell signal.

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No bruh with that mindset you’re fucked. My friends and I had a serious bitcoin mining operation around 2014 and we sold everything as soon as we could thinking 400$ was an insanely high price.

Be happy you made 20k cause this shit is entirely unpredictable and hunches are often wrong.

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>Will the pain ever end?

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>Strong sell signal
not if they're losing money dumbass. once they start gaining and thinking they're gonna become millionaires you sell

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No it gets worse. And the worry about your stack grows. You seek the dopamine of green candles. You get irritable even when everything is going great.... But it could go better.... You see a thread by some larping faggot having made millions on some pnd shit oin. You feel like shit.

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can confirm

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please give me some kind of live feed so I can see every financial decision you ever make and reverse it

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40% here. Feels bad man

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Egld and stake millionaire by 2023

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I feel this to on a larger level. got close to $2 Million (Australian dollars) worth of crypto but feel like it should be $5 Million

what a fucked up feeling desu

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>That one guy that hasn't even made +15% the entire bullrun
We're talking about RLC holders right?

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You are an idiot and should just go back to your job now.

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I got 400 free tokens from uniswap which I stupidly tried to swing trade a little but still sitting on 7.5k usd.
UNI is now going nowhere so trying to figure where to get my next 100% gains.

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I made 20% just today kek. Still depressed though.

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I guess you are talking about me, fren.

I‘m still waiting for the dip for a few years now because I’m too scared to just jump in.

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Anon its a fucking bull run. All you had to do was buy solid coins like ETH, ADA, ALGO, ATOM, DOT and you'd be up over 20%. Why would you gamble your money away like that.

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ive made x10 in minecraft, dark glower

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>rubic PnD!!!!!!!!
Yeah keep telling yourself that, L2 is coming btw

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you deserve this

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100% xmr we’ll make it lad

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Safest, soundest advice for people who have no idea what the fuck to do or are just lazy

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my effereum stocks doin' bits raa

I also hold my $200 eth, some established alts and some BTC wagmi bros

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I made only about $400 gains because I'm frugal and retarded but just lost $170 sending XLM without a memo field thanks to Binance glitch, so good night

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thank fuck I got ADA two weeks ago, it's been nice but how long will this all last? BTC pump from Tesla is fucking nuts today, nothing is real and everything is overvalued

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About 40% up. But only started in December, and only rode GME for a few day trading days.

Still quite happy with what I made and it only becomes better. Last 5 trading days I made an average of 340 a day.

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EGLD took me into 6 figures hell and it's still growing, so might actually escape this hell sooner than expected

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I made about 50% on my WHOPPING 400 dollar investment

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It is interesting to think about, that while 2 million would be insane and live-changing for me, I would probably feel the same in your position

> There is someone who has made 5 million
> I need to have more than that person now

I am listening to this audiobook „the psychology of money“, where there are examples of people who felt that way at 100 million and risked everything (and lost) trying to get to 1 billion.
My aunt is in a relationship with a ceo of a global company and they are on another level of rich from my perspective. Apparently they were dining with the current owners of Chiquita Bananas or something like that and I remember her saying „They have multiple billions, I would bd happy with 1 already“ and I thought „What do you mean happy with 1 billion? You can already buy absolutely everything that you want besides something ridiculous like a private boeing or ridiculous yacht that you need crew personal for, because it’s too big to operate it alone lol.

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What is it even really about anymore at that level?

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How the fuck has anyone lost money in the last month. you literally could have picked any fucking coin that's listed on coinbase throwing $1,000 into it and probably doubled your money

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Got back in last week after being burned in 2018 and watching the GME fags go crazy for stocks. I'm up 25% so not too bad.

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I'm 100x on one coin but only 4x my portfolio in total.

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Learn to do some damn Technical Analysis for fuck sake! You are gonna fuck yourself over chasing pumps

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All I've done is turn $100 into $1000 in a week. Tell me I can continue bros.

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>bought wozx, it tanks
>bought cudos, it tanks

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I 25xed my $600 stimulus check on retarded meme coins and now I can't believe I ever thought I wanted a job.

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I've made 0 as I have never invested in anything ever because I don't know how to

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this rubic fud isn't even worthy of a giggle anymore

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>he didn’t buy at 2 cents

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>I cant even get a mcjob.
Never say never

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I only made a x2 i feel like shit

>> No.28177561


I was buying eth throughout 2019 so I'm up at least 10x by now, so no

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retards buying rubic/doge ath's

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How you are going to raise your head : strict body discipline, rigorous budget management, nationalist political commitment.

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Dude don't do that just buy GRT and delegate it out. You would have put enough to make it worth it. Once GRT moons you will be able to take it out and make more money.
Im going hard on GRT because fuck google

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I bought bit torrent right at the top of the spike. Im such a fucking iddiot

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GRT will be the best because once the market crashes you will have all the time in the world to sell because most people delegate. This is also why the price is slowly rising. Its hard to explode as quickly when you are busy being useful.

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I made a +18% this month on my fucking stocks plus 500€ i made of the Gamestop desaster.

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Just hodl out bro. It'll go back up

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>what is kneepads?
>what is blowjob?
just be a tranny, loser

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Invested 1000€ in total got back the 300€ invested by my parents in 2017.

Portfolio is now about 3.5k high.

I'm a noob in cryptos but holy hell it feels good.

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Up 49% since late September, when I started investing. I even missed out on GME and lost on the NAK gamble.

This shit is easy.

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I did more than that, then bought Asko. Fuck my life.

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i lost 80%

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Being autistic as fuck and having power

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in Jul 2030, 1 BTC = 100 million, screencap this, kek

>> No.28180062

I'm up 300% in 2 months. Really wish it was 3000% but whatever.

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If you buy DAO right now you'll make 15x this week easily.


Just launched, legit nonpajeet team with real projects under there belt. Was at 50c at presale and is already at $2.
good chance to get into something at the ground floor.

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im already like 1500% up

>> No.28180291

300m supply lol bro

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I bought bank shares cuz i though smart people in wallstreet know what to do with the money.

5+years later lost 50% ...

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Next stop home depot.

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I'm up about 420% I just got really lucky desu. Putting my entire alt stack in GRT Has been working out nicely too

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I haven't invested much at all, I put in like £65 this past month, but I've got a Portfolio of £90

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I took my 40% profits on CRV around 0.70 so yeah, niggers

>> No.28180817

every time I enter a pump and dump and narrowly make it out with a huge profit I feel like I almost got shot and feel an intense amount of fear

>> No.28180847

fem anon, is it enough with 50 BoringDAO's or should I get 50 000?

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I started with 300zł now I have 420zł

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Are you a fucking idiot? Don't follow fads.

Invest that 20k in Nano, ALGO, XMR

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This honestly isn't even too bad. But for a retard like that guy he should maybe go BTC because it's easy to bail on to fiat. Then XMR and another safe top 20 coin, maybe ADA.

>> No.28181410

I made and will make more on ZORA

>> No.28181800

Been in the green the whole year because I'm all in on nano, I find it better to invest in the least shilled coins

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>> No.28181925

I feel you man. What helped for me was simply to stop checking the price all day and do something else to distract my mind. Currently thinking of starting a business though I can not seem to get around comiting to anything.

>> No.28182019

I have a few good wins since March. Bought PLUG, bought NET, bought DKNG, and flipped STMP in one day for a $1k return (like 30% I think).

I road the GME roller coaster. Should've fucking sold at 495 when it was premarket before it crashed. Still got out before the real shit hit the fan, though.

>> No.28182049

>15% if they were lucky
most newfags lost or will lose a lot of money in the coming weeks. A lot of them bought scams like rubic, xsn and other shiterium tokens.

>> No.28182087

>when she unzips your pants

>> No.28182124

havnt invested at all in the last 6 months as i make the move buy a house.

this fucking leverage better pay off big frankly.

funny how our economies are really set up that towards pushing you to stake almost your whole future on specualtion of one asset class

>> No.28182160

You're making a smarter move than any investment right now. No way you'll see mortgage interest this low, ever. If you don't buy now, you're retarded.

>> No.28182249

You sound hot

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I'm up about 150% since November.
Could have been more if I had bought anything other than LINK.

>> No.28182347

>tfw got a 17% return, jumped off the bandwagon an hour after the peak


>> No.28182650

>Only five figure losses
Are you even trying to get broke

>> No.28182681

being a newfag yes its me

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I'm about 6x since I started a week ago. God I love being a DEChad.

>> No.28182865

I like how you said attempt. Since he’ll probably fail at that too.

>> No.28182938

greatest bait of 2021 so far

>> No.28183043

If you live in a slave colony like the USA you either need to perform tax evasion, or barely be able to make any money since they already tax unrealized gains at a clown world rate when you convert from one coin to another.

>> No.28183095

anon here, its me

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I made +3% from Feb 2020 to Feb 2021 on the us stock market:
+30% on the nasdaq
-20% on picked stocks

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God tier bait

>> No.28183599

Youre a faggot

>> No.28183674

You are so fucking stupid.

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aha imagine that

>> No.28183843

Wew time to retire with 15k

>> No.28183909

Nope, I only lost money so far

>> No.28183987

Based ULTRA normie

>> No.28184099

Im a poorfage from Russia.
Tossed 30$ at crypto and made +70% in 5 days.
Wish I've had more to toss into crypto huh

>> No.28184297

How much would losing 30 bucks set you back? Just for perspective.

>> No.28184417

Thats what you call drive anon. That feeling nothing is ever enough, you shouldn't feel bad about feeling that it keeps you striving for more. Its why billionaires like musk and bezos carry on.

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Algorand is doing ok for me

>> No.28184479

made about 500 dollars. Spent about 350 in fees. I'm pretty good at this.

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>I'm only up 10x since December

>> No.28184757

Ive unironically made 3x with xrpiss thd worst performer of all time. If ur unironically not 2xing atleast then consider justing

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started in September with $385 and its now 3,088 over a few different sites.
thanks anons who aren't scamming

>> No.28184892

im learning to trade so yeah thats me

>> No.28184968

Wait. Are there people who literally haven't made anything? This year alone I've made like $35k from NKN, and a further $15k from Eth. I don't hold many tokens but the ones I do have been fantastic.

>> No.28184994

>invested 6000 euros in summer 2017 over a few months
>only have like 6 btc and 38x'ed my money
Fucking sucks. I should have been a millionaire by now and if I didn't sell my 80k LINK for BTC when it hit like 2$ I would have been.

>> No.28185029

Well, after taxation, rent/internet/housing expences and helping my mother, I am left with something like 120-150$ dollars for a month. I spend somewhere from 3 to 4 dollars a day on food, so.. basically losing 30$ would cost me 10 days of eating lol

My life is a nightmare

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>> No.28185102

bought high
didn't sell low at least

>> No.28185181

No, I put £20k into AVAX and sold 1.2k of my 4.2k stack @ $30.

I now have a £70k crypto portfolio for free.

>> No.28185213


Literally just go all in on DEC to make a 10x.

>> No.28185228

don't buy dogecoin retard. buy non memecoins like AVAX or LTO

>> No.28185263

$5 entry price btw - forgot to add that.

>> No.28185275

thank you AVAX

>> No.28185300


Nah, just rich. 5x'ing a week into trading crypto feels even better when people who stayed poor are jealous.

>> No.28185304

I barely made 15% since summer, fuck that fat Russian scammer

>> No.28185322

Depending where in russia they are from I hear $500 is a typical salary definitely under 4 figs but maybe even less than $500 for perspective

>> No.28185386
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Guess you crossed the rubicoin, eh?

>> No.28185406

i bought only $50 of LINK in september 2017 and somehow don't want to kill myself yet since ive still done alright

>> No.28185576

Yes. Outside from major cities like Moscow or Saint-Petersburg, 300$ is considered a very decent salary. I live in one of those two big cities, but my salary is, uhm, slightly below average I'd say.
I want to work for Uncle Sam's crispy dollars and make it with crypto. Only way to get out of all this

>> No.28185751

I think russians are cute. :3

>> No.28185904

I sold at 36k and 40k and have been doing jack shit since the GME shit. Waiting for March Meltdown

>> No.28185936

Ty, but I'm an uglyfag
Cheers tho

>> No.28186374

These are our liquidity providers bros.
Natural selection at its finest.

>> No.28186510

I 2x in January but i lost 6 eth in some gambles. Taking it easy now and just buying up the staples. Chasing these moons are impossible, your either there or your not. Lesson learned

>> No.28186539

3k to 30k and still growing

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>there are """people""" on /biz/ RIGHT NOW with less than 5 BTC

>> No.28186695

buy sfp, don't be a retard...

>> No.28186747

Lol don't buy doge, the meme power is over. It's only downhill from here.

>> No.28186775

no but i feel i couldve 5x at least if i had hold instead of selling

>> No.28186790


>> No.28186984


Jesus who is this?

>> No.28187198

Flip the ones who reach top 25 into lower caps by diversifying.
I sold UNI and bought Sushi, BNT, Smartcredit, Kimchi.

>> No.28187294
File: 139 KB, 640x640, 45B31482-DD38-4125-BAC0-2BBACFCEBFB1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

down 10% since June

>> No.28187375

I despise you and you should leave

>> No.28187918

Started in 2017 with 700 bucks
Now I have 600

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>> No.28188607

I hate you guys. I don't know why I listen to you guys. Link is the worst investment ever. Even nano is fucking mooning.

>> No.28188727

Made 85%... so not bad... but coulda done better

>> No.28188840

How did you manage that?

>> No.28189199

I started in December and Im up 82%, how am I doing?

>> No.28189685

I started with £15 on Dogecoin (for a meme while I was high) 3 weeks ago. Currently have £22 and I'm flipping coin like I'm playing OSRS. I'm putting in £80 tomorrow.

>> No.28189775

>he fell for the link meme
token only needed to dump sergay's bags

>> No.28189870

Turned $2k into $190k in 6 months

>> No.28189963


>> No.28190251

I have made -$500 so far! When I invest there is a fee of $3 and say I make $6 profit then it's -$ to withdraw the money to my bank so the profit goes away and I've made -$3 every time I invest in something. Is there something better than Binance or Coinbase?

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You don't lose unless you sell idiot. Imagine selling the best coin of 2021 because a few whales shook your wee little diaper and you shit your pants. $1 eom

>> No.28190373

>yOu DoNt LoSe UnTiL yOu SeLl

Enough with this retarded bullshit, the very moment you buy that money is aswell as lost. You can come out with profit, break even or recover some of the lost money.

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I made 34% and sold this morning, can't wait for the dip to buy back in its gonna feel good

>> No.28190556

I mean, if you're investing in a project like rubic that hadn't even hit the larger market yet what do you expect it to just keep going up on hype alone? But you do you buy high sell low the biz way

>> No.28191843

golden bullrun and i'm up 20%

when the market crashes, i'm fucked

>> No.28191884

Invested 1k in a shitcoin called buidl back in June which went parabolic and made me $40k. From there on it was slow and steady gains with ether and shitcoin trading

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