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This blockfolio hack won't cause a crash right?

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Normies will get offended and exit the market. Expect crash to pre-pump levels

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Since this began I'm down from 27k to 25k.
I'm not opening my portfolio for a week.

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Yeah, Bitcone is gonna dump by 1$

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This will be the catalyst that ends crypto due to racism and whatnot

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my little folio doin sumfin

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Extremely bullish for chinese markets.

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god i hope so

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This is going to fuck the momentum up. News sites are going to post it everywhere and BTC is going to crash.

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I don't get it, is nigger really that offensive to people?

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My portfolio went up significantly

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If it does, people are dumber than I expected. But good for me, I can buy more BTC then.

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>blockfolio hack

Why the fuck were you retards even using Cuckfolio anyways? Hardware wallet your shit or get raped.



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>link +infinity
It really was on the niggers from here lol

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I wish.

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Finally, I'll be able to buy in

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>kfolio anyways? Hardware wallet
those have nothign to do with each other retard
nobody uses blockfolio as a wallet, I didn't even know it had one
it's just for keeping track

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They just started selling coins recently RIP
Newfags also dont know you can make up any numbers on that app. KEK