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the people who bought bitcoin in 2011-2014 are not the people buying bitcoin today.
in fact the people buying bitcoin now would most certainly have fudded bitcoin in 2012 or made fun of you for talking about it. these cattlecucks only get in on things after it gains approval by authority figures.

the next bitcoin is definitely not Bitcoin, maybe not even crypto at all.

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Buy mcdc. Don’t be a raging pajjet street shitter.

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>shills a shitcoin
>spells pajeet wrong
>is Indian

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To be fair the early adopters were literally in it for the tech, doubt people who held actually thought it was gonna do anything until it did

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it's over

we need something else to get rich from

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this, its original purpose was never seen as "digital gold perfect store of value" or whatever the narrative is now

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>not gonna make it to the ganges before this paneer overpowers my sphincter


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We picking up cans on the side of the road now

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basically this, all of the new memes trying to justify a rising price ["muh 'store of value' ", muh 'hard money' ", "muh 'cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom' "] are all retrospective justifications for people to put their money into a line that goes up (if you need any further proof that people don't give a fuck about "the tech"; elon was shitting on the concept bitcoin a month ago and now owns $1.5 billion). It's funny because the people who were originally buying were either:
a. anarchists/libs who liked the idea of decentralized internet currency
b. people who wanted to buy illegal shit
...and now, people are unironically discussing having it as a government backed world reserve currency