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I have just about mcfucking had and none of this tech shit matters. LITERALLY.

Only memetics and the shill power matter.

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I know you mcdc shills are 24/7 here to link me up with the buying instructions and token contract address for metamask.

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no you're not

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Welcome fren. Don’t forget to join the tg

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Just think of this imagine the most normie you can and they say they want to invest in a crypto that's not the top 5. you think they gonna invest some decentralized Cow Counting Exchange or whatever the hell most of this crap is or McDonalds Coin?. You already know the answer.

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tg name / address?

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Check the website it has all the links

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FUCK dogecoin

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These memes are actually pretty good. Well done.

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Why I do declare McRonalds coin to be the best damn brownskin hatin coin on this side ah the Mississippi