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Chainlink demoralization thread

>LINK would be $51 dollars at Polkadot's current mcap
>Would be have over $2 million if that was the case
>Literal MEME projects like DOGE outperforming LINK

Where are the 2017-2018 shills? All the oldfags in those threads literally promised that Link will be the golden kid of the next bullrun, its the underperformer literal SHIT that does not move with rest of the market

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Token not needed. Price feed unusable at such high token valuation

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You just don't understand the fundamentals to figure out how fundamentally flawed your thinking is.

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I also got memed into LINK. I just got into crypto two weeks ago and I could only afford 45 LINK. Well that shit's barely moved up. I thought betting on the 4chan coin would be a good idea. Never again.

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we all sold, kek
I had 56k and sold for btc

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You don't understand the pain of us who got into link in 2017-2018

We are literally stuck in 800k-1.2 million hell while this token crabs, dumps and crabs some more

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parsing json data can be done with python, php and a number of other free programming languages with no need for a token. You just need a fiverr developer.

GRT = The Google of Blockchain

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OP you're slowly learning. Maybe when BTC hits $100k you'll wake up? Capitulate? Chainlink is dogshit the world doesn't care about or need

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Oh neat it’s the signal for LINK to moon, right on time.

What took you so long?

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Chase called me and wants me to be a private client. Told them no. What's the point? They invest your money and they keep a percent, I can invest on my own. Do you think it's worth it?

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Unironically link

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Where is the screencap? Whenever you post it is the time right before a massive LINK pump.

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How the fuck you guys cope if Link just stays where it is during rest of this bullrun?

I mean seriously, holding onto the "god protocol" and "key piece of the 4th industrial revolution" doesn't really cut it just stays underperforming.

I mean what kind of fucking financially retarded person you would be at that point to have some sort of coping power or coping mechanism from the technicals? What's the point of fundamentals if the project has no pumpamentals?

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Honestly no, the program went downhill. I just keep about $25k in a checking account there now, rest is in my portfolio. Don't give them money to invest for you, if you must just use their free brokerage

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why do you link niggers cry SO FUCKING MUCH? only a couple years ago i remember link being 1.5 on this shitty faggot pajeet board. now its what, 25x that? isn't that fucking enough?

fuck off

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so you have 40k LINK, which is still over a million fucking dollars. is that SERIOUSLY not enough for you?

i hate LINKniggers SO



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Hell? Link is fuckin holding $25 bro its amazing, if you were really in since 2017-2018 youd be joyous, imagine telling yourself in 2018 your memecoin would be $25

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Anon we sold when it hit 19 and turned Into BTC maxis? Did you not get the email or something.

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doge solved the oracle problem

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>literal SHIT that does not move with rest of the market
exactly, and that is a bad thing how exactly? Imagine having to rely on the entire market moving for your shit to move, its your fault you didn't buy enough back in 2017 so that a $25 link is comfy enough

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