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I have $9,800 that im holding on UNI, i keep seeing $50 eom price range

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Buy and hold should be fine but they gotta get them gas fees under control.

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this is a fucking safe hold, were all going to be rich and of course make it

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Try $500 kid.

Keep the change.

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>keeps bleeding in sats

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I hope so lol. When do you think well see the rise?

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Isnt governance the only use if the UNI token? Cant even use it to pay fees. Lovely airdrop though, no complaints there

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was that even meaN?

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uni is the best project in defi, it will dominate all erc-20 trading

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you retard we are not even v3 yet and u want to sell?

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when in my post did i say i was selling?

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I sold my shit for rent so I'm no worse than the Playstationfags. This could hit $50 honestly but it depends on how strong the bullrun is

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I'm about to cash out half my airdrop when it hits $21 again. It's free money and for me it means a few months of living stress free and cooming in hookers

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I'm literally all in despite the gay logo, the only fud on this

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this is going another 10x
dont do it anakin

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The gay logo and faggyness is very bullish in 2021 globohomo

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Lemme just remind you that aave hasn't mooned yet.

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>when it has peaked and began downtrending
you are just missing out on all the soaring coins

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hello sailor

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holding on to 20 of these mother fuckers. hopefully they moon more.

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I still hold a drop. Not even a single coin swapped on shitcoin. King shitcoin going to be top 3 easily once fucking ELON going to understand that ERC-20 shitcoins exist.

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They will have L2 and reward liquidity providers with UNI for staking. You will see SUSHI BAL and BNT lose so much liquidity it wont even be funny. There is a reason Adam didnt do any partnerships and whore himself around like everyone who sucked ANdre's dick. UNI will not pump that much, because the rewards will be huge on L2. They will have an emergency vote for L2 and staking rewards. It will pass with flying colors. Late March

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I sold my 800 Uni for BNT when we hit $21

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>The satoshi is currently the smallest unit of the bitcoin currency recorded on the block chain.[1] It is a one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC).[1] The unit has been named in collective homage to the original creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto
Meaning, one uni token is currently worth ~0.00041 bitcoins, or 41,000 sats. In short, the amount of btc it takes to buy one uni token is dropping from its peak of ~0.0006 bitcoin (60,000 sats), ie its worth less btc now and is on a downward trend.

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do you think they would limit these rewards to those who staked?

im kinda confused by staking so ive been hesitant. staking seems way risky during a bull run like this

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>uni holder doesnt know what a sat is
massive sell signal. thank fuck i sold my UNI for bitcoin and eth at $20

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how do we trick elon into tweeting using memes

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>tfw when I had a sell order for when it uni reached 0.0006 btc but too stubboren to sell for 0.0004
eh, hopefully it bounces back. FUCK ELON for pumping btc tho

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