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Are you even ready for what's coming tomorrow?

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Yes, I very much look forward to enjoying the slide show again.

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I thought we still had a week

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I hope to god you've prepared yourself and your family.

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Yes. More crabbing at 25$

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This excites me. I'm excited. You should be excited too!

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Brah, don't get your hopes up. Maybe something like ocr announced f we are lucky.

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No ones going to ask?
What's happening tomorrow?

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I am ready to coom, yessir

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My body is ready

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im going to buy some linkies

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Yes I am ready for nothing to happen.

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it's not happening tomorrow.
It's happening...


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good god im excited for us fren

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was ready for a friendly shirt design and slide show
jesus christ its json parser

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Token not needed

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>for you

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imagine if he actually came out dressed like that for just one presentation. Just imagine.

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Yeah, 700K.

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he's officially quitting

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Uh *farts* h-hi guys
My name's Sergey Nazarov and I'm here today to talk to you about oracles
*Plays the same slides*

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Same slides. Price might even dump, happens everytime

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holy shit i forgot about the mug... my sides holy fuck

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It don’t matta, nigga ain’t gone change my money ran up right now, ya bitch wanna fuck right now, lame ass nigga run it up right now.

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please tell me this is something about the BOND audit and not about LINK AGAIN

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>even my weekly dump memes are outdated now

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Held since .44 this nigger doesn’t deliver and I’m going to grt

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>this is what he meant by “the price of coffee”

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Rumor is he will announce something

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if the purpose of LINK is to make me laugh until i cry at the memes and how weird and hilarious the history with this coin has been, then the price can not be measured in USD.

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CL 1.0.0 live

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Please I just want to hit 10k already

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2hrs and 11 minutes, get ready

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whats happening?

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it pumps then right after it will dump
learn from history

months later it will break ath again

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rumor from where? i'm pretty deluded but idk if a single event has yielded a larger announcement than the acquisition of town crier, which price-wise was a nothingburger.

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Yes I heard he upgraded to PowerPoint 2020 to present the same slides

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another 700k dump

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audit when?
im trying to make even more off of staking

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