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>Little shit is finally about to cross $170
Hope you bought some recently, otherwise FOMO will bite you in the ass.

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What solution is this even supposed to be the problem to?

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my portfolio is literally 100% LTC after this weekend, I loaded up on the dip

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Look a retard from reddit... Its a bullrun faggot. Stimulus checks are coming in less then two weeks ltc shadows btc with cheaper transactions. Its the only top coin that didnt break old ATH. Expect boomers and people who want safe haven stack on BLockFi or something to get their 6.5%

I dont keep this shitter on a LTC wallet only exchanges.

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how much in total anon?

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nobrainer after it broke and backtested resistance at 145

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>Expect boomers and people who want safe haven stack on BLockFi or something to get their 6.5%
I heard some boomers talking about DOGE this weekend.

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only got like 20k in crypto so not even 150 LTC, rest is tied up in stocks

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How long til this thing pops off? I am so poor but if i have the change I might buy 1 or 2 coins. Honestly surprised it has gotten higher yet. any guesses for peak?

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LTC to $1k when?

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This is one of the most boomer tier coins out there. I really hope we finally kick it out of the top 10 this cycle.

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>What solution is this even supposed to be the problem to?

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scooped up a stack of 43 earlier today, my bags are packed

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Picked up three awhile ago.

The same problem gold and silver solves.

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what's the difference between this and XLM?

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I have 250
How much money will i make

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I bought it when it was at $170 last month. It better go above $200 this time.

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Litecoin is the VBFMX of crypto

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>XLM, 22.3B circulation
>LTC, 66.4M circulation
I don't know nigger, what's the difference

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> paying more than $20 for ltc

None of you silver bitcoin reddit larpers are ever going to make it

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You had 5 years
Train is leaving

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like everyone else, we all thought it was just a shit stable coin.

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yeah i have been strapped in knowing dam well i would fomo unironically holding nano as well

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when is it leaving

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Yay! I can finally cash out at $300? Fingers crossed. Fuck the developer who sold back in 2017 btw, hope you rot in hell faggot.

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>cash out at $300

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Damn you've been holding bags that heavy since 2018?

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i fucking hate both of you so much

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>The developer
Great english here, literally just one Dev

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Charlie Lee sold all his LTC but Jed McCaleb is still at least pretending to hold the XLM and XRP he used to launder the Mt. Gox bitcoins.

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Should at least pass its ATH which is about $400. Sky's the limit after that, especially if BTC keeps going.

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Charlie lee selling is a good thing it is less centralized

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VItalik sold his ETH too and nobody uses thi to FUD the project
the fact that Charlie sold is good for LTC long-term, it further decentralizes the network and supply and ensures that we'll never get the "Satoshi could move his coins any minute" FUD

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What country are you from?

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>most boomer tier coins out there.

You really are clueless to how much of a faggot you sound like aren't you?

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2017. I legit haven’t logged in to coinbase since late December 2017. Pretty sure there’s 200 LTC in there @ $225.

Now I look back on it, I was trading on coinbase pro in the $300 range when the bottom fell out at the peak, I then sold while it was freefalling, then bought back in (smaller amount) when it would start to go up. Then rinse and repeat as I lost thousands and thousands. But I do recall giving up and deciding just to hold the coins until they came back and stop trying to catch a falling dagger. I also recall painstakingly claiming all the losses on my taxes because I didn’t know what a wash sale was at the time LMAO. Feds if you’re reading this, it was an honest mistake!

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i can see this going to $750 easily but this assumes bitcoin doesn't crash before it can happen in which case all crypto is fucked (I dont think we're nearing the top yet though)

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Uhh. you know Charlie is still on the board of directors of the Litecoin Foundation right? You do know he donated a shit ton of the money from his sale to the foundation for further dev backing..right?

All you butthurt fuckwits who seem to only state the fact he sold, nothing more or further that alters the narrative.

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Sorry but I could give less than a fifteen thousand fucks about some god damn foundation. I’m trying to feed my kids dickhead

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You make that clear

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lmao the cope. You don't think if he had any confidence in it he would have held onto a few? Vitalik still has a gorillion ETH even after he sold most of it. Charlie Lee has zero (0) LTC.

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Lift off is somewhere between now and 4 weeks. I'm getting in now just to make sure that I don't get left behind since I've been waiting for this moment for 3 fucking years.

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Doge is too difficult for them to acquire. Think coinbase. Coinbase BTC ETH LTC will moon once on the stimulus and again on tax returns. Sprinkle in a couple tweets from CEOS and you got a 2x.

Only black swan is a Yellen talking about crypto used for drugs and illegal activity and some liberal bitches sayin btc is use by nazis

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Oh stop it, we’re all adults here. Boomify yourself.
>be the dev
>sell at the peak
>install yourself as chairman of the foundation
>”donate” your earnings to the foundation
>pay yourself
Hurrrr durrr! I’m a genius!
Meanwhile some pumper on /biz/:
>real litecoin has never been tried yet!
>trust the plan!

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XLM helps africa. LTC helps you.

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Pretty sure the creator dumped all his bags at $400 last year which is why it's trash now. DESU I had some ltc bags which I dumped at $160 fuck this shitcoin.

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talk when u even get close to cracking ath lol

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please be real

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Anon, me and you will be lifting off together. Here's to a glorious moon.

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>You don't think if he had any confidence in it he would have held onto a few?
What makes you think he didn't? You really think all of his wallets are public knowledge?

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The fact that he said he sold 100%.
>thousands of sealed wallets

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And there's no possible way he was lying?

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There's no possible way he bought back in?

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Can you show me on the doll where LTC touched you? It's okay, you are in a safe space.

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Present the evidence, plan truster.

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I don't really care either way. The fact that he allegedly dumped all his coins just means the token supply is better distributed now. It can only possibly have a positive impact on future price, as every single one of those coins was bought at a much higher price than what he paid for them.

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And you of course will be showing your evidence to the contrary correct? To of course, prove your own 'facts'.

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It hasn’t had a new ATH yet, there is no way this coin doesn’t at least a guaranteed 2x from where it is now this year/bullrun.

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Dogecoin fuckers need to thank Charlie Lee. He suggested Doge become merge mined with Litecoin or else Doge would've died.

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He didn't even have massive bags like Satoshi or this fucking meme would have died right there. He saw the top and he sold it.
Imagine being this uninformed about something you invested in lol.

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>3 years ago

the absolute state of /biz/

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Please go back

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>investing in a scamcoin made by someone who posts important announcments on reddit
I'm afraid the redditors are you.

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Bought 15 yesterday ...... undecided whether I should buy more of this or NU

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Also yes, three fucking years ago. That's how long this shit has been dead.

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Holy fuck can mods just ban litecoin discussions here? There's nothing to talk about. It's a dead shitcoin that nevertheless will increase in price in any bull run. That's all there is to it. Now fuck off

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danny lee can go eat a bowl of baby dicks fuck that guy.

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Kek. Imagine implying there's anything legit about litecoin. It's a piece of shit and the most boring coin out there. There's literally nothing to say about it. Pajeet scams can fuck off too but it's less clear cut which ones fall into that category.

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Buying LTC under $60 is a fools errand.

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>opens thread about a coin he doesn't like
>gets angry that people are talking about it
>whines and cries for mods to stop them
Liberal detected

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imagine thinking the jews are trying to stop you from buying litecoin lmao. And i didn't open the thread this is a drive by shitpost.

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Now it's your turn. Show me on the doll where litecoin touched you. Don't be scared. We only want to help you.

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Ah yes the famous mcdc token curve represents bullish futures. Buy MCDC.

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>Jews don't care about LTC

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the only use for LTC was moving crypto in and out of exchanges quickly for low fees.

now there's ALGO, which is even faster, even lower fees, and you get 7.33% APY for staking. it's free money at higher rates than worldwide banks. why is LTC even still a thing?

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The reason Litecoin is so good at its job is because it has very high liquidity, and is on every exchange in existence. I don't know what ALGO is and neither does anyone else.

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Fees are near zero on litecoin already.

Is there a version of electrum that works with litecoin?

I see electrum-ltc at the top of Google and yet third result says "2,399 LTC stolen seconds after Electrum-ltc was installed ..."


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>There's literally nothing to say about it
It’s shipping with Mimblewimble on March 15th, which will for all intents and purposes turn it into a better supported, faster, cheaper Monero.

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Testnet for Bitcoin, Charlee lee testing mimble Wimble fuck you idiots are dumbbbb I have to keep bringing this up in LTC threadssssss dumb assesssssss

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You're so fucking stupid he bought back in he evensaidso recently in an interview and he will pump his fucking bags u see him tweeting his ass off he knows what he's doing then he'll sell

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>I see electrum-ltc at the top of Google and yet third result says "2,399 LTC stolen seconds after Electrum-ltc was installed
That was over 2 years ago on a outdated version. Have to download the version or something from the official site and MAKE SURE that it's the right site. I remember there was a problem with downloading the wrong wallet.

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Imagine getting Jewed into buying ETC

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Can't really defend ETC desu. Maybe it'll jump a bit after ETH 2.0.

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Bumping. LTC/BTC correction will be an easy 5x minimum.

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>LTC stacklet
Kek, don't kys yourself later this year

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There was an exploit where electrum could connect to malicious nodes, which would then send you a link to a fake update. If you went to the website and downloaded the fake update, then tried to use it, you would lose all your coins.

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checked and kek'd

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post your predictions EOW

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$200 if the momentum continues. MWB implementation next month may push over the ATH.

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37million supply locked in uniswap no rugs
Future Outcome : 1 MCDC = 1 BigMac Meal

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If bitcoin stabilizes in 40k we could easily see 0.005, but idk. It's at the whim of the market in short term, we'll just have to see.

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hard to say, BTC needs to chill the fuck out for alts to go up