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Probably 6-12 months from now. Probably won't affect the price when it launches since one would expect Link to have caught up with the market unless the bull market perma ends early. Will increase price down the road when Link goes to $1000 +

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Ed Felten said Q4 2020 live and sidechains Q1 2021, which was obviously a lie, but I think it's safe to expect it before July

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Isn’t it promising that BNT has been running on the testnet for a few weeks?

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There was a call today on the sushi discord about a proposal to integrate sushi to arbitrum. Harry Kalondar (spelling?) was on as the arbitrum rep. He said they hope to launch in March but are waiting to make sure it’s 100% secure so are not yet committing to any deadlines. I’d say March, April at the latest.

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By the way, Sergey announced arbitrum at Eth Denver last year. What will he announce tomorrow morning? My guess? OCR.

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Hmmm. Or maybe just an Arbitrum update.

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Probably nothing

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So Chainlink nodes will be doing the Arbitrum validating, correct?

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If arbitrum solves the gas crisis then that will cause a mini moon for link like what happened with eth mid 17. Then everyone will fomo into everything for the bubble pop late 2021 maybe early 2022. The question now is will smart contracts be needed to maintain link's values outside of the crypto boom bust cycle? If link disconnects from btc meta cycles that would be continuous gains forever.

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Nothing because its never coming out

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It’s kind of wild. Chainlink stands to profit from both increased avax adoption and arbitrum release. I wonder which is the better dominant outcome, price wise.

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ed felton is a fucking mook

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staking release waiting for arbitrum?

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Either one being released, price would dump 5% immediately.

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>s kind of wild. Chainlink stands to profit from both increased avax adoption and arbitrum release. I wonder which is the better dominant outcome, price wise.
How does arbitrum release affect AVAX at all?

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He meant both will help link

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Disgusting cuticles.

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It has been. BNT insiders saying SOON (TM)

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I only hope arbitrum release happens in the next month. Tried of waiting with nothing happening. Is there any info what linkpool was mentioning when they were saying link will be soon used for something?

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This excites me. I'm excited. You should be excited too!

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There is some retarded Albanian fudding link like mad on here. Usually means it’s about to pop. Arb mid feb I think, maybe April at latest

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They just created Arbitrum twitter ~10 days ago? Deadlines in dev work are fluid, it's very hard to hit them and produce a quality product. But the fact that Arbitrum twitter just went live, Gas fees are insane and there's global attention to the rigged "free market", I'd say there's a good chance it gets announced soon and Chainlink takes off like we always knew it would.
>don't FUCKING sell now.

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Off Cock Rocks is not new faggot

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Did you even read the thread? Someone from the team said March today.

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>dont' fucking sell
This excites me. I'm excited. You should be excited too!

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Arbitrum is partnered with Link, yes.
Link will be doing a majority, if not all, validating.
Once apps start building on Arbitrum as opposed to directly on Ethereum, LINK will begin to eat the mcap of ETH
Gas prices will decrease significantly, decreasing the demand for ETH and increasing the demand for Link.
Oh, and this is all while Chainlinkv.0.9.10 is the most recent version. What happens when Chainink v1.0 goes live? Staking? I think so anon.
>don't FUCKING sell now.

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>Scalable & Low Cost Computation of Ethereum Smart Contracts Using Arbitrum, on the Chainlink Network
>With Chainlink node operators now able to operate as validators of Arbitrum’s secure off-chain computation protocol, developers can build smart contracts using an entirely new approach to secure off-chain computation, providing previously inaccessible scalability for running Solidity, and extreme improvements in cost efficiency.

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Keep going guys. I need more of this.

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Never worked on a dev team, how do release versions work? My understanding is that it's not 0.9.99 before 1.0, is 0.9.10 the final before flipping into 1.0?

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Don’t forget the eventually arbitrum will be incorporated into other chains, like avax, as well. Source: I asked the team.

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This logo looks like Enron bidding to host the Olympics. Choose one color.

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What does this mean?!


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Im wet

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Don't forget the first cross-rollup swap protocol (Hop) was just stealthily dropped in the discord and on Ethereum research.

God I wish there was a token for Arb but I'll settle for LINK & Eth

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Ed "Yeah I did Not Say November" Fellatio

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Fuck I sold 70% of my position a couple days ago to gamble on meme coins and yield farm. Couldn't take the crabbing.

When does arbitrum go live?

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What will Abitrum operations be paid in?

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was this not enough confirmation for you that all the breadcrumbs were true?
>Lead authors

>Sergey Nazarov
>Co-Founder, Chainlink
>Chief Executive Officer, Chainlink Labs

>Punit Shukla
>Project Lead, Blockchain and Digital Assets
>World Economic Forum


>Avery Erwin
>Head of Content, Chainlink Labs

>Amey Rajput
>Fellow, Blockchain and Digital Assets,
>World Economic Forum, India
1k eoy is unironically fud. chainlink is bigger than eth, and it might even be bigger than bitcoin...hang in there buddy.

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what does graph do for the infrastructure?

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If only people realize how comfy things really are. Indian govt leaders were on that call with Sergey


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its happening tonight!!!

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Oh shit, Google’s making a Saturnian Oracle that solves the Cult of Demeter Genocide Problem?

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i've been day dreaming about the possibility of this happening. it will turn eth into a database for arbitrum sidechain states, kek. thank you for posting this breadcrumb

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checked. we are all in fact going to make it.

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Checked. Indeed.

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Checked id

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Wow look at the first reply on this thread it's skelly himself. Oh it also launched on the latest public testnet/test dApp rollout
Enjoy frens

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