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Post tits

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Nice manhands trannoid no wonder this crap sucks

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when is this shit going to stop?

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Shill squad must be extreme poorfags if this is the best they could afford on fiverr.

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Trannies get the rope

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unironically looks like a tranny

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Gross. Is that Comma himself?

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/biz/ is an mcdc board now faggit. Get on board or shit in the street

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This is clown world now son.

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That's a man.

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Hi there, can we please have a trigger warning before posting trannies? I feel sick

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Fiverr girl lol

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>Shill squad must be extreme poorfags if this is the best they could afford on fiverr
>hiring a "model" on fiverr to shill your shit coin

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I've been watching this shitcoin over the last couple days observing what is happening and it makes me laugh but in the back of my mind , it tells me to buy because for some reason , the powers of KEK have been stirred and influenced towards this general chaos within the world , peak clown world. I'm gonna buy a bag for your endeavors because i think they're gonna pull off some funny shit.

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I'm the retard from the SHIB thread, I was gonna toss some scratch at MCDC. But not after this fiverr tranny shit. Good luck with your hustle tho.

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She can wield my excalibur if you know what mean.

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Thats a man

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Buy the dip, bastard
>they told again and again
Then shill this scam on /biz/
>fine I have bot ocean subscription and use bots for trading and less risks on DEX