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Ok fag is this a scam or not? i saw that BGKN is run by pajeets, is this too? i dont want to lose another shitcoin moon to make easy money but i dont want to get scammed either. Help me /biz/.

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people that bought at the very bottom when it was shilled will come out with a profit when they dump their bags on people that bought at a higher price (you)

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Ignore all the shitcoins bro. You'll get burned.

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>is mcdonalds coin a scam
>should i buy burgerking coin or mcdonalds coin
no one on here would ever scam anybody go all in

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MCDC isn't a scam. There is no pump and dump. None of the top holders have sold during the 17c ATH. We're riding this to the top as a movement.
BGKN however... pic related

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but look at all those faggots that multiplied their money on all of those meme coins, this shit is still fresh that's what it makes it have more potential for a x2 and the page made me kek

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> is this a scam or not?

Roadmap just released. So you tell me fren

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*roadmap teaser. Feb is packed.

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>page made me kek
same reason i bought in anon

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What do you think fucking retard.

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BKNG is not pajeet run, just hang on kiddo. Until then, plz feel free to keep asking biztards for financial advice. They created those screenshots themselves

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It's geting listed on blockfolio and just released the roadmap.

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They're pump n dump scams trying to capitalize on the retards who bought doge without Robin hood

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It is a complete shitcoin scam as of now. Doesn't have a use case [at least yet].

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it's literally called mcdonalds coin you stupid fucking faggot

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can you post your wrist?

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>no top wallet selling during peak
Cope, nocoiner

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I'm the mcdc telegram, all top 15 wallets proved they are white. Take that for what it's worth.

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Devs and top hodlers posted wrist.
Devs posted roadmap.
Devs applied to coingecko.
Devs are approved for listing on blockfolio.
All info is available in the PUBLIC telegram groups.

Can the other coins say the same?

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This is gold. I fucking should have bought this earlier.

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MCDC: The White Man’s Coin

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there's no shot Blockfolio lists that shit KEK

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See you when it's listed!

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for fuck’s sake, I missed out AGAAAAAAIIIIIIN

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so theyre not pajeets

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We're just getting started, Anon. Come join the McFamily

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again, love the effort. Still as low quality as yesterday

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"In development" Are you retarded?

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Fucking based

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timeline on this? might buy a memestack just to dab on poorfags in the next poorfolio thread

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>McDonalds coin
>Not affiliated in any way with McDonalds
>"Is it a scam"


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look at pokecoin, and the dev team is anonymous can they shut it down?

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MCDC has just as much use case as Bitcoin or Dogecoin. Store of value, medium of exchange.

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Team is all white and they’ve applied everywhere that will take them
They reached new ATH almost three times in the past five days, and not once did the team or any big wallets sell.
I honestly think $MCDC might be /our_coin/ the official biz token

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We all have pink nips too, join us on tg for exclusive McNip pics.