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Hello McFamily,

The Dev Team has announced some big happenings for the near future.

Just a reminder, liquidity is locked. There has been no rug pulls, HODLers are HODLing.

> Hoge is losing momentum and had a Scam Fake rug.
> Burgerkoin was a curry shit stain from start to finish
> Asko rugged
> Admitted fud from butt hurt losers who missed the boat.
> Read the roadmap
> Bitfolio Listing in progress
> Coingecko Requested
> Low Market Cap

We’re going to McMake it Bros

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>Youtube ads

wtf this is not a scam?

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Proof of Blockfolio listing

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i am HODL

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not selling until $135

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I've been thinking this was a scam for a while, but fine, you win
I'll throw 0.5 eth at it
You better be right you niggers

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Checked and based. Welcome to the McFamily

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Wait wait wait a roadmap?! I thought this was some parjeet scam

Fuck! How do I buy?

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>posting the bk screenshots to fud mcdc
Extremely weak
Pic related

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Nice, already delivering some news

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No way to buy without $100+ in ETH gas fees? Lame.

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HOGE is better than this ronaldmcscamcoin in every aspect

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lmao okay this is kinda based

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1mcdc = 1 Big Mac
>muh fees
I know anon but this is a golden arch opportunity

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>HOGE is better than this ronaldmcscamcoin in every aspect
no fucking way man. mcdc has some serious commitment behind it

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very true
sshhh while i fill my bags first

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Top wallets and devs posted wrist.
Get in the public telegram, get it from the horse’s mouth. We’re all McFrens here.

Where are the burnt token transactions?

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Now that's a PND rugpull, a dead one.

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top kek, you win anon

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I see me. 1m+ not selling

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I'm banned on FB right now can someone dump the how to buy MCDC image in these groups? Tell them they can turn $100 into $700 or something

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join telegram, we are constantly discussing new marketing strategies

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What's going to come first? McDonalds suing the shit of this project or the rugpull?

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Low iq. Ngmi

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Who the fuck is mcdonalds going to sue, retard? The air?
Liquidity is locked and no top holder sold during the previous ATHs. "rugpull" is a nocoiner cope

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There won't be a rugpull and McDonalds Suing would be the best marketing ever.

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Eyyy I'm in a biz photo. I feel like I made it... Ha just kidding retards I already made it and have no reason to sell. MCDC is here to stay. Fuck doge.

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Based and aryan pilled

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>no new holders for 2 days
>dev team are jackasses
>telegram faggotry
so glad i got in early and cashed out

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>Mcdonalds suing a coin
Imagine the headlines

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20 new holders today.

Are you retarded?

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as compared to the 420 that got in the days before?
dude your coin is dead. its the same people who have been in since the beginning waiting to cash out at 10 cents

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>dev team are jackasses
Awww you got banned for shilling hoge didn’t you?

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>price was at 0.16
>none of the top wallets sold

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>waiting to cash out at 10c
>none of the top holders sold at 17c
Kill yourself faggot

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Unban me from the telegram you nugget hoarders. Initials S.D

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it was 16/17 for what? 5 minutes?
its never getting back up there. its going to go up and down around 10 cents until it eventually goes to 0.
they ban anyone who doesnt suck their dick and act like theyre the messiahs who saved us from being poor.

to any newfags, there's some shady shit going on behind the scenes, if you join the telegram youll see. the top wallets may not have sold but the devs are definitely making money, most likely through other people buying/selling for them. also almost every thread here on mcdc is made by them and the posters in it are them. if you see anybody posting "just bought" in a thread, its most likely a lie. look at the # of holders and youll see. the number has barely changed in 2 days. if you didnt get in .01 or below you should not try to make money here. theres plenty of other shitcoins to get in on early.

lmao. have fun taking money from newfags i guess

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>its never getting back up there
prepare that rope for next week, you gay niggerfaggot. It's going to 20c. I wanna see you in these threads before you kill yourself.

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>holding on to memecoins for more than 2 days
you are a fucking retard. say hi to the tg group for me

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You miss 100% of the McMoonshots you don’t take anons. See you fuddin in the next threads because you’re sad you’re not making it.

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I don't know why but i feel this is definitely some KEK meme magick happening. What are these guys fucking invoking?

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>Not getting listed on blockfolio
>Roadmap a giant KEK

Only full blown retards will fall for this.

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>price still not dumping
Don't forget the rope when we pump again, nigger.

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McFamily will never let you down. things getting interesting here.

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How to join conversation?

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Bro supposedly this is Ana....

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Check the website fren
Telegram link is there too

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There’s already a roadmap??

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Hmm maybe I’ll buy in, the team could have rugged a few times in the past few days but they didn’t

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go back to telegram

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locked liquidity doesnt mean shit when you backdoor distribute half of your assets to your friends during presale

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Proof? Otherwise just fudding because you’re a pussy

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Honestly refreshing to see from all the shitcoins just pulling the rug lately

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post wrist nigger

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>1 $MCDC = 1 Big Mac
This but unironically

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agreed im in for the road map

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Literally half this fud and shit goes away if you join the ahem...


Just saying

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fuck it, im about to fomo in. i really think there should be a burger king coin also

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there is but it makes this shitcoin look like a legitimate project in comparison

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Actually based

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asko didn't rug you retards

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Post chart faggot

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How fucking autistic do you have to be to get banned from facebook?

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I'm one of the first buyers into this shit

not selling till 1 mcdc = 1 big Mac

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So now that the rug has finally been pulled on the mcdc scamm I want to know how did /biz/ fall for this classic pnd again? You guys need to stay sharp