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I knew this chickenshit shitcoin would disappoint and fail to break the local ATH. A classic BAT move!

>25 cents incoming

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We holding above 40 my man

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Instead of talking about magic internet browser tokens how about you stop being a 4chan browsing incel and have sex

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>t. no bags

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Should I drop 2k on this?
Thoughts on Uphold?

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Yes and Uphold sucks

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I've unironically had sex before.

>Should I drop 2k on this?
I would need more information. Are you prepared to wait 2+ years for any kind of gains whatsoever?

>Thoughts on Uphold?
Clunky and bad, but not nearly as bad as the pajeets on the BAT subreddit would have you believe.

If at all possible, avoid creating an Uphold account and wait until Gemini/Coinbase can handle Brave Rewards (disclaimer: this may never happen)

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>already have an account since I wanted to verify wallet with the ad earned BAT
Oh no. Am I doomed?

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Yes you’re gay now

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This gem is destined to moon

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uphold is literally the only thing holding back this coin

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>25 cents incoming
Now, now hold on a minute. Let me hoard some first.

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>Oh no. Am I doomed?

no, I have an Uphold account too. I just want to delete it as soon as I can

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if brave allowed users to have different platforms instead of uphold this coin would be $1 worth already, sad

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If BAT ends up at $40 I'm quitting my job. Pls.

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Braves an interesting way to earn it but seems incredibly slow and changes in how much you receive from an ad everytime.

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oh it's going to 40 alright

>40 cents

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This kind of thing just makes women look stupid

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yeah... I use it because I honestly like the browser and seems to consume less ram than firefox, but I get less than $0.01 per ad, and don't even get too many everyday lol

I guess the quantity of ads and the money you get paid depends from which country you are too

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So it's ok to buy more BAT but eventually we want to transfer it into a different wallet.
Any preference?

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You can increase the amount of ads but being only able to run 1 instance of Chromium/Brave at a time does make it agonizingly slow.

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Buy Bat from an exchange, don’t connect browser wallet to shit just leave it in there. You will earn like 2 dollars a month at best. Use the bat earned for future paywall use or dump on thots. Doing it like this will make the bat you bought i crease in price without ever having to deal with uphold.

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Dec is utterly raw dogging this shitcoin right now and is destined for a 20x while BAT shits itself doing nothing

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>dump on thots
You are enabling our decline and you should be taken behind a tool shed and shot

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>brave has actual usable working product thats been built out over 4 years
>dec has a whitepaper written by a kindergartener and a “promise” of a ff extension

My fucking sides anon

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how pathetic are these dec shills? literally invade a legitimate crypto projects thread in hopes of converting a handful of people kek..

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anyways i love my bag o' BAT, I'm going to think about semi-retiring when this moons

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>BAT shits itself doing nothing
Based, I can accumulate more coins. This moon mission is happening too soon. I need at least 30 more bags before the final pump puts me into retirement.

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how big?

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Is it worth buying BAT? I've been collecting it through ads but a part of me really just wants to buy so when it moons I can just chill. I seen people with at least six figures of BAT and I've been collecting for over a year and I only have 121...

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>37,500 - I was over 75 but switched 1/2 into eth/btc. even with just the 37k i can net over $1mm and combined with my other investments stop working if i want

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based post, just happened to read through it yesterday

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check this out for something actually worth worrying about:


>Is it worth buying BAT?

historically, no. But it does feel like the most legit crypto project in existence behind BTC and ETH

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I have 7.2 million BAT fwiw.

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how the fuck do you have nearly $3 million worth of BAT my dude

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It's sad. Back to my BAT cave too many curryniggers here.

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Oof. Them implants not working out so well.

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i'm so tired of whores. I'd kill seven men for a demure and shy girl who wears flowy dresses.

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Up to 6x in a couple of hours, anon. Must be so humiliating being a BAT holder.

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We need the OG brap poster back, this new guy sucks

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They exist but are obviously not on the net.

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no sex in the /biz room

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i saw one in a dream last night and fell in love again and then i woke up and realized she isn't real

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Yeah obviously lol, it's an actual project. Think of it like buying shares on the ground floor of mid-tier tech company.

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When is a good time to invest?
Like what should one have in order first before getting into the market?

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Now is as good a time as ever. I understand waiting for it to dip back down but it might not; it's added a lot of new users recently, and had some big advertisers (which translates to BAT purchases) that have been trying the price up, like Canada Dry and CBS. Not to mention all the new features and announcements like self-serve ads.

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Now, Bat seems to be floating around .40. It is drawing more attention each day.

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But my mortgage.

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Getting ready to break out of a 1100 day accumulation channel. I have 526,000 BAT ready to go.

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I am hoping to pay mine off with Bat post moon.

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Fair enough.
Is there any debt one should prioritize over investing?

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When will you sell?

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I love 3 things starting with B
and of course the
>Based BAT Thot Poster

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I mean how much are you gonna put in? Definitely do not bet the farm on it.

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2k. Just very risk adverse.

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You'll ascend with us brother

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Hmm. Alright one more question.
How do taxes work with this stuff?
Don't want to screw that up.

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>I've unironically had sex before

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$40, but I will probably start taking chunks out on the way up maybe after $2-3 just incase of a bear market.

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wow this thread is still up

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That is biologically a male

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basically, we either break resistance or it's back to 18 cents :)

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You already know which one it will be...

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>If at all possible, avoid creating an Uphold account and wait until Gemini/Coinbase can handle Brave Rewards (disclaimer: this may never happen)
>may never happen
i fucking knew it. i knew you BATfags were holding the truth back. why can't some random fucker just set up an account i can "donate" to, and he'll send it back to me minus 5% or some shit???

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What's so terrible about Uphold?

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i'd prefer not to dox myself for my browser coins

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Was in BTC/ETH since 2011. Traded good in the 2017 bull market and cashed most into usdt before the mega bear. Started buying a fuck ton of link (and BAT) during 2018-2019. Reentered market fully about q4 2019. Link mooned and i have consolidated some of those gains into BAT. After this next mega moon I will be obscenely wealthy, or if BAT fails i will be just very wealthy. Either way its ride or die BAT bros.

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Speaking of Uphold is it safe?
Heard people get their accounts locked?

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can send a poorfag 10000 dollars worth of eth?

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no begging, dingus

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I bought 1200 ethereum for $7 back in the day and rode it up pretty high before settling into cash. Now I have moved large cash reserves over to BAT. It reminds me of the early days ethereum before it broke out. Everyone had declared ETH dead and moved into dash despite ethereum growing fundamentally. People are once again moving into dash but this time declaring BAT dead. It could rip extremely hard.

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>rip extremely hard

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Rip as in moon.

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Haven’t seen BAT hold over .40 this long since 2018...and ad ecosystem is much much better now

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What would make it fall back down?

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Same as anything, lack of confidence in further increase of value. Everyone in the crypto community knows BAT is super undervalued relative to its utility, but it’s a bit of game theory as to who wants to hold and risk it dropping. There’s nothing in the Brave fundamentals that would make it decrease, but it’s crypto, fundamentals usually don’t matter

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desu i expect bat to be more of a stable coin, idk if it is something to wildly speculate on. gains probably will be fall bellow most crypto anyways.

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thats one of the most jiggly bums ive ever seen

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I think its starting to do its last consolidation before it breaks out of that 1100 day box. If it starts going I think its going to start sucking up a lot of the oxygen. Just to give you an idea, BAT is on 109k watchlists on CMC vs Tezos that is at 139k. A lot of people have their eyes on it. Lots of memes about "BAT being a stablecoin" when the narrative is crushed, a lot of people will have to give it legitimacy.

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Is Uphold the only place to buy in?

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Basically BAT can be bought everywhere

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I suggest buying....A LOT

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ALright. Ten slammer.

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love you guys

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Jennie are you ok? are you ok? are you ok Jennie? Fukn love that girl, especially her hips - DAYUMM

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BAT is a pajeet coin
Get into a based coin $MCDChttps://mcdcoin.finance/

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Last I checked BAT is more than a mere "coin".

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Yeah, I expected it to dump hard when btc broke ath, but it is holding up pretty well.

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BAT is the power
BAT is the key
BAT is the thing
That sets us free

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Are you okay Jennie?!
Her milkies are glorious

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It looks like its getting ready to go. I see people on twitter taking positions. It just needs a little more momentum

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God I hope so.

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Don't spike just yet.
Need to get some stuff in order.

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Redpill me on Brave and the BAT I can earn by using this browser. How much can I make in a month?
And can I transfer my funds from the browser to my binance account?