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pro tip: this is being shilled hard on /biz/ and /pol/ because the devs want it to be. This is blow the fuck up soon and we want /biz/ and /pol/ to make it. Don’t be a raging pajeet street shitting faggot. Clown world clown coins. Simple as

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im holding because it's clearly gone past the 24 hour lifespan of most meme coins. this one might be here to stay. the only one to not leave an entire generation of bagholders

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/ourcoin/ . Only a matter of time before 4chin gets it

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where buy anon

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It would’ve dumped by now if devs were planning

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uniswap. someone has a pic for it

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Check the website fren
Coingecko soon

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All of the top wallets just posted proof that they are white in telegram. Actually bullish anons.

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My lil McDonald’s coin stock doin a lil somethin

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Black man here. Buying 100k MCDC tonight.

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this coin is shit and so are the tokenomics it's a bust

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I like this energy

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Poorfag cope.

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it has good energy though

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The website is so polished. Unironically one of the main reasons I loaded up on it.

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Alright, I'll bite. Now where can I buy it without $100+ in ETH gas fees?