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My dad hovers over my bank account like a fuckin hawk, I live on my own, and have for over 2 years.

I have a couple hundred thousand dollars from savings and inheritance, but I have almost zero control over it, because it's handled by an investment company in which I had no desire or need to put it in, but my dad insists I can't handle my own money. I go to the corner store and buy a case of beer and get a text from him asking what I spent 12 dollars on like I'm 10 years old.

he just asked me how my "computer coins" are doing, and I said they're doing alright, then he proceeds to yell at me for the next 10 minutes about how he saw on fox news that I should take my money out of crypto immediately because its controlled by the "asian government" and they "did covid at us"

any tips/advice for getting him to stop this annoying bullshit without straight up telling him to fuck off? I love him and all, but it's impossible to feel like a real independent person with a helicopter parent. I just want to dump my life savings into xrp and rubic

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why is it 0 to 100 with you? you can't just sit down with him and tell him to chill? it doesn't have to be either say nothing or tell him to fuck off, anon.

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I mean, yeah Ive told him plenty of times I want to be able to control my own money and dont need his advice, but he gets pissy with me and ignores it.

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tell him to fuck off, he sounds like a mentally ill boomer

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i agreed with you on everything until "xrp and rubic" and now i agree w your dad

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youre a fucking retarded pussy manchild JFC
most people dont have dads or money you dipshit

spend it all on heroin and OD already like the rest of you silver spoon litecoin retards

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60% of minary is in China you delusional retard. Why do bitcoin maoists cover their ears and scream at the top of their lungs every time factual information is thrown at them? We’ve been talking about regulations coming for years.

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You're going to spend your entire life as a child taken care of no matter what happens, yet all you do is complain still.

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Sounds like my dad, except he's a fucking retard with money and I told him to fuck off when he tried to take control of my finances. Be a man OP and tell him to get fucked.

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>post-movie spongebob
You need to go back

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just make a delta portfolio with 400-800k in it and tell him you made that in 2 years.
Then take full control of your finances assuming you're over 18 you're legally allowed to do that.

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Why the fuck does your dad even have access to your bank account if you’re older than 14?

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>I just want to dump my life savings into xrp and rubic
Your dad is right not to let you have it

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You sound like a pussy, and you know what happens to pussies right? THEY GET FUCKED.

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ur fault for being born asian

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This isn't something you should be asking any internet forum about, especially when you only give limited information.
Do you live on your own? Do YOU actually have this money or is it in an account controlled by your dad?
>I just want to dump my life savings into xrp and rubic
Oh, bait

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how old are you and why does he have access to your account?

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....that was a joke, anons

and to everyone asking why he has control of my account, it's because he literally will not let me get off the custodial account. I need it co-signed, and he refuses to do it

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Kill him

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open a new bank account and put all the money you get from work in there.
If your retard dad is going to harass you for every purchase because he doesn't think you can make it, then you need to prove him wrong without any of his help.

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do you need it cosigned still? maybe call your bank and ask about it

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huh. I'll do that actually. last time I tried was 2 years ago right before i moved and they insisted I needed my dad's signature.

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Not to excuse your dad's schizo behaviour, but if a manchild has somehow accumulated 200k in investments, I'd just leave them. Put your spare change in crypto.

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>joint bank account
Are you a fucking child?

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tell him to read an introduction to how to mine a "crypto"

also that covid is the flu, they just renamed it for political purposes

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open your own account and transfer it all to there

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I remember a couple guys in the military who’s parents were like that. We were in Thailand fucking hoes and having a good time before having to get back on the boat for 5 months and this one dude took 20 bucks out the ATM to drink and eat for the night because it’s literally that fucking cheap in Thailand. Immediately gets a call from both parents berating him for taking money out. Ruined his night. Myself and other Marines had to revive this fucking dude. Next time his mom called I told him to her it’s his money and he’ll do what he wants with it. She literally went silent. Then got really religious with him and I was like, “don’t let her use catholic guilt to control you” and it was like he never fucking heard that word before”. Shit changed his life.

You can love your parents and respect them Anon but you can also tell them to get the fuck out of your business.

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>its controlled by the "asian government" and they "did covid at us"
>I just want to dump my life savings into xrp and rubic
absolutely based

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I guess Im just not really good at being assertive with my dad because like, hes my dad. but you're right. It's MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW or something.

he also has a stutter and his voice sounds like trump, so take THAT all in.

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Stop being a bitch. Fuck that money.

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>most people dont have dads

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If it is a serious problem, and if it is your money and not all inheritance then take his ass to court.

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You don't want to be fully independent, that's why you are afraid to tell him to fuck off. Because then you know you'll be on your own, and that scares you.

Can't have it both ways

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>watching TV
>'hey spongebob is on, sure i'll watch an episode for old times sake'
>'oh ew, it's one of the new episodes'
>check episode date
>aired in 2006

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>this post
You should be glad that your father makes sure you don’t throw away your money. You would probably be buying the current btc chart.

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How does he have access to your bank account?

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because OP has a fantasy where he confronts his dad and takes charge of his own life.
The fantasy is specifically about a grand intervention but OP is unsure whether the fantasy is ripe enough to act out.

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To be fair, they *did* do covid at us.

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If your money is mainly from inheritance then you're basically the bitch of whomever you inherited it from. Make a new account and put your income into that and do whatever you want with it. If your dad throws a fit who cares, he can't access it.

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>I just want to dump my life savings into xrp and rubic

He knew that he failed at raising you and don't want you to waste all the money.

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I can almost guarantee that whoever the fuck you are, you certainly can’t handle a couple hundred grand. You’re dad is 100 percent right.

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Say if you need to get a lawyer involved you will and to quit wasting your time. Shit moves real fast then.

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>Telling your boomer parents anything about crypto or what you're doing with your money

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>I have a couple hundred thousand dollars from savings and inheritance
Fuck off tbqh and grow a pair

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You're fucking retarded, imagine thinking that chyna is going to regulate the blockchain

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>most people dont have dads

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im not sure if this is pure projection or a based af analysis

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fake story by a mentally ill redditor retard, can’t believe it’s gone on this long

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The fact youre on 4chan . He is prpbably right lol

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Fucking inbred retard

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Move all of your money into a different bank account.
You're a grown man, seriously.

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You need to show that you're actually mature enough to make these decisions.
That means taking over all that BS that your dad probably talks about like:
-Paying some of the bills
-Helping out with X, sometimes
-Being a good role model to X
-Getting a stable partner
-Dressing properly when he's going to be seeing you

You literally got hundreds of thousands of dollars in inheritance. You need to be able to show him that you can seriously earned it. And tbf OP, from your post, I'm not entirely convinced you are myself. I wouldn't just let my privileged son run amuck with tons and tons of my hard-earned money just because I "love" him, lol. This is about trust. That much should be obvious. You are being tested.
But... if you'd rather not have the money, and you are truly independent... screw your dad's money lol. Leave it. Give it back. That would most likely REALLY show him that you really ARE independent and not some wishy-washy son too afraid to let go of the big inheritance.

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>There's an old Italian saying, if you fuck up once you lose two teeth

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yeah buy rbc and MCDC, xrp is dead

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Dump it into $MCDC