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Most comfy hold in crypto.

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Really is, once it takes off we won’t see these prices again.

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im comfy af on this ride. join us frens

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this coins not even a week old and it seems to have made alot of progress so far. cant wait to see how far this thing will come in 1 month...6 months... a year...

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how many mcdcs for this gf

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this is another stupid Uniswap scam by ETH miners you won't make any money on it but they will off your gas fees it's stupid

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I don't get paid til Friday, is there still time to accumulate before the dump?

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1 million

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100 tokens in one week

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gas yourselves fucking brazillian scammers

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No scams
plenty of time to accumulate. there won't be any dumps from the top wallets.

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Remember the golden rule.

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$MCDC has a better marketing team than Arby's

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Ok this is the dumbest fud yet

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no scam here, you're just a poor faggot that's seething at others gains

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There was a hostile takeover.