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convince me why I shouldn't put 90% of my savings in crypto

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No, unironically, do it. You have already a lots of IOTA, right?

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why would you not want your money to grow lol?

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Atleast %50 in stocks
LINK for crypto
Stocks domestic materials hardware and medical

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If you're a poor fag you need to pay your bills keep operating cash and dump the rest into BTC and forget you own any. Then go look in 10 years.

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> 50% in stocks
stay poor
Put 100% instead of 90%

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you're only doing this now?
only 90%?

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Because it's going to crash soon, along with technology stocks (+ Tesla).

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a month too late

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its the peak of a bullrun dont lol

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the growth potential just isn't there. Crypto is the new asset class that everyone should be jumping on.
it's fine but OP is dumb if he doesn't buy at least SOME Bitcoin.

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I already did that 2 months ago. Comfy as fuck

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I have 90% of my savings in crypto, just dont go over 25% on a single coin and don't put it all on PnD shills, good luck.

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I've put 8k in crypto.
I still have 25k liquid in the bank. No matter how much FOMO you're feeling, remember whatever you invest should be money you can live without. Basically if all the money I put in crypto somehow goes to $0 (e.g. losing your wallet, or Coinbase fucks you) and I lose my job at the same time, I still have enough money in savings to survive for a year.

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buy XRP

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Too volatile

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Something something risk? Nah wait you don’t wanna hear any advice

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I have 95% of NW in crypto and 90% of it in a single coin.

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Crypto is volatile as fuck, always invest money you don't really need is the golden rule.

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i put 10% of my savings in crypto a while ago and now it's my entire networth

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Go back to bed, grandpa

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This and this. If you do it now you will be even more paranoid about checking your portfolio every few hours and picking when to sell.

Have less than half in and try to make some money off this run, but once it dumps 60-70% put in 90% into bluechips like BTC, DOT, ADA, AAVE, ATOM and check periodically only to buy the dips.

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Yep. Anyone that thinks this shit is sustainable needs to get their head checked. Wait for the dump and then buy the dip for the next ride.

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I'm screencapping this, thanks anon

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awful advice

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My crypto and savings are both in the 6 figures, I feel its good to be safe, if one fails I have the other.

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Silver and silver miners like Bayhorse Silver have a real chance to go 100x when the COMEX breaks and are objectively undervalued investments

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One whale dump and it will take you years to make it back.

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I can't because I put 100% in

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you should but maybe get some stocks too

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>stonks destined to implode
>50% in that

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What's more likely? Tesla buying 1.5b of Bitcoin at the peak of the cycle or you being a fucking retard?

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That’s exactly what I did

Fuck stocks and their boomer returns. Besides the stock market is at an all time high. Maybe it goes up a little bit more from here, but I’ll bet it’s coming down sooner than later

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Convince me not to put 50% of my crypto on blockfi

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probably a good move, but the time to do this was 2018-2020 bro. im not trying to make you feel like you missed the boat, but there's a lot more downside right now

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Depends on how much you have, how much do you have? Then I'll answer, I'm a super genius who has unironically made 2 million from 10k in a year.

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exactly anon, the bullrun is just getting started. In fact, this is about to be a rodeo that we have been waiting for since 2011.

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crypto dot com has better rates, more capital backing it, a crypto debit card, is FDIC insured, and has a much larger selection of coins

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You should, but don't ape in all at once and maybe not 90% more like 75%. Keep emergency cash fund to the buy the dip and for emergencies.

>I'm not a financial advisor

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Last summer I put $8k in crypto, $8k in stocks. Now I have $50k in crypto and $15k in stocks

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Tesla bought in MONTHS ago you idiots. Fucksake, this board.

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>implying crypto isn’t

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Fag half of us here only have savings because of crypto lol, I'm 100% in. Just ape in now while we are at the start of a bullmarket. Just be prepared to hold bags for years worst case.

T. Aped in and maxxed out CC in Aug 2017 on crypto, best decision. (However doing that in Jan 2018 would have been retarded)

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Are you single? If not single put half in. I did 90%, told my wife. She’s excited.

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It's not being pumped by wall street bets.

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It's better to have your money doing nothing in a bank account than to buy at ATH with a crash coming.

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how do you short crypto hello? you can't borrow it, once the transaction is made it's made

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That's literally what we've been suggesting for years. You supposed to buy in before Elon idiot.

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look at charts, read news, read articles on fundamentals

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good self control, I don't have it.
I start doing the wildly hopeful percentages in my head and feel that I need to maximise my GUARANTEED gains this very instant. I'm not all-in on crypto though, mostly stocks. I'm not sure even I could go unironically all-in on funny internet money like some brave anons.

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What about Bao? Is that a biz meme or legit got some weight to it

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maybe you should. I've already put in 60k in the past 3 days. doing pretty good. kinda like saying fuck the traditional market. made more in those 3 days that months of reducing interest and my current "real world" investments since they shit the bed during covid. plus it's 24/7 which I like. and some faggot isn't taking a cut off the top.

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i put 70% of my net worth in one DeFi coin in the past few days so don't look at me

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sheeeit mane where can I gits me summa dem bitcoin stocks yafeelme

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what is “some”?

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I have most of my money in a safe portfolio, i put my extra earnings now in crypto, feels good, its easy to have trigger fingers though and put all your money down. Its up to you desu.

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This is shit is gonna dump again this year and you're going to hate yourself for buying at the top

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It's risky, and if you lose most of it you'll become suicidal. At least I'd wait for a major dump.
Why not start with 10%? And then, next year, if you're still in the green and know more about the trends, then maybe you can put more.

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A gots me dat chaainLANK

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You are retarded