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Hey /biz/, what is a good cheap coin i should be getting into? I have stacks of VET, XLM and XRP. I'm a poorfag, but I have a little money and want some quick gains. Don't fuckin say DOGE.

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The individual depicted in the attach image file is a human male despite being perceived as a "female" by the majority of the comments below this one

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Supply nudes and I may have an answer.

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Take a look at polkabridge

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BNT - Bancor

-working on (its already implemented btw) solving impermanent loss
-Arbitrum L2 test net currently up
-bridge with Polkadot ecosystem just announced
-network 20x'd in use since december
-listed on Coinbase at the same time as SNX and Aave

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Thats a young boy.

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Wait for Altcoins to tank, people are selling to accumulate BTC.

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>Pitch me a cheap coin that is going to 100%


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Smallcap: LGCY
Microcap: KTLYO

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Bros imagine taking a sharp hot butcher knife and twisting it inside her vagina

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HOGE will absolutely fucking 100% in the next two days tops

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I'm an expert and I say this is a 9.4 ass.

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You're retarded. Altcoins follow BTC. All the coins I've chosen are steadily rising.

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IDLE, FLASH or GOVI. Such comfy holds for alt season. Portfolio up 40% this last week from this squad.

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When i was like 12 or 13 i remember reading this online erotica i found somewhere on the internet

In the story, a guy stalks this woman, and goes to her house and kills her husband and the kids, and then the author goes into great detail in this scene where the MC rapes the wife, and then does exactly that, fucks her in the pussy with a chefs knife, and then he fucks her stabbed ripped up pussy and she climaxes from it while she's dying

Probably fucked me up for life but i fapped to it

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HOGE , is an easy 5x nigga

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wish i hadn't read this post desu

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the doctor did a good job, look at these lips

Where do I buy HOGE?

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fundamentals mean nothing sir, this is a casino
unironically FIO

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Doge motherfucker COPE

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i would suck his dick no questions asked

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also this
this piece of shit coin has a bigger chance of going 2x than many of the other stuff pitched here

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Uniswap. Trade your ETH and set slippage to 5% or the like.

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Compendia $BIND wBIND

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Catch the ASKO dip in time for mainnet and project release saturday

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MCDC. Everything else is a rugpull scam.

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>The individual depicted in the attach image file is a human male despite being perceived as a "female" by the majority of the comments below this one
That's actually a female, I looked her up before.

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aahh ok i thought this was a legit thread now i see it is just another paid shill thread
well first dump the rest of the tomboy please

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Women with short hair should be illegal. They are objectively too fucking hot.

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MCDC anon.

Locked Liquidity for 1 year
37M Coins
Under 2M market cap
GREAT media potential, since McDonalds will try to sue it sonner or later.

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McDonald’s coin is on a stable uptrend. Only 35,000,000 tokens were minted, and 3 million market cap. 9 cents right now. Will eventually reach 50 cents or even a dollar. You don’t want to miss out.

I personally got a stack of 35,000 mcdc. Accumulating more in the meantime.

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Welcome to the gang brother

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i like this shit coin FIO

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This is now a MCDC thread. Gtfo, pajeet scammers

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Did you all just come from a meeting with Ronald?

No one has told me where to get HOGE yet. Where ?
Thanks for the cartoon ass. I'll have a look

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Has it already been listed?

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what's his name?

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See? Checked and burger Reich pilled

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Injective Protocol

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That is a man

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call me retarded but since coming here my libido and heterosexuality have been rejuvenated just because of the women that get posted here. i genuinely dont know when i was attracted to regular women the last time.
maybe its the bank i made that got my head out of the gutter, but damn ive never seen a real life tomboy that actually looks good.

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https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x7fd1de95fc975fbbd8be260525758549ec477960 here. hit trade and set slippage to at least 2.5%

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Thanks for the info

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Someone needs to make a mommy coin for a quick pnd on newfags and redditors

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Sara who?

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You missed this OP LOL

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Drop some cash in Algorand. Stake it. Thank me later.

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hoge.finance !

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MCDC has more long term game plans than most of these coins.
>Liquidity lock and higher liquidity than many other shill coins.
>Simple premise.
>No rugpulls
>No failing to follow through on burning tokens.
>Chill group of McBros
>Best memes.

Can literally go and enjoy some nuggies wtf is a HOGE?

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Why did I buy BTT on a high?

Pic related that's literally me

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You burger boys are all over this. I guess you're onto something, McDonald's is too big to fail, even to the point of doing better during recessions
What is BTT?
I got in too late on that one. What are you thinking it'll do?

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(s)he better be brapping on those burgers or i wouldnt want to eat em

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BitTorrent Token. It's been doin bits today. I made an easy 2x an hour after I bought it.

Only 0.001 per.

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You know the drill then.

where do I buy?

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someone took a bite off her inner thigh

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well since it doubled today you might only make 50x from here on. But FLASH should be your choice

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What is Sara doing nowadays?

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I got burned on that shithead's Tron """pump""" recently that lasted about an hour. Is this the same shit?

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Yeah but its still stabilising at 0.001, the 2x has stuck.

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>The individual depicted in the attach image file is a human male

No buy looks of them hipbones - there's no surgery for that.

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Already falling again...I'm out.

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I’ve come to this thread about five times and for some reason I still have no idea what the conversation is about...

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I'm lookin for GAINS

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I read some shit one time where two cannibal homos kill a dude, cut his guts all out and then one of them sticks his cock up the dead dude's ass and the other fag sucks his dick all covered in guts and blood

you're welcome

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open vagene and i giv gains

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Staknet (XSN). Too tired to explain, dyor if you want to invest in the best project around. Either way don't care, we'll go to the moon in a while even if none of you invest.

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based, this is the kind of advice i like

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>bails after a coin fluctuates in an hour

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Didn't bail,just decided against risking buying near the ATH of one of that gook's shitty coins again.

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think long term anon.

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Not buying your bag, sorry.

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Howdoo/ Hyprr has a huge month ahead
Ios app being submitted and android app is getting an update. They have a financial partner 'SKRILL' (a paypal competitor) that will be the fiat gateway on and off their dApp that will be announced. I would estimate a safe 3X by March. Thank me later