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LTO Network is a hybrid decentralized ledger for securing, verifying, and exchanging critical enterprise & government information.
LTO's architecture separates private data sharing between existing systems from public network consensus which serves as a universal ledger.
This hybrid approach makes LTO Network GDPR compliant so that business and government (esp. in the EU) can legally use it.

- - -

Meta Use Case:
>scaleable inter-agency data sharing consortiums

- - -

>partners include IBM, UN, AIRBUS, Dutch & Euro gov bodies, Chainlink
>already one of the leading cryptos for Tx/day (~100k)
>99.9% of Tx's are generated by paying clients
>100% of staking payouts derived from network fees (APY ~7%)
>clients have to purchase tokens from the market to pay for their transactions -- no OTC

- - -

>50% circ. supply already staked
>as clients start their own nodes, they will stake LTO themselves
>those staked tokens = non-circulating supply
>deflationary supply: 0.1 LTO burn every transaction; ~10k LTO burned daily
>~80M LTO held in treasury M&A fund
>M&A fund will not be touched until LTO price is much higher (maximize leverage of reserves)

>LTO in 1.5min:
>LTO in 3 min:
>in 30min /w /ourguy/ Rick (CEO):
>white paper
>/biz/ pastebin:
>general profile:
>tokenomics faq:
>big brain deep dive:
>/biz/ LTO Node

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I'm sitting at 181k. Im comfy as fuck

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now thats a whale

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There's suicide stacks, make it stacks, and then there's plantation tier stacks

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i'm unhappy with my 17k stack vros

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What does a 100k stack get me?

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financial independence if you hold long enough

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an 18 year old virgin from ukraine, a beautiful villa in portugal, 6 golden retrievers from the best breeders in all of europe and never need to work again.

t. ranjesh

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Checked and financial independence, possibly. Literally never sell, just live off the staking dividends.

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Is 60k enough bros? Currently leasing to biz node. Heard make it is 55

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Anyone who bought recently, remember to set up a lease to /ournode/. drain the binance wallet

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55k makes you a top 5000 whale. That's a pretty good position to be in.

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I was here when the math was done so never selling.
Math checks out.

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Did anybody unstake when BTC spiked? If so how much LTO went back to the exchanges?

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obviously I'll buy this, but only next month

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good luck

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Hello fellow LTOChads.
I'm a new fag with a few LTO coins I'm looking to lease so I can get a benefit from them.
Trouble is, I can't do it from binance and when I transfer it to my personal wallet (unstoppable) my hash is 24 words instead of the 15 the LTO website asks.
Could anyone help me out ? Is unstoppable a shit wallet ? Am I completely retarded ?

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I really want to believe in this but I dunno.

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Use this wallet:

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>shill me pls whale pathetic stack checking in so my 1 all in needs to make it.

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12k stack here, am I gonna make it bros?

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You and me both anon

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DCA 3k more so you don't have to kys

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I'm 19. 50k is a lot of money to me. Also
DYOR faggot

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How does one mill sound in 7 years time

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There is a chain conversion thingie in the official wallet, send test ammounts before you send your whole stack

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oh my bad I should've used a comma lol. message needs to read:
shill me pls whale, pathetic stack checking in so my 1 all in needs to make it.

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all things considered the binance wallet has stayed pretty stable throughout. not like millions have flew back in from degenerate swingies

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I noticed, but it asks me for 5 LTO to convert before Im able to do it.
I tried to. I used my seed key (the aforementioned one with 24 words).
I tried using the 24 words and the first 15 but wasn't able to see my stack.
Thats why I decided to ask you for help.

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Maybe they all did the math.

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I love this coin

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That makes two of us

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I sold all mine at 28c lol

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Swinging or moving on?

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just been reading a bit and it seems like it's just a b2b coin. unsure how they'll convince the normies it's valuable.

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Can't wait for the next dump of team tokens like they did in 2020, sending 25 mil tokens to binance in a few days. Team wallet only sold 250k tokens in 2021, so I guess there is a lot more fun to come in 2020. Buy this trash if you love to lose your valuable BTC as you will get squeezed out in sats. Big flaw in token-economics as well, price of one lto can never go over 1$. Enjoy biz, enjoy.

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Sitting comfortably on 500k+

Best investment in the cryptospace right now. Solid fundamentals, market cap with potential to moon. Not to forget the staking which makes me about 850 USD per month. I'll take it.

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Plz try harder I too need to buy more soon

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normans don't need to be convinced. it's a utility token created for corporational business and governments

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Unironically sell now, it's gonna dump back down to 23/24ish buy back in then

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Where do I buy?!

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So fucking comfy right now.

Here are some further reading for those who have already dyor:

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binance or uniswap

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should we stop these threads? Honestly don't want biz zoomers pumping this.
Daddy Rick understands the slow gains

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So you're not going to be entering a seed from another wallet. You're going to need to create a new one, write it down, and then you'll have an LTO wallet that you can stake from.

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kek is this OC?

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This isn't for retail, its for institutions. Retail is just helping to get the platform going by providing liquidity and early network decentralization.

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You would have to show us your math on that but i expect you wont. You cant fud us because we did the math and the math checks out.

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Thanks for the article, will read

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ive been saying this for a while

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Has reddit figured out the math yet or are they still in the dark?

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/r/ltonetwork still seems pretty small

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I was trying to use it in both places.
I'll just take your advice then anon.
Thanks for the help

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Reddit's busy pumping Doge past $10bil market cap...a market cap that I personally believe LTO will one day reach (conservatively).

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Ill have a look. Hope they dont figure it out anytime soon as id like to buy more at these prices.

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Ask if you have any other question I'd hate to see you lose your stack because of a tech error.

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Anyone know what happened to the vidt transactions? Disappeared for a few days now

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Im in burgerland...

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where should we move? telegram?

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/biz/ node telegram is here: https://xeno.finance/

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Shit! Sorry about that then! best tokenomics. Actually used in the real world, it can be easily implemented in every government and company in the world. It is basically making blockchain technology accessible to the everyday person. I see a ton of growth in this as more governments and corporations begin using it. Also great team!

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uniswap works in burgerland, so does binance with a VPN, which is what I do

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Im already on /biznode and LTOnauts on telegram.

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he meant to send you to these:
t. me / XenoOligarch
t. me / ltoanons

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Why are you laughing? Is it due to ancient and uncertainty?