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>locked liquidity
>shilled on biz during presale
>hurled with scamcoin accusations at .005
>pumped 170x
>top wallets didnt sell
>dumped 100% because of TG problems
>Whales still didnt ssell
>900k whale writes paragraph in TG about how he had the most money hes ever seen but decided to still hold
>dumping all day, whales still dont sell
>been on biz for the past 5 days since creation
>same shill team as rubic
>37m supply
>hit 5m market cap in 3 days
>37m mc = $1

money is right in front of your face. dont be mad at yourself in a few days when you see it mooning again.

uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x8937041c8c52a78c25aa54051f6a9dada23d42a2

dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x76d629ebad7fdf703ed5923f41f20c472e8f23e3

website: https://mcdcoin.finance/

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I will never buy a shitcoin shilled on /biz/

and "mcdonaldscoin" are you scammers even trying?

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kek as other try to copy and fail

*Locked liquidity
*Presale ended almost instantly
*Meme coins still pretty hot
*Decent tokenomics from the look of it (only 37 million coins)
*The memes are actually funny
*It is being shilled everywhere
*It's outrageous and will stir up controversy
*The selling point IS that it is a no-utility token
*Their team is very active on TG

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Fuck it, how much is a suicide stack?

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Stay poor, pajeet.
Learn to read
Then you can invest

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stay poor ranjeet

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I like the memes

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Stay poor

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See it’s not a scam, it’s a meme
Only few here will understand before it’s too late

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keep McSeething

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buy my scam coin or stay poor

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>locked liquidity, no top holders selling
kill yourself

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10,000 mcd. 100k if you can afford it.

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Am a DOGEboy, but I lost my shit when I saw them trying to shill a BK clone of MCDC. No shame in those pajeets. Best of luck with your stacks frens.

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1.00 is unironically fud. Anyone who has an ear to the ground realizes how the world is going. Once this picks up you can expect 1mcdc = 1 Big Mac

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Feeling real comfy rn with my 250k stack

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This is literally a scam

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stay poor

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i unironically believe this will hit .15 today

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>seething this hard
Liq is locked. Buy in or shit in the street

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Franchise Owner here.
Today I came three times in my Drive Thru Wagie.
I think I will bust red and yellow if I coom for the fourth time today