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Sorry i just need to fucking vent
Im down like 4K today in crypto despite fucking BTC and ETH mooning
I bought fucking RBC at 29 cents and figured hey why not buy more at dips at 45 and 50 etc and now im down fucking 2 grand on RBC because I averaged up like a fucking retard
Now another coin im holding is also fucking nosediving... if I just put everything into ETH last night id be fucking perfect

Its just so fucking tiring... i cant fucking take it. Ive spent fucking hours every day fucking trying to buy the right coin and I’ve made fucking dick. Absolute fucking dick.

Yes im retarded yes i fucking know okay im just so fucking angry right now... im never going to fucking make it... god fucking damnit

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All you had to do was hold btc, eth, and link for the past six months and you would have quadrupled and tripled your money. What the fuck is wrong with you?

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relax, bro, breathe. It's gonna be okay. RBC will go back up again. Just take a break from chart watching and this site for a week or two.

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you live and learn anon, you'll be alright for the next bullrun in 1-3 years

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Just stop selling and hold rbc

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Hey, why dont you go kill yourself?
>What the fuck is wrong with you?
What are you even doing on a board all about coins if you’re just going to hold anyways? Everyone here is trading coins. Seriously. You’re a giant faggot.

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I am literally seven figures from six because of this bullrun. Trading coins when you're in A LITERAL BULLRUN is the dumbest shit you could possibly be doing.

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>Not holding btc

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Thanks anons.
I fucking sold my RBC stack at .33 lmao and bought half of it back at .39 because I’m legit just breaking down today...
I guess I’m just going to hold now but its just so disheartening seeing my portfolio crater while other coins are doing 20% a day or whatever. Like why didnt I just invest in AVAX...

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Take a breather and just hold bro. Crypto is highly volatile you know this. You need to sit on your hands and just wait. Go outside or play a video game to get your mind off the charts. Easier said than done but you can’t keep going up and up forever, pull backs are healthy and it looks like today’s drop is due to a whale dumping. At least wait until end of Q1 and then re-evaluate based on if the devs deliver on their promises or not.

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Ok, so you’re being an ass to me when I’m down? I see all that money doesn’t help your personality much.. you could use a nicer touch. Thanks for the advice regardless but damn dude. Chill on that tone.

Lol.. I have a tiny bit of BTC... I could have moved all my crypto to BTC yesterday now its too late

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Thanks anon
Yeah ive just been checking way too often
I know its stupid.. ive seen things like GRT, 1inch etc drop a ton and now are higher than ever
Ill relax... if it dips again i may even buy the half of RBC i sold...i guess
Thanks... i should probably just delete my blockfolio for a week or something..

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Look man, I understand how you feel but you really shouldn't feel this way about losing money in an investment unless you're investing more than you could afford to lose, and you shouldn't do that. I'm big on rubic but still man, don't invest too much in altcoins because they can burn you

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Stop being a bitch and making stupid buys then. You're being the stereotype of /biz/ right now by buying high, selling low. Stop doing puts, stop trying to day trade. Stop being an idiot. When your net worth is more than five figures you can start looking into that shit. Right now you're so low on the totem pole you're going to neutralize yourself before you can even start to fly. Just hodl. Dumbass.

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Doing "puts"? You have to go back

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Whatever dumb shit you're doing besides hodling, stop it. You retards obviously came here after 2017, otherwise you'd know the gameplan. Kill yourself.

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just stop buying blatant scams who only give money to firstcomers that will dump and gtfo or be a firstcomer

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Why didn’t you just buy Rubic at 1 cent when we told you to?

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No im not investing more than i can lose and im still like “up” the tiniest bit this month, i just have been staying up til like 4am chasing coins, making thousands of dollars and then just losing it all in the next day... its just tiring but i should probably stop trading so much and just hold..

It is more than 5 figures lol its just about 6 but ya.. i get it man. Thanks

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It's currently at 42c so shut the fuck and hold. Anyone who has looked can see it's going back and forth in price. It's likely to reach to a $1 EOM.

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This isn't your comfort-space nigger-faggot. You tell us you fucked up and we laugh at you, this is how it works. Shut the fuck up, stop blogposting and learn not to be a complete nigger.
Just go back, its not meant as an insult you'll just be better off on that god-forsaken website because that's what you want: updoots, stickers, and CONSOOMER cum all over your face.
God this board turned to such absolute dogshit since the GME fiasco. We had dumb niggers in here before but fuck its literally every thread now.

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You're the retard talking about doing puts on a fucking uniswap low market cap altcoin. You HAVE to go back and stop acting like an oldfag
People said LINK was a scam too, picture attached. Stop fudding and do yourself a favour, you'll kill yourself when it gets to 10$

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been there, done that
just don't pussy out and iron up those hands

t. millionaire thanks to /biz/

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retard from 2018 here, what's the gameplan?
>inb4 no spoonfeed, I wasn't aware that there was consensus

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anon I will make you a rubic meme of your choosing to reward you for your efforts
anything you like

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Stop being upset about your literal scam coin. You literally have a dedicated shill team that got exposed. Just stop lol.

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hold you idiot

i lose 1200 on hoge this morning. you're fine

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"This isn't your comfort-space nigger-faggot. You tell us you fucked up and we laugh at you, this is how it works. Shut the fuck up, stop blogposting and learn not to be a complete nigger.
Just go back, its not meant as an insult you'll just be better off on that god-forsaken website because that's what you want: updoots, stickers, and CONSOOMER cum all over your face.
God this board turned to such absolute dogshit since the GME fiasco. We had dumb niggers in here before but fuck its literally every thread now."

Stop doing everything you can to be edgy, you're forcing it and it's cringe

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relax bro... wgmi... we are early adopters... just hold and let it ride

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If you can't see the difference between the two projects and teams you need get a new brain

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forgot image... i'm a retard

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bro how are you sad
just turn off the pc
bro stop refreshing
just hold
turn off the screen

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you fucking retard with a mind like this you're ngmi

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Show me the evidence, is it the 4000$ screenshot that is known FUD and appears with every projects?

Is it the discord screenshot with capitalized text in text channels, which is impossible because you can't capitalize words in text channels, so it's debunked FUD?

Is it the discord server opened when the price was already 70 cents and failed after 1 day because of lack of coordination?

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Everyone has days when their investments are down, even in a bull run. If you believe in the investment medium/long term, then just set and forget. If you don't believe in it, sell it now, simple as that. I get that you're trying to day trade for quick profits but in a volatile market you will often make bad trades, it's inevitable, even for the best traders.

Not trying to be cruel, but if you can't handle losing money on bad trades, then you shouldn't day trade, you need to take emotion out of the equation

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jesus christ anon take a break
>dedicated shill team that got exposed
if anything the fud is more dedicated than the shilling
did you see that guy with 28 fud posts and 0 replies in yesterdays /rbc/ general?
fud posters in rbc threads always have more posts than the shills

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You averaged up like a dumb fuck. Then you panic sold like an even bigger dumb fuck. Good job, you're double dumb fuck.

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Rubic is a great project with a low coin circulation at an undervalued price. If they do what they say they are going to do this year then its an easy $10 coin. I mean its only 124,000,000 total supply. It just needs time.

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can't even greentext, go back

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Patience is a virtue, just saying, my rubic stay cubic.

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>link for the past six months

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>You're a faggot

I could've done it but it would've taken too long, I rather not waste too much time with retards like you

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checked and based

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avax is a mature coin friend, you will never see the same gains you will see on avax with RBC unless you have thousands and thousands to put in.

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Rubic will pump when they release the cross chain swap and get listed on binance. Have some fucking patience you ADHD spaz nigger

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What is it with anons being more emotionally and hormonally unstable than fucking trannies? Faggots can't just hold an asset for more than 0.00001 seconds without panicking if it doesn't 100000000x. They deserve to never make it.

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LINK may still be a scam. They need to release a finished product eventually.

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Lmao.. i despise reddit for the record but thanks for the laugh at least, i needed that

Thanks friend

Yeah i should just trade less and hold... even if my portfolio craters, unless i start really getting in the red which im not yet, i got to get rid of that get rich quick mindset though

True, yeah i figured.. thanks.
I still have a few eth to chuck into a coin so... idk... may take a few days to relax myself, and see if anything good comes up

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Stop trading crypto, it's not for you
If you can't handle your investment crashing down -99% then you should fuck off from here and go trade boomer stocks instead

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You know Rubic mooned like 40x in a month right?

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You're early in a project that hasn't launched yet. Just walk away and do something else with your time and check on it in a month.

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Yea im used to stocks where being down 10% in a day is a shitload. Rubic down fucking 50% scared the shit out of me... i just cant shake this feeling itll settle at like 20 cents and ill lose even more... but whatever at this point i guess

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Truth be told, it's really hard not look at rubic's chart every morning and night when it goes +-30% every day

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This week we will see a sea of pink wojacks that bought into an obvious fucking PND token. You deserve it OP. Let this be a harsh lesson for you.

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Jesus Christ dude relax, is this the first time you've seen an investment you own dump?

RBC's gonna go back up. Just stop checking the charts, go on a walk or do some exercise, listen to music.

Just remember these three things:

1. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.
2. Let me repeat: Do NOT FUCKING invest more than you can afford to lose.
3. Don't freak out and sell when you're down. That's literally the only guaranteed way to lose.

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This pretty much but yeah, i should stop

Thanks anon, honestly i think ill go for a run after work today... havent worked out in weeks due to staring at charts.. may be just what i need to jumpstart my brain
Im not investing more than i can lose it just hurts that ive spent like countless hours chasing coins that lead me nowhere... but anyways i know im being a bitch right now

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Retards like you would have panic sold when link crashed from 1 dollar to 10 cent

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Jesus, you are dumb.

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Why are you crying like a little bitch? You bought a coin that 1000xd and you cry when it -50% dips. You did buy at $0.015 right? When it was being shilled here throughout Nov and Dec. Daily reminder, when it reached $0.30 it dipped backed to $0.05. People who sold necked themselves. The mcap for $RBC is so small that even a fat finger whale can send the price sub $0.01. Stop being a fagot and take the unrealized loss like a man, fagot. Or go back to your 1 percent can't beat inflation boomer indexes. Get off this board, weakling.

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Jesus, assholes lol, do you feel better stepping on someone else? Feel more like a man?

Anyways this video cheered me up

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You'll make your money back on RBC in a couple months. It's only 2 grand, not a big deal.

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sorry man, just might think you're either too emotional for trading or just need to be a bit more rational. Stop listening to /biz/ and make DYOR. Rubic was obviousl overpriced above 50c, even at 40c it's just relying on hopium. Don't buy ATH and don't panic sell at a loss.

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shit happens, I moved from ETH to UNI last night as I thought UNI would head back up...Uni has crabbed and ETH has gone up.
Cant time the market, but dont put all your money into shit coins.

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And learn about position sizing and risk management as you cry the blues. Pick up a book and read for once. Stop gambling. Start using your lizard brain.

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there are better blog platforms, anon

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>putting a paragraph in quotes instead of typing ">"

I took time out of my day to tell you that you're a coping fucking mongoloid.

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trades made under distress are usually never good trades.
Whales didn't become whales by panic selling

This coin has solid supports at .40-45 and cannot dip below that for more than an hour.
At worst it'll crab for a couple more days before going back to 80

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Yea thanks yea excuse my posts i am taking them too personally

Good advice.. yeah for sure cant time it.. i wont beat myself up over it, you win some you lose some

Yeah, thanks anon.. i never seem to learn really. Hopefully just venting this out and hearing this sense will help. I need to stop thinking day to day

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Wait and see how you feel when this is eventually listed on Binance

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Why not just hold retard?

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Wait until you gotta pay those gas fees to get that RBC to ETH, then that ETH to an exchange to cash it out. You're fucked, man. That's why you never into shitcoins.