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any day now bat bros

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Cucked by BTC again. One day, BAT will have its day though, and it'll be glorious.

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Still on the BAT train... lmao. look into DEC and thank me later.. superior to BAT, and small marketcap

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Can I actually be given BAT by using brave browser?

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I like BAT, and I love Brave, but isn't it supposed to be more like a stablecoin? A real currency, which is actually already used and implemented, which is way more than many other crypto projects can claim, but I always thought that a currency should be more on the stable side, so mooning would be out of the question. I mean, look at BTC right now, how could anybody buy anything with BTC without constantly changing the amount of BTC and a reference to a stable currency (or other relative value). People must have an idea of the actual worth before using it, don't they? Then again, what do I know how crypto is supposed to work ...

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its up 30% today
why wont this piece of shit move

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i dont know anon
i was promised the price would increase once we have users, but it hasn't
i fell for the 'hodl' meme

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I just want to get my BAT off of uphoal but the feeeeeeeeeesssss reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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It's actually doing well right now, climbed 30% from last week's mean and is stabilizing around .40. With all the new users in the ecosystem, it might stay up, but we probably won't see serious gains until the supply runs out.

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I think BAT is still a mega-sleeper. It will take time, but bat will be worth a lot in the next few years.

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dec unironically seems like the better investment, but we cant get leapfrogged in a year r-r-right guys?

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You'll see a lot of crypto people who have spent a lot of time analyzing graphs fail to understand BAT's underlying asset. I'd like to think I do because I work in digital advertising, so I'll say this: the number one thing that will increase the price of BAT, other than the supply running out of course, is advertiser investment, which is itself contingent on user base. As the user base grows, which it did dramatically in December and January, the platform will be more attractive to advertisers. As advertisers have to purchase ad campaigns through BAT, this naturally increases the price. What's been keeping BAT down is Google Ads inertia; companies are reluctant to switch to a smaller browser market with a radically different ad ecosystem. Decisionmakers don't understand it, and in-house digital advertising "experts" are only adept at navigating Google.

This is changing slowly; Canada Dry just did a big ad campaign. BAT is definitely gaining momentum, and with publisher driven ads (meaning content creators can advertise as well) coming around March, that's A LOT of capital being spent on ad campaigns. The price is going to move.

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If you swap BAT for Decentr you're going to rope within 1-2 years.

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BAT being tied as a wallet to the uphold glownigger software is holding it back

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Listen to this guy

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All BAT needs is just one tweet from Musk and it's going straight to $10. Imagine Musk announcing Tesla cars having pre-installed Brave. It can happen at any time, that's why BAT was rising lately, people are speculating on the next big thing and BAT was asleep for 4 fucking years.

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Yeah I've been saying this for a while. I also work in digital advertising. People are sleeping on BAT because there is not much use for the token RIGHT NOW, but that will change once self-serve ads come out. When self-serve releases, advertisers need BAT to run their campaigns which will put huge, recurring buy pressure on the token. Case studies have shown that BAT ads are more effective than regular ads so the demand will definitely be there. Advertisers care about making money, nothing else. If they can make more money advertising on Brave than by using Adwords or Facebook ads, they will use it. The 1.5 billion token supply is really not that much if Brave manages to capture even a few percent of the annual digital ad spend.

The user base is growing incredibly fast, and will keep doing so, especially on mobile. Show anyone the Brave browser and they're almost guaranteed to switch if you tell them they can watch YouTube videos and do all their other shit without having to sit through several ads every time, and that's only one of the features of the Browser. Also, advertising on Brave allows advertisers to reach a demographic that's simply impossible to reach otherwise because they use adblockers.

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Imagine waiting 2 more years to moon for something that has been a stable coin all through this bull market, and realize you could've made a 50x on Decentr, which is following the current narrative of DeFi.. and not a shit coin like BRAVE

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I've been DCAing in for a long time, and can wait for it to get expensive. I'm not chasing pumps and day trading like a fucking retard. Have some patience, and invest in coins with good fundamentals. Whats the rush anon?

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Sentinel and zionism go hand and hand.

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I only have 500 bat and i think it could be worth a fuck ton in the future but i dont feel comfortable buying in at 42 cents

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Go ahead and hold your shitcoin then. Their firefox extension they list on their website is not even available https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/decentr/

Don't come crying afterwards that you missed the boat.

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Decentr has no market or money to compete with brave. No one is going to use that browser when brave fills the privacy void already

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i hope you're right anons
its the hope thats kept me hodling
but its the hodling thats kept me hating myself
bat has been working for 3 years, how can dec dream of winning their market share in 1 year

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>DEC steadily growing and almost reaching $0.2 value
>BATards thinking they still have a chance

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Decentr-anons... have you actually looked into the details of this project? I've just spent some time skimming through their Whitepapers, thanks to your insistence in these threads, and... for the love of GOD. I've seen my share of silly Whitepapers before, but this one. Now this is something else. Just look at their "Technical Whitepaper": https://decentr.net/files/Decentr_Technical_Whitepaper_Data_As_Economic_Currency.pdf..

It's got everything. A "radically new type of AI". A "radically new consensus mechanism". Also something something IoT, cloud computing and sustainable energy. There's even a chapter about "Gender Analysis and Policy" and "Innovation in the Arts" in there somewhere. And the whole document looks like it was copy&pasted together in MS Word by a 14-year old, the night before the due date of his high school project. What an absolute clusterfuck. And it's gonna do all of this with the team in pic related, which I must assume are all absolute luminaries in their fields.

I hope you're not hanging all of your hopes and dreams onto this, because this cannot possibly end well.

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very soon brothers

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just ignore these decentr retards from now on. dont even give them a (you)

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>growing their product steadily
>25 million monthly users
>big brands already using the ecosystem to run advertisements
>Created by the co-founder of Mozilla, you know, the browser that dethroned Internet Explorer?
>Created by the creator of javascript

>webpage (https://decentr.net/)) with a link to a firefox extension (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/decentr/)) that's not even available
>pajeet shills

What a difficult choice.

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It's honestly remarkable what Eich managed to do. Increased ROI for advertisers coupled with financial incentives for users to use the platform, all while maintaining privacy. Brave is legitimately a few big advertisers away from a preference cascade

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first we get shat on by link marines
now dec losers
i await the day we are victorious
im trying anon
but ill kms if they end up winning this race
maybe its worth a moon bag

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I wouldnt say its very private with uphold glow nigger requiring full identity papers to withdraw bat. Makes it kinda pointless

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You pajeets never give up. You were FUDing BAT with GAB and now you found another shit like DECENTR. Get the hell out, I'm not buying any of that shit. You think I'm going to dump my bags after bagholding for 3 years? I'll take them to my grave if I have to.

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Decentr grew 2x in a day while your shitcoin has been declining for months.

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It's remarkable, but honestly not surprising. This dude has a huge head filled with an even bigger brain. When Internet Explorer was the biggest browser he co-founded the browser (Mozilla) that dethroned it, and he's fucking going to do it again to Chrome. Google used to have a ton of goodwill among consumers, but they've absolutely destroyed all their goodwill with all the stunts they've pulled in the past few years. They've only gotten away with it because they're a defacto monopoly in their field. If you were to ask a random person 10 years ago on their opinion of Google they would be very positive but not any more. Many people absolutely hate Google and Brave is going to capitalize on it big time.

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AHAHAHA by your logic shib is a tier 1 currency because that shitty pnd did a 1000%. Growth doesnt mean shit when it gets dumped a day later

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First off im a believer in BAT, but i have a...QUESTION.

How can the token cant increase in value and still be useful? That is, companies are not going to pay someone $5 dollars to watch an add. Seems like the tokent cant go much above $2

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It's a no-name low marketcap coin with low volume. It's gonna go up or down 2x whenever someone sneezes in its direction.

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>what are fractions

You understand that they can pay 0.000000001 BAT per advertisement if needed right? It changes nothing.

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I dont believe that can all be traced back to your browsing habbits. In other words are they able to discern where each BAT came from and each site you were visiting when the ad was viewed?

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i dont think you guys understand how close we are to breaking out. this thing is about to go fucking WILD

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No, that information never leaves your browser. It doesn't even go to Brave's servers

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Yeah the market is primed for a product like Brave, it's no wonder it's gaining momentum when GAFA fuckery is at it's peak. I'd like to see Eich take advantage of the opportunity and actually put some capital towards marketing and hype. I suspect he's reticent due to the kinks in the Rewards program, with payments taking a few days to process and wallet verification being a hassle.

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I'm using the browswer right now and it seems like the lowest fraction is 1/100

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what are you planning to do with your rewards out of interest?

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Echoed my thoughts. Thanks for brosting.

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I shoulda bought m more than 500. Fuck me i could of made it

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can you explain the difference between publisher ads and self -serve?

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I meant in regards to your web activity. This is an issue, sure.

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True, they definitely have some stuff to work on still but it's the most complete real-world crypto product out there by a fucking mile and competing for a share of a highly profitable industry. I can't see the token going anywhere but up.

The thing about withdrawing BAT to a wallet is that I think it's not really the primary intention from Brave's side - most BAT users will get small amounts of tokens that are meant to be kept in the ecosystem by either tipping websites, content creators, or paying for subscriptions rather than getting them paid out. For most people it's not going to be worth it to go through the withdrawal process to withdraw a couple $ worth of Brave and they'd rather just spend it on digital goods or donations I think.

It's good that they offer the option to withdraw it though for people that do want to do so, and I think once support for Gemini gets implemented it should be a little more hassle-free but you'll still have to do KYC because of AML laws.

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sold at .40

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really no plan, i just had to start a new wallet because i actually lost the old key on an install.

Im not into crypto at all (stonks).

However, the Brave thing is the only thing i understand that actually serves an immediate need purpose and function. As in, even if the fiat system was perfect, the Brave/BAT would still be useful.

I dont get involved in other crypto because it is all shrouded in libertarian political ideology and a hypothetical colloapse future where America becomes night city.

I'll probably just donate them back into the system to "content creators" or other sites.

I think it's a really cool system.

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thats nice to here
that not everyone is selling their rewards immediately

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BAT was building a strong foundation for future growth by getting more people on the board. What was your pajeet addon doing at that time? Speculating on the future price?
>Decentr grew 2x in a day
Oh wow, what a growth. DOGE went 7x in one day btw. Bragging about getting bigger gains than BAT is laugh-worthy. If you were looking for pure gains then you could've just bought any uniswap shitcoin shilled here like RBC. Brave has found its place in the market and it is only going to grow from here. Sure, it might not result in huge gains, but it's still going to grow and won't rugpull you like thousands of worthless shitcoins shilled around here.

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Publisher ads are websites that can choose to show Brave ads on their websites. Memeatlas.com, created by a guy who posts here frequently, could for example be a Brave publisher and choose to put Brave ads on their website that look similar (but are planned to be more engaging) to traditional ads you see on websites today. In that case, publishers get 70% of the revenue, Brave gets 15%, and the user gets the remaining 15%.

Self-serve is a platform where you can set up your own advertising campaigns through a dashboard similar to how Facebook ads and Google Adwords work.

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They're not mutually exclusive, self-serve ads just means that content creators can create their own ad campaign on Brave without going through an intermediary

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BAT has up to 18 decimals of precision, like most other Ethereum tokens (including ETH).

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I can't even tell what's actually pajeet anymore.

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That can easily be changed once the price of BAT is higher.

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Doesn't Brave support Ledger and Trezor? I have about 260 BAT I need to consolidate before I move form Manjaro to Suse.
Uphold glows because it's a regulated asset exchange. It's also not available in Jew York for some resign.

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Ohhhhh, so somebody running a campaign on self-serve could have there ad show up on a publisher running publishers ads on their site? This was a very good explanation. I love you

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Yeah, exactly. You just verify that the site is yours and tick a box that allows Brave to show ads on your site. Hold on to your bags anon, I know they're heavy, but it'll pay off.

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the premise of the token is great but its still stuck on the same price it had years ago.
still gonna hold on to my bags tho.

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i wonder what jennie is doing right now

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I-...I want to make it...but I'm worried the entire market is in for a huge correction. I'm scared lads

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thats a good thing. the market climbs a wall of worry and slides down a slope of hope.

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The benefit of BAT not really being a crypto is that it's largely immune to the vicissitudes of the entire crypto market. During the December bull run it barely moved.

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this fucking shit isn’t going above 44¢ is it lmao. It’s going to fucking dump again. Pathetic!

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I will wait for the next correction and buy in at .29

>> No.28123141

We will be above $1 by the end of the week, and $5 in april. Screencap this.

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is it finally taking off?

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One thing I've been thinking about is BAT's status as an Ethereum token; there's been a lot of fud being put out about Ethereum's scaleability lately and I'm worried that could hurt BAT in the long term.


Pls happen

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Batbros, your thoughts on whether we break the trend here or dump back to 20-30 cent hell again for the next 6 months? I really feel like our time has come but I have zero basis to think that.

>> No.28124713

You’re dreaming, but would definitely be based. I don’t see why BAT can’t pull a LINK and moon. The price action for the two tokens used to be similar before LINK took off.

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this is it. the time has come. there will be disbelief on a scale never seen before when this thing rips through 50 cents this week

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King, following suit.

I'm not a blockchain expert but it seems like sharding and sidechains are looking promising as solutions to the scalability problem

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I give mine to Wikipedia.
When a VPN service, payable in BAT is ready, it will go to that.

>> No.28125479

I donate to wiki with BAT too.

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I give to wikipedia and archive.org myself, two things I'm [relatively] happy to donate to. Wikipedia came out with a statement recently that implies they're going to be even more pozzed than they already were though so I'm considering pulling the plug and sending my BAT elsewhere. They were one of my 5-a-Months and now I'm not so sure.

You are a legend, even if you fall in battle your name will be whispered into eternity

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I swear the reason we brok .36 on Saturday was because everyone was market buying in the thread.

>> No.28126260

I would never donate to Wikipedia, but any archive is great

>> No.28126608

btc is breaking out now so probably a bad time

>> No.28126623

What is a non-pozzed archive you'd use?

>> No.28126684

Hopefully another crypto crash
Good time to buy in

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I'm not selling below $3. If it dumps again, so be it. I'm not selling this gem for pennies. BAT deserves better than that. One day it's going to be recognized for what it's trying to achieve.

>> No.28126975

But it needs a good dump so I don't buy at the top

>> No.28127112

What are some of your price predictions for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and beyond?

>> No.28127180

im unironically not selling until $40. i could go on for days about why bat is going to moon hard as fuck.

>> No.28127233

Not selling until $40 either.

Market buy right now you retard/

>> No.28127269

$5 or more by the end of this year, then we can go from there.

>> No.28127519

I agree with 5 eoy. Beyond $5 will take major advertising or some Elon like tweet.

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I have 406 BAT from the Brave Browser

>> No.28127929

Good luck, I hope you get yourself a big stack.
$40 is on my radar as well. I'll take chances and try to increase my BAT stack with other altcoins first though.
Hopefully it finally destroys that stable coin never ever $1 meme this year so we can focus on $40.
It's definitely coming. That's why it's so risky selling it now, Musk could shill it at any moment.
Cool. that's like $16k.

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fuck it
ive picked up a small bag such that if it reaches BAT's market cap, i'll have the same amount in DEC as I do currently in BAT

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elon already is shilling privacy stuff like crypto and signal for phone calls and messaging. he could easily give brave a shoutout and it wouldnt be surprising at all.

>> No.28128285

Musk probably does use Brave however not sure he is willing to shill due to backlash that may happen because of Brendan’s support of traditional marriage. The fags at wikipedia won’t allow anyone to remove that fact from what he is famous for. Like inventing the internet as we know it and $100 dollars against gay marriage equal the same level of celebrity.

>> No.28128387

elon doesnt give a fuck about that

>> No.28128833

archive.is and wayback machine

>> No.28128997

Chinese are waking up and reacting to the news. Hold steady, batbros. BTC will fuck us hard for a little while.
Musk doesn't care about that. He was posting anti-semitic stuff before.

>> No.28129077

Im unironically planning to just start claiming hes a massive proponent and supporter of gay marriage, gaslight everyone.

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>> No.28130163

If BAT can hold above .40 while swingcucks and BTC fomos sell, we've officially made it boys

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>> No.28130870

suicide stack is getting more expensive by the day

>> No.28131163

I hope every batbro makes it and this project becomes the global standard. I'm praying for that.

>> No.28131220

will i ever be able to actually fucking move the BAT i earned by dragging thousands of ads off my screen at some point before it reaches $40, sensei?

>> No.28131374

you mean without gas fees?

>> No.28131549

Brave seems like itd appeal to religious types, it should be pushed to them more. They have a natural distrust for Google and corporate surveillance, Brave is a natural alternative and the lion icon invokes christian imagery. And obviously the founders story of being ostracized for his beliefs by a corporate cabal

>> No.28131648

Just leave them in the browser until it is worth $40. They are safe there. Gas is just going to be expensive for a while.

>> No.28131662

no i mean without doxing myself for uphold innit

>> No.28131791

i can only hope BAT brethren.

>> No.28132127

Yes. If you want it all for yourself turn off auto-contributions. Otherwise Brave will donate most of you BAT for you to the verified websites that you visit the most. I've gotten a bunch of BAT from Brave on several different devices. Last I checked one had $40 worth. It's probably lot more now. Like enough to buy trendies and Mt. Dew with change.

>> No.28132390

It has boomercon appeal for sure. In my experience the boomercon usually has a great financial intuition; just need exposure to that market. FB ads would be huge.

>> No.28132812

Brave browser is amazing at stopping ads. Use it most when streaming movies. Also, Bags are packed!!

>> No.28133190

Shit will moon in a few years. Remember this.

>> No.28133291

If this shit doesn’t crush that mid 40 cent range soon I’m going to lose my fucking mind.

We all need to market buy RIGHT FUCKIN NOW!

>> No.28133530

Just market bought a puny amount, better than nothing. Everybody needs to chip in to push this shit to 50 cents and beyond

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Daily reminder this coin is dead because the CEO is dumb as a rock.

>> No.28134178

What a foolish faggot.

>> No.28134642

Yeah the guy who co-founded Mozilla and invented Javascript is dumb as a rock...

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> years

Key point here. I have no doubt BAT will see its day but it's not anytime soon. It will sleep for a couple more years at least. Sorry to my fellow BAT bro's but this cycle is almost over and BAT just isn't ready yet. If Brave expected it to moon they would have already changed the tipping functionality to reflect a higher tipping price, i.e., they would have implemented a fractional tipping amount or adjust the amount able to be tipped to reflect something that $40 a token...

We're still in the alpha phase bro's, and for those that haven't been around for a while, BAT spikes like this every 5ish months and then settles back down to .20 cents.

>> No.28134736

We're yo-yoing right now, FUD swingies vs market buy BATchads, LFG

>> No.28135105

get it right, founders are 50% good CEOs, think of Jobs, Musk. Anyway thats not the real problem here. The fuckin problem is that this coin works better when price is low and stable

>> No.28135214

Brave hasnt paid my BAT in 2 months.

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He co-founded it and he was fired, what a DUMB FUCK, holy shit

>> No.28135385

I own bat and btc it is a little mind boggling that bat isn’t performing better.

>It has a great user #s, likely just needs more use cases and adoption making it a good very long term hold (like 90% of crypto)

>> No.28135621

>The fuckin problem is that this coin works better when price is low and stable
no it doesnt retard it works the same no matter what. advertisers pay USD for the ads and brave buys and disperses them to users. it will actually work BETTER when it moons because it will attract more attention.

>> No.28136149

Call me naive but I think it holds here. There's A LOT more users now compared to its last spike in August, and better advertisers as well. Still think we're a ways away from a moon, of course

>> No.28136154

so thats why in 5 years its been pretty much one of the most stable coins in the market? just because you want it to moon it doesnt mean its going to, if it didnt moon in 2017 and it hasnt even moved on this season, what makes you think it will?

>> No.28136345

because your mom told me it will

>> No.28136461

Wake up buddy, this market is irrational, BAT is hands down one of the best projects out there, yet you have a completely meme coin with no purpose like Doge and see how it moons. Separate your emotions from your investments and you will win on both sides

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>> No.28136680


>> No.28136922

i have plenty of shit besides bat but thanks for your concern

>> No.28136997


you idiots
thank fuck i bought a moonbag of dec because of the shills today

>> No.28137144

doesnt even have a real ff extension kek. Have fun when the floor drops out

>> No.28137279

Is there an easy way to mine via the Brave browser? As in running multiple instances of it to generate more ads?

>> No.28137401

theyre updating it this week you retard
ive made more in an hour than holding BAT for 3 fucking long years
dumping the rest of this shit for DEC

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>> No.28138441

Checked. I'm gonna be BATting a thousand when this thing rockets

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Decenter shills are the new PRL holders, change my mind.

> t. Bruno

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