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>give me the next 100x biz!!!!

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Rocket Bunny

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dont look into Rubic anon

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Imagine thinking there will always be an oppotunity to 100x

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Only 1 answer

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Unironically COR. It's just dipped, really good time to buy

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there are 10 opportunities to 100x everyday, you only have to know where to look (shitcoins really) and how to shill well

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Rbc, Asko, DFT. All are shilled and had their pumps but market caps are still tiny. These still have plenty of room for 5x minimums over this bull run

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Ironically $SYN - DYOR and you will understand why this will be massive.


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>bitcoin is too expensive, shill me a shitcoin

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mcdc obviously

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I'm unironically still holding this

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>spoon feed me

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>wait for coin to list on coinbase
>buy $1000 worth of it at the lowest possible price
Easy 10-20x even if it ends up being a shitcoin that floats around $1

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Tosa finance

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$HOGE will moon soon, it proved to be stable like SHIB did and will moon 100x-1000x from here

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Why are you worried anon?

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Hoge ofcourse

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the only real answer

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rocket bunny is primed

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unironically NFY

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This, but I think you missed the point.

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How the fuck one is supposed to buy rbc if we have to pay double the transaction value on gas fees?

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Hoge. Half supply already burnt, team owns 3%,over 1 million volume though its only a day old, 1% of each swap distributed to current owners, applied for CG and Cmc yesterday. Do what you want with this information