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nice recovery today, $3 when?

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Hmmm sometime this week. Do you feel the energy?

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my bancies stay dankie. this is going to get me into six digits

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volume gains have been fat this week

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This shit is still under ICO price?! Kek

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LM 20 BNT per hour.
when the multipliers all get there 40 per hour.
My brain

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BNT is the last legit +100x for a long time coming. Take a good hard look at your portfolios and decide right now if you want to make it.

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This + Vortex =

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Amazing, of course

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>BNT is the last legit +100x for a long time coming. Take a good hard look at your portfolios and decide right now if you want to make it.
i happen to agree, BNT is barely clinging to the top 100.
based on current state of LM, vortex, etc...this is the most obvious moonshot in existence.
Its an actual product doing it RN
its not speculation.

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don't spook me like that anon. i literally will not know what to do with all that dosh

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Got 325 LINKies in the pool and 220 BNTies in my wallet. I want to pool them too but gas fees are insane right now.
>$191 gas fee to put in $500 of BNT
I'm trying to get them in there in the next couple days cuz I feel like I'm gonna miss out on sick returns for every day I don't have them in there

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If people are getting this many free tokens what's stopping inflation? Do they think people will just stake indefinitely and never cash out?

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Any idea what apy looks like for staking bancies?

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I have 50.

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Easiest x20 in top 100 marketcap

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Why use L2 Bancor through Arbitrum when people can use Arbiswap which is Uniswap on Arbitrum made by Offchain Labs.

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Brainlet here can anyone explain why my APR on my BNT stake is 8% when the rewards say it would be 87%? I've staked 5k for two days and only got like $15 so far

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i think this is what the 'Vortex' does. you get like diminishing rewards somehow and its protection from inflation?? idk i'm a dumbass i just see history and mone coming in

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Those gains are only what you made on your SNX. There's also a bonus in BNT, which for you is 5.76 BNT aka 15 USD, which is the equivalent of 87% APY as you made those 15 USD worth of BNT on a 5000 investment over 2 days.

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why use brave when you can use microsoft edge?

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Can it hit $100?

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uhh.. what? both those browsers are equally shit

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youre a fucking faggot

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why are you projecting

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The whole selling point of L2 scaling solutions, cheaper fees, etc. Bancor is trying to sell is worthless when Uniswap can implement the same L2 scaling solutions. This is way Bancor will not take Uniswap's marketshare.

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87% is for bnt and 15% for snx

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why is this shit crabbing again, will we ever see pump like uni or sushi?

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when will they be implementing them faggot

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What do you recommend?

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it already has uniswaps LINK liquidity and those aren't the only solutions, why am I even arguing with these retards

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IL protection, single sided liquidity, vBNT

I shouldn't complain, fielding the same dumb fud over and over is the point of general threads, I suppose. good to see bancies in here helping newfags out.

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>If people are getting this many free tokens what's stopping inflation? Do they think people will just stake indefinitely and never cash out?
The protocol burns when tokens are removed from staking.

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Its around 110%, you can check the pools

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it's never been more worthwhile to argue with retards than with danc stack of bancies that keeps growing while I call them retards

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their ICO got fucked up by a hack but they white knighted and returned everyones respective shekels to the rightful owners

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Sushiswap is also working on IL protection

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it crabs and bumps up bit by bit. It'll do this until TVL over takes yearn and harvest, then you might see bigger pumps

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shit just keeps crabbing farmers keep selling

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Why am i seeing so many threads recently on this has been 2017 shitcoin?
Do you lot know something i don’t?

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Go on their site.
The product just fucking works

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Just read the threads and check TLV on defi pulse

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>Why am i seeing so many threads recently on this has been 2017 shitcoin?
>Do you lot know something i don’t?
no we're just saying talking in circles, saying nothing, speaking to walls
nothing to see here don't worry about this dead 2017 shitcoin, nothing is happening

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When will Vortex be implemented?

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if I were interested in shilling this coing like a pajeet I would be making up lies about how sergay himself stakes his lincors on bancor

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>Do you lot know something i don’t?
anon. maybe you should start by reading the fucking threads.

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Brainlet here with 30k bnt staked
What changes / what's the first move I should make when vortex releases

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wait and see just a little. I can tell you that if it can just somehow be restaked directly, that is what I will do.
otherwise, I will convert it for a STABLECOIN and stake that, either on bancor or somewhere else, because you need vBNT to get your BNT out of staking, so I will not risk my vBNT on anything but a stablecoin.

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Still can't decide if I should sell some LINK for this
Fucking hell

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You won't regret it. In my opinion it's the most likely top 100 market cap crypto to x20 in the near future.

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Yes. They do. For very good reason. Bancor Vortex makes it so you never need to cash out.

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Liquidity. Oh and Impermanent loss. Oh and vBNT. Lots of new fags on this board need to get reading. I can’t spoon feed all of you.

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I was thinking the same thing, but what if your bnt stack increases by 3x in meantime, wouldnt you need 3x more vbnt to unlock it?

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APR stands for “annual percentage rate”. The key word being “annual” not “daily”

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Ever notice how there's never more than one thread? Iykyk

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Wrong. You apparently have no clue about impermanent loss and how it affects liquidity providers. And no, Uniswap isn’t going to win. I’m sorry. It just isn’t. You need to DYOR

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yeah, this actually is a whole in my plan which is why if they offer direct staking(for apy/rewards) on bancor itself, that is what I will likely do.
But yeah, if you flip to say USDC, then BNT pumps, you will be in a bind. They say that vbnt will be priced on a bonding curve to keep it ~.8 of a BNT in cost, so that is the real risk.

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Yep. Think about what that might do to the price. What happens if people never come back for their bnt because they can’t afford it? Those bnt become locked FOREVER

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>Yep. Think about what that might do to the price. What happens if people never come back for their bnt because they can’t afford it? Those bnt become locked FOREVER

literally the point I think, its part of bip9 i think where they suggest this will literally contribute to LP lockups and liquidity.

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I think it would work perfectly if you did it near the top at the end of bullrun, you could turn it into stablecoins, stake them, and unlock your stack later when everything bottoms out

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I was also considering this. It’s actually a genius solution to crypto volatility. My only concern is that stable coin pools will all be full because of demand.

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No they aren't totat bnt supply locked % keeps going up

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excuse me sirs so are you telling me that my bnts that i have staked right now could be locked away forever somehow?

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>excuse me sirs so are you telling me that my bnts that i have staked right now could be locked away forever somehow?
BIP 9 vote passed
If you check you wallet and add this contract
you will see you have balance of vBNT 1-1 for however many bnt you staked.
When its turned on, sometime in next weeks/months, you will have option to swap these to whatever you want.
the catch is, you need to have them in your wallet to get your BNT out of liquity.
Think of it as a margin/leverage based on your BNT.

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>I was also considering this. It’s actually a genius solution to crypto volatility. My only concern is that stable coin pools will all be full because of demand.
the stablecoin pool will always be full. you would need to stake them somewhere else probably.

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If you lose your vBNT (send them to a wrong address) or when Bancor Vortex launches, perhaps you use your vBNT to trade and participate in other market activities and simply become disinterested in unlocking your BNT. In either scenario, the BNT will be locked forever, unless you obtain vBNT to unlock them.

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So If u swap vbnt for something else you will never have as much vbnt as bnt again and never can unlock all of ur bnt?

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Do you need vBNT to unlock BNT rewards or only if stake them?

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>bear market starts
>turn your vBNT into stablecoin
>put in yAxis metavault for Pareto optimal yields
all you have to do is call the top and you auto-win life

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>So If u swap vbnt for something else you will never have as much vbnt as bnt again and never can unlock all of ur bnt?
if you swap your vBNT for say LINK
LINK moons
swap back portion of your gainz for all the needful vBNT
now you have your upside of LINK + your BNT

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Anyone stake recently?
How much did you pay in gas for going:

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I get it
thanks based high iq bnt bro

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I don't know for BNT. But for unstaking another coin at the moment I have to pay almost 300$

>> No.28121177

I paid $260 but I’ve already made $800 so it was worth it

>> No.28121296

is a 2K stack enough to be worth it?

>> No.28121381

how much were you staking

>> No.28121414

What's your stack? How many days?

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oh okay, cool. and i assume vbnt can be bought? how else would i acquire it? if i bought eth with it, then eth went down and bnt went up, then swapped the eth back to vbnt, i wouldnt have enough vbnt to get my bnt out. so how else can you get vbnt

>> No.28121540

Only if you use the vBNT pool. It works like leverage. I probably won’t touch it because of the risk but experienced traders will be able to make a lot of money off of it.

>> No.28121623

Also Dai pool currently has a lot of room if anyone wants to get in right now

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You can look up gas fees and apr and figure that out for yourself, retard. How the fuck are we supposed to know what’s “worth it” to you?

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I have 7k bnt and about 5k link on there. It’s been two weeks.

If you have 2k bnt and you stake in the Aave pool, you have 80 days left at 80%-100% apr (133 bnt/ month). So you need to stake for at least two months to be profitable

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>vortex is released
>swap vBNT for BNT
>stake new BNT tokens
>acquire vBNT tokens
>repeat ad infinitum

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VBNT is given out when you stake bnt. It’s not live yet, but the vote passed so it should be coming soon.

>> No.28122254

Sorry no one month maybe less if bnt goes up

>> No.28122402

“Buying” BNT with vBNT would really just be unlocking the BNT you just staked, so you’d just be transferring between two tokens getting cucked by gas fees.

>> No.28122557

thank you kind anon.

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You might just want to wait for Arbitrum to come out to cut gas costs. It’s due anytime now

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>oh okay, cool. and i assume vbnt can be bought? how else would i acquire it? if i bought eth with it, then eth went down and bnt went up, then swapped the eth back to vbnt, i wouldnt have enough vbnt to get my bnt out. so how else can you get vbnt
There will presumably be several pairs for vBNT which will allow you to acquire more vBNT.

>> No.28125152

Nah nigga, check put what vortex is. You can exchange your vBNT for BNT so you can swap to another crypto if you want to leverage your position

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Really considering buying 10k BNT. This thing looks ready pop

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Anyone know if there is a public road map available anywhere?

>> No.28126930

Go to blog.bancor.network

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What's you BNT stack size

>> No.28127280

What is the current APY for BNT staking (single-sided)

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You won't regret it.

>> No.28127648

no roadmap there

>> No.28127649

Currently staking 25k BNT, will I make it?

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>only 0.34% in two days
God I hate financial iliterates so much REEEEEE

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Goi to the article Bancor Progress Update December 2020 and scroll down to the section headfng near the bottom for: “Looking forward to 2021”

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strong hands only
remove staking/remove before il protection just burns a shitload too.

diamond hands only

i dont know if you guys noticed but bancor has a lot of liquidity because everything is paired with bnt there. Meaning you need monster money to pump and dump. This is gonna go up but slow and steady.

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Yep. I’m jealous

>> No.28128776

Still the most undervalued project in all of Crypto. Vortex + L2 will send this thing to it's rightful place - top 15 and > $5bn mcap

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Daily reminder that fiatcucks get 0.34% for a whole YEAR of giving their money to the banks.

>> No.28128963

I hope this shit crashes. I swear I'm buying every single one you sell.

>> No.28129019

I second this. The tokenomics are absolutely insane. I’ve never felt this way about any project other than Chainlink (still never selling so fuck off)

>> No.28129170

if you have a make it stack of LINK and manage to stash it at BNT, you're literally financially independent now. and that's one of the pools with the least APY. let that sink in.

>> No.28129323

Harvest looks great too. Different price point, but excellent rewards there on their own coin with top tokenomics.

>> No.28129440

I thought I understood the staking, but after these recent proposed changes and people talking about vBNT, I'M NOT SURE I UNDERSTAND ANYMORE. I have about 10K USD worth of BNT and my original plan was to stake it, do I do that still? How does it work now, is there a guide?

>> No.28129460

Yeah I got 9k LINK in when TVL was under 20m. I think at one point i actually had about 1% of all the liquidity on there. ($150k when it was 15m). Now just cruising along with full IL protection, and got 30k BNT rewards in the first payout. Life is good.

>> No.28129660

Thinking about swapping my UNI airdrop to BNT...I’ve slowly started entering but I want more. Feel like this has potential and is way undervalued right now. The interface is retard proof compared to like Curve or something.

>> No.28129733

You would only leverage the vBNT if you wanted to by borrowing against it. You could just simply stake you BNT and sit with your vBNT and be done with it.

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you only get 87% if you stay in the pool for at least 4 weeks without withdrawing from any pool or claiming BNT, it's retroactive meaning the $15 you earned will be $30
the 7.85% is swap fees which is on top of BNT rewards, that's why there's 2 numbers under FEES & REWARDS
If you're not going to read the faq, at least hover your mouse over the (i)'s all over their website

>> No.28130164

Newbie here: do I need to provide same amount of $ for both SNX and BNT to stake it?

>> No.28130368

the level of spoonfeeding some people require...it's sickening

>> No.28130395

So the rewards section at the top right on app.bancor.network is that the rewards for everything?

Like Do i get my 110% for my staked bnt and also I get the extra rewards in the top right, or is the top right "rewards" box the rewards I get for everything?

>> No.28130492

Yes if you want to stake snx which is double sided or You can just stake bnt which is single sided

>> No.28130547

It’s why there’s always room for a dump. There is so much fucking dumb money in crypto already and we’re only like a third of the way into the bull

>> No.28130692

I will say, though, to that anon's credit, he helpfully posted a screen of the roadmap after being pointed to it

>> No.28130831

Go to docs.bancor.network. All you need to know is literally in there and they do an excellent job using step-by-step screenshots and videos for many of the UI topics.

>> No.28130920

I read the whitepaper today and there is something about the whole thing I don't like I can't put my finger on it.

>> No.28130965

Yeah, Bancor threads are good threads in general.

>> No.28131009

you'd like it more if you were staking a fat stack

>> No.28131032

no, they don't let you stake both sides at once into a protected pool through the website

>> No.28131304

i dont want to read all the articles lmao
usually sites have a page with roadmap

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Don't trust white paper.
Use the actual product and judge for yourself.

I really recommend not passing this up.
Of course there is no guarantee this will pump more than the rest of the market, however this could pull a Link kind of run this year.


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if im just staking bnt, which pool would pool should i pick? im going all in, i just need some recommendations.

>> No.28132193

if you stake bnt just pick the one with the highest returns

>> No.28132297

Here you go buddy:
Go to

Enter this Ethereum address:

When the results come up:
under “Platforms” click “Bancor” (currently a whale with $10M staked)

Does that help you put your finger on it any?

>> No.28132589

Fuck me what an absolute chad. leveraging that debt too for even more gain

>> No.28132666

anyone staking their makeit link stack? got 11k i wana stake but wana know what the returns would be before i fomo and lock em all away

>> No.28132878

>half a bil wallet

>> No.28132921

Pick a pool that still has space, has high volume, and good returns, and ideally still has over 80 days to go otherwise you're not going to make your gas back

>> No.28133372

that rewards section is just a live counter for your Rewards which are only 110% if you've been in the pool for 4 weeks and haven't withdrawn from LP or rewards, swap Fees go into the LP and can't be taken out separate from the Liq you provided
if you withdraw rewards your multiplier goes back to 1x, if you stake it, it doesn't but it wouldn't make sense to do either very often considering gas prices

>> No.28133421

What is the red timer for? ETH pool states “29 days left” until what?

>> No.28133545

AAVE, SNX, REN, ETH are all good choices

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Dumping some juicy bits

>> No.28134532

whoa those are cool digits bro but I trust my gut

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>> No.28135181

until governance (BNT stakers) vote on whether to keep that pair in the liq. mining (rewards) program... ETH would seem like the least likely pair to get dropped but who knows?

>> No.28135194
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>> No.28135378

That's how long the pool lasts for. At the end of that time a vote is held to continue rewards or not. This is why I said to find one that has at least 80 days left.

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Fees which are used to fund the impermanent loss protection are outpacing the cost of IL by >5x

>> No.28135860


>> No.28135930

and for LINK?

>> No.28135943
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^ Check the highlighted bit of this pic if you guys haven't yet

>> No.28136008

it's so clear that some big players knew what was up. we're lucky were's still more or less in that november pump. once BNT 'actually' catches on with the wider market it'll be juicy

>> No.28136139

stop...no...I can't handle more euphoria...

>> No.28136848


HOW MUCH Can you earn staking 20k?

and what is the risk?

>> No.28136947

Transactions on test net currently cost ~20-50c and are several orders or magnitude faster than main net.

Arbitrum main net is supposed to be in Q1 2021. Enjoy anons.

>> No.28136967

Same for 7k :/

>> No.28137303

This is probably the most wel-kept secret atm.
Insane to think this will make atleast a x5 - x10 by Q2

>> No.28137342

So whales are set up to dump this once they accum enough rewards?
I say the chart will do that $10 to .10 dropoff again entering bear market

>> No.28137353

20k bnt, pretty alright. could easily be netting hundreds per month, if not thousands with restaking
7k could be okay if you are patient and also believe the token price will increase. fees will rape you right now, though. you'll waste time holding because even if the rewards are decent, it'll take a while to pay off the gas for staking. and you will want to re-stake rewards to keep growing, which is more fees. so imo wait

>> No.28137442

none of the pools right now have more than 75 days to go in their LM cycle btw
the program lasts until early 2022 (72 weeks after mid November 2020) so it's a matter of picking high vol pools that governance will likely want to re-incentivize

>> No.28138222

pretty crazy only space for about 100 eth atm

>> No.28138545

What are the chances this happen

>> No.28138882

I hope BTC rekts alts so I can scoop up cheap BNT.

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>slaughter the goose that lays golden eggs before the 2 year period is over

>> No.28139286

I was going to double my stack on the dip yesterday but ultimately decided against it because it felt like I was just chasing losses
I can see I was very wrong

>> No.28139511
File: 18 KB, 680x230, Ándre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine not investing in what Andre called too complex for even himself, pic related.

>> No.28139520

god i just want it to hit 3$ so i can forget about it

>> No.28139883

Checked. I also saw this. It feels surreal to be this early for once.

>> No.28140085

You are loosing money every second its not staked anon.
You do not need to do anything with vbnt.

>> No.28140111

Damn I remember tens of thousands of space when I put my lil effirium stack in last week

>> No.28140387


>> No.28140623

LINK also got filled up extremely quickly

BNT will be the #1 dex by 2022

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Good luck staking anything right now. Was about to throw a bitcoin at this.

>> No.28140944

BNT will be the go to for blue chips, with absolutely massive pools, but won’t be able to compete with things like uni when it comes to brand new low cap meme coins

>> No.28140991

Good. Now I want to see this backtested against 2018 crash.

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>500 dollary doos

>> No.28141207

Crash or moon, as long as there is volume there will be fees, and as long as there are fees then IL protection costs will be covered.

>> No.28141429

We don't need to compete with Uni on that though. Let them keep the lowcap shitcoins.

>> No.28141516

uni can have the low cap meme coins. if they aren't memes they'll get to bancor

>> No.28141643

Doesn't answer my question. I want to see numbers. Everything usually goes well in a bull market.

>> No.28142019

got in at $100 gas fee, did it late at night on the weekend

>> No.28142296

Did the same with my tiny 3k stack.

>> No.28142507

$3 eow?