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Alright you retards, give it to me straight. Is this a rug pull? Are you actually serious about it? All I want to do is destroy doge and I know this mcdc bullshit is brand new. Is it here to stay though because this chart looks promising as you fags haven't rugged yet.

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There is no rugpull. Our liquidity is locked:
None of the top 15 holders have sold too. You can verify on Etherscan.
This is a movement and we're all going to make it.

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>Is this a rug pull
Nope, it is a Pump and Dump game for the autisitc gamblers on /biz/.They shill it so hard because there are only 400 holders and they need fresh blood to come and get dumped on to force them to sell low or become a new holders till the next round of idiots show up.Look at the chart for it.If you are the type of person that likes to straight up gamble for the thrills and for some profit maybe too if enough players go for it.

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It's called FUD.

It's designed to make you panic and either not buy it or sell.

Don't fall for it.

Just buy a bag of $MCDC, nothing crazy just what you can afford, join the telegram community and have fun!

The community is genuinely awesome! This coin will be huuuuuuuge.

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The only rugs you'll get out of MCDC will be made out of red pubic hair.

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Weak fud, pajeet. None of the top 15 holders have sold.

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already 50% more HOGE holders in under half the time on market. MCDC got nothing on HOGE.

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Nice AstroTurf samefag pajeet

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You never know what’ll happen, but the creators clearly believe in it and are putting a ton of effort into it. Meme potential is high, especially if McDonalds attempts a lawsuit. Sitting on a mediocre stack just to see what happens.

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Stay poor schizo

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stay poor

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Stay poor faggot ahahahahaha

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See, pajeets only have one play and it’s the same thing every time. I think they’re genuinely upset about MCDC starting a locked liquidity precedent.

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hoge rugged last night

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Hey fuckstain, I got blue eyes..lemme guess, yours are shit brown or black..right? Yeah you know I am right.

And tell me where I said the the top holders sold?But how do you know they have not sold any? Huh? How do you know. Etherscan? Yep, just cause someone says something doesn't make it so.I would be all my holdings that Some of those "Top" holders have sold and bought numerous times. That is how the game is played you walking female repellent. I said it was a game, and it is. MCDC was made to play a game and that is all it is used for.

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>reddit spacing
Go back
>t-the top holders are selling i swear!
Check etherscan yourself you fucking faggot. None of the top 15 have sold a single MCDC.

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What is the website for the token? How do you tell who has sold

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dyor, but check the liquidity is locked

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$1 EOD

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no rugpull locked liquidity. Finite supply. This is the one anon. McDonalds universally known and once we start getting attention going to go mainstream.

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Just join the telegram see for yourselve no scam the biz tg is mcsheks

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LOL..you don't know what the fuck reddit spacing is smooth brain.

Here is this reddit spacing?Thanks for showing what a teen faggot you are and how your dad hangs his head in shame every time he has to deal with you..that is if he is still around.My bet is he left a while ago.At least he would have if he was smart.I am sure he doesn't want to have to see the human failure he produced.

That is not reddit spaced.

Here is reddit spaced. Tell me, when was the last time a woman was actually happy to see you walk into a room? Lemme guess, never? I bet I am right. You see you are such a weak example of the male species that you literally cause vaginal dryness for any woman that is unfortunate enough to be in your presence. I am betting even your mom cringes a bit when she feels she is in a situation that she has to hug you.

That is reddit spacing you fucktard.

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>reddit spacing and rage
Stay poor

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lol..6fig hell for me kid. How about you?

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This chart is looking so based and bullish. I’m in baby. 34K mcdc and waiting for the $1 explosion.

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lmao what a sad angry boomer
go outside

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city slicker

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Just hodl and increase your wallet token simple,

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Top 15 here. Have only accoomulated since launch

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you can still be early bro

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What reasons?

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Top 20 holders OP and let me explain why I didn't sold when I could have done more money than I ever had in my life.

This coin has a AMAZING meme potential, if McDonalds get a hold on this it will explode like crazy.
If it hits only 10% of Doge MC it means around 30$ per coin.
The community and devs are in it for the long plan. Theres even mkt campaigns prepared.

It's simple, it IS a meme coin with no use case, but it's not a scam. Doge is also a meme coin and look where it went. This coin is a legit business that is trying to capitalize in the meme market.

Don't you believe? Throw just some little money on it and see how it will by EOM.

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no it didnt liar.... its still going strong. the fake clone by a shiteet rugged last night in an attempt to sully hoges name. stop spreading lies just cuz you're a faggot and cant into honesty and soul

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sorry you have a micro penis and didnt buy in when it was cheaper but you're nonstop autistic seething rage just shows that not only are you not a man but a sad pathetic manbabby that shitpost tantrums when he doesnt get his cheap token prices.

go date a train queer

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Ready for McMoon, anons?

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Ready for Alpha Centauri.

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Sure am my Mcbro holy shit we are gona make it