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Shill me on some super cheap altcoins. Something you can throw a dollar into and forget.

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Buy some biz Thursday, token sale with 50% extra bonus during the first week, plus they aim to open their own staking pool


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IOST .02 and in the top 100 could be something or not whatever

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>a dollar
You won’t get anywhere with that. Save up $1000 and then throw a dart.

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XMR at these prices

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LTC is currently the most undervalues altcoin

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gfarm2 is $2M cap right now

v1 was $10M cap before an exploit derailed the project

v2 has been audited by certik, the score is very high (higher than tether, even)

the project allows for decentralized (no KYC) leverage trading on uniswap

obvious moonshot potential imho

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how do I get in

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Tell me why I shouldn’t put half my gains in LTC and wait.

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COR is about to 10x

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Price doesn't matter. Market cap does. Get in on FXF now if you want a young product (token launched today) with a good dev team and a solid plan. They have been working their ass off over the past year and when their trading platform drops their token will skyrocket.

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$1 will at most be $5
could 1000x
could rug

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Everything in MCDC. Big things are coming, and I'm not just talking about Ronald's dick.

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it's on uniswap

>buy eth
>transfer eth to metamask wallet
>use uniswap to exchange eth for gfarm2 (you may need to manually enter the gfarm2 contract which you can find on its website or the coingecko page. I'd copy/paste it here but you should find it yourself as part of basic security)

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Ive been doing well with LINK and GRT so far. Only alts I have besides those I go all in on BTC, playing the long game though

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MCDC GOING TO 15c might be laughable but itll work. double what you have in secs

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I threw a few bucks in MCDC yesterday, looking damn good so far. I don't trust BK coin though, much less secure liquidity.

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AGI is about to moon

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MCDC is the most exciting coin in my portfolio. an admin in their TG just said they are going to make some announcements tonight that should 2x instantly and they are working on a top secret project that should release in 2 weeks. Just check the chart and see what you think.

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>Locked liquidity so no rugpull
>None of the top 15 holders are selling
>17c ATH and climbing back up
>Low mcap and marketing starting to launch it to $1+

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Thrown couple of dollars on Juld and wished I threw in more. I'm doing same thing on BET gambling dApp. Freaking bullish frens. Bullish on this.


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MCDC: easiest and comfiest hold ever

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PRV (incognito.org)
Not even on CMC yet
Might be a scam but worth the gamble

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People been selling off out of fear but I think they are gonna regret that choice. Others are grabbing up their offloads.

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MCDC will pump in the next few days from where it currently is. Long term still hard to say but it's def looking good rn.

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PRE (Presearch). Google on the blockchain.

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MCDC only because its still on the 10c range and it has so much potential to explode it would be retarded not to throw some eth on it

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lol..you mean you got some new members of the 400 musical dump chair holder club? It is buying something as a joke, like doge. I guess if you have some coin you no longer want sure, jump in the mosh pit and have some fun. But .15c at this point i the game is a joke and not gonna happen. Then again, /biz/ is full of idiots and autistic gamblers looking for a rush so purposely trying to screw of the next guy I am sure would be a good time for those types.

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You must be dumb swinger got it up to 17c so it it really a joke >>28108160

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>sure, jump in the mosh pit and have some fun.
OK! :D

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Just go on Kraken or Binance and look for something really cheap. Obviously tokens are retarded cause you'd be spending a shit ton on gas fees.

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GRT for sure.

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I hope so, fren. I bought the top like a sucker.