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>nooooo you can’t just make 100x gains and not sell!!! You have to dump your bags!! This is a pump and dump!!
Seething Pajeets already seething for missing the launch. Don’t you want to be there for the dollar menu listing?

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$135 USD EOY

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>This is a pump and dump

this but unironically

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oh look it's babby's first rugpull

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>checks top wallet activity
>pump n dump
Anon I

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They have seen this happen with thousands of pajeet erc20 shittokens.

>but this one is different because I say so

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>locked liquidity
>none of the top 15 holders selling
Stay poor, niggerfaggots
Top holders aren't selling and there's locked liquidity. Nigger.

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copyright infringement

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>Lowest iq on /biz/

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>Top holders aren't selling
Then they should burn their tokens

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nothing makes sense anymore. i dont care anymore. all my investments have gone to shit but a mcdonalds coin is making me money. fuck this shit all in

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>liquidity locked is a selling point
>board being spammed increasingly harder day by day
>meme token
>threads probably being posted in jeet telegram
>bump the thread guys, make it look organic!
I've been in defi long enough to smell the curry in the room
See you assholes in two weeks in the inevitable what the fuck happened I'm financially ruined threads

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this, I was on their telegram to see wtf was going on and that's exactly right

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>2 weeks
You'll be roping because you missed out on the easiest x100 of your life

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Post nose

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The biggest tell of a scam is when they say you are missing out on the scam

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Stay poor

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I don't even need to look, I know how they operate
It's always the same people too lmao
literally don't give a fuck, i imagine there isn't enough liquidity to cash out any sizable amount

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But BKNG is safe bro

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Stay poor, niggerfaggot

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The whales are waiting to dump broo

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>b-but it's a pnd rugpull t-they're going to dump any second now..