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Must be:

> No telegram/pajeets shills (no MCD, SHIBA, HOGE and and pajeets coins)
> Low MCap obviously
> No Rugpull
> Liquidity locked

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why would i tell you this

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RBC, ASKO, and OPC in that order, but I don't know if reddit is right about opc
load up your moonbags memeboy

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that's a no brainer anon

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mcdc is going to at least 50 cents if not a dollar though. money's money

as far as legitimate nanocap projects im in on corlibri and corionx

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PUX 500k mcap. App release is submitted, team is non anon with a unique use case. You'd be dumb not to buy in now while it's dirt cheap

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liquidity locked, 600k marketcap, 25x to ath




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because I can pump your coin

I want to invest at least 30k for each coin mentioned

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scam. stop ip ban dodging we know who you are

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Honestly , I'm just all in 50/50 RBC/BADGER

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$5 mil market cap fully diluted , 500% APY on staked LP Tokens


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RBC and ASKO look the best to me, that's what I'll be going with when Coinbase stops fingering my deposit's ass.

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Lol shib isn't just a pajeet scam because some pajeets pumped and dumped it. Is survived that and is launching its own DEX. It existed for 6 months before this doge shitstorm and it'll exist for a while after doge gets forgotten by normies.

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Highest TVL increase in last 7 days In all defi

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>hurr dont buy Hoge its pajeet xD

fucking retard

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Hoge you idiot

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RBC - already mooned - 5/10
ASKO - https://github.com/AskobarNetwork/askonetwork-contracts - literal scam - 3/10
OPC - https://github.com/opacity/opaque - no effort from devs, no update in 8 months, 4/10

MCDC - pajeet shill, not touching it 0/10
PUX - way too shady, 0/10

HEZ - this is promising, but It has no hype to x10, but its decent 7/10

ROTTEN - scammy/shady 2/10

BADGER - overshilled, hype is gone 4/10

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>1/2 the TVL of Uniswap
>But Token 1/4th the value of Uniswap
>Market cap of 500M

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>no MCD
not gonna make it

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Unironically Reef.

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Mcdonalds is mooning as we speak tho.

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Stay poor, weak fud.
Locked liquidity, guaranteed 100x+, top holders not selling.

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>no MCD
Do you like being poor anon?

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for me its MCDC

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Supply cap? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

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>telegram/pajeets shills
Stay poor

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copying this from another thread for anyone interested in actually reading about good projects. scared money don't make money.

gfarm2 is $2M cap right now

v1 was $10M cap before an exploit derailed the project

v2 has been audited by certik, the score is very high (higher than tether, even)

the project allows for decentralized (no KYC) leverage trading on uniswap

obvious moonshot potential imho

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bout to buy

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37M supply locked in uniswap
Bunch of hardcore holders
Best Memes
Best community

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Rubic has a product anon.

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I'm thinking of dumping $200 of each paycheck straight into Rubic but I feel like I might be too late to accumulate before it starts moving up again.

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Dump it into $MCDC.

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altcoins are focking dead

normies will be flocking to btc now, doge was just a decoy so people end up burned out from shitcoins and actually play it safe with their stimulus money next weeks

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Put into HOGE, then cash out at 10x and then put the 2000 into RBC

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I can tell you about one thats not listed till tomorrow but I dont want this place fudding the shit out of it

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wait... what?

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$HOGE, unironically.

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This anon gets it