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I have $5k, please shill me a shitcoin which hasn't mooned yet
>Missed AVAX
>Missed AAVE
>Missed GRT
>Missed ALGO
>Missed RUNE

I just put tickers in my blockfolio and watch them for weeks as they do 5x, 10x, 20x and I'm too passive to buy

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ETH will get pumped like BTC just did very soon

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You didn't miss aave. It hasn't even begun yet.

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you didn't miss AVAX yet OP. we're going to 4 digits easily.

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Why do fags keep insisting they have missed AVAX? It’s just left the launch pad with a good 30x left to do in the short term.

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LTO bud

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$200 max this bullrun. NEO did 2-160 and everyone saw how that turned out

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I came to /biz/ in August and AVAX had been $3 the entire time and now it went to $30 just like that, just feels wrong to buy it now.
Thankfully I held onto my tiny balls and bought DOT at $6 so I haven't killed myself yet but FUCK I feel like a bitch for missing that 10x

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I like this Pepe

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>missed GRT
GRT is only just now starting to leave the station, mang.
You are at the point where the train is slowly starting to move and you have plenty of time to do a brisk jog and hop on

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This, pumping right now

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>mooning more than 2x in the next two years

Your hopium is very potent, my lad

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I mean, probably just a 3x from here to EOY, but that's still nothing to scoff at

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$20 EOY minimum, my dudes

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Come to HOGE! It’s Doge but DeFi

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Avax still has at least another 10x to go this year, maybe not

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DENT is a big sleeper, it's going to, at least, x100.

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just buy SNX, ATOM, LINK

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Get in on $ZIL while you can

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With 500$ im not sure if i should leave it all in AAVE or move to AVAX... got around 1k in rbc which i would leave as moonshot

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Why? Just buy 0.1 BTC and sit on it for 4-5+ years minimum, it's less risky
99.9% of people shilling shitcoins have brown hands and tiny brains

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Look at the avax graphs.It's not really mooned. It has followed a steady rise in value as adoption increases.

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Already mooned, SNX is another one I feel stupid for not noticing

What's that, a coin for dentists?

QRD on this? Was shilled a lot in December and seems like a good bet

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rottenswap (25x to ath, 600k marketcap)
next leg up forming as we speak, get the fuck in



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XLM, GRT, ATOM, ADA,, ALGO and IOTA (and maybe NANO)
Screencap this post and look back at it in one year. You will thank yourself.

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I already have 0.15 BTC which I bought at $13k. It's not going to be life changing money unless you believe the memes about BTC going to the millions. Just feels somewhat reassuring to hold bitcoin though I always feel like a scrub for not being a wholecoiner.
Shitcoins are where the money is at

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This could be x10000 if people notice it.

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ASKO, dont fuck up this time

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fair enough
I only had around 5K to invest in total and personally I put it all into BTC
shitcoins feel like too much of a gamble
do NOT listen to the people here though, nobody knows which one will x10
if I were you i'd pick 5 coins that looked good and put a small 3 figure amount in each one
still risky though

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FTM has been crabbing for a week, big moon mission incoming, better get in now that it is cheap

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Litecoin didn't pump yet and it's not a shitcoin so you can actually go to sleep while holding that

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Hoge coin

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Has been at 0.3 for ages, realistically what price could it reach this year and what would push it there? No schizo stuff plzz I held XRP for 6 months just to break even

Bought these coins in August and sold after they did absolutely nothing, should I just park $1k into each?

Will research, thank you

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Why will it moon?

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Shiba mooned but crashed back down and is about to moon again

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>Shiba mooned but crashed back down and is about to moon again

>Me and my pajeet friends have dumped our McShitcoin and now we're going to take those suckers again

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Afghanistan pilot should be finished in 4 months

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don't miss those missions, anon.

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>Afghanistan pilot
They use blockchain over there?

thanks, which DFT token exactly?

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Regarding XLM; it will continue to fluctuate in the current pattern but will skyrocket once it breaches through. I estimate a 3x return at least
Regarding ADA and IOTA; Yes, just dump 1k each and watch it grow. Take some profits at 2x, but hold most of your coins for long term (it will be worth it)
Thats my plan, at least. You do you.

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>They use blockchain over there?
they want to, and they're relying on Fantom to make the digital transition

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I don't know much about Afghanistan but do you think that a pilot in a country with one of the lowest GDP in the world will make the price significantly go up?

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XLM 0.7 short term target, IOTA $2

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I love Avax, but when people talk about exponential price increases, you know we're near a market top. Things are getting frothy. Give it a month and we'll be back down.

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A suicide stack of REEF is still only ~$3k, then spend the rest on LTO.

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Another coin which I bought & sold last summer and hasn't gone up a cent
What's the potential upside and what would push it there?

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$POLS. I.e. Polkastarter

working product. This will get to 1b marketcap

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Using gurt as my stablecoin for when btc crashes again in a day or two.

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Come check out the general OP

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Fuck coins

Get in $CLF


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Reef gonna 100x by EOY

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How did it turn out?

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Unironically dexg

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I'm skeptical of retro aesthetic meme coins

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What’s the CLF sui stack?

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Looks good and already did a 10x the past two months, I already have Polkadot though

isn't this a stablecoin?

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SURF, my friend. Either the token or SURF/ETH LP in the Whirlpool

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Buy the shitcoins low, sell when high. Its pretty easy

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Avax is nowhere near over. Hop in fagget

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has more LINK liquidity than uniswap, no impermanent loss, single sided liquidity pooling, will be the first AMM on Arbitrum's L2, bridging to PolkaDot.. so much more keep reading

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Buy rubic on probit, hold for 3 months, collect your easy 20x, more if you hold as it takes market share from uniswap

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ALGO is the true path to MGTOW freedom. I wish I had bought more.

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I'll look into it more thanks

I know rubic mooned a lot but it's the most inorganic excessive shilling I've seen, not touching it even if it goes to double digits

God I hope so then I can kms

seems really forced

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I watched it sitting at 0.3 cents and didn't fucking buy now it's about to break $1
Life is not comfy for low IQ tards like me

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SGT Anons! SGT big pump comming

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This. Just get in early, ride it for a bit and dump it when it has a good pump. Easy money printing, just gotta find the new tokens with small mcap

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The moon mission hasn't even launched yet. Binance listing and cheap cross chain swaps are coming. We're hodling for $5+

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I only have 800 and I could’ve loaded up when it was at 30 cents a few months back. I guess I’ll never get to retire early. All these missed opportunities keep passing me by. I guess I’ll just hold and see what it does.

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Can we just buy ALGO now or is it too late?

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Hoge, super cheap rn brother

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$1,8mil market cap
Swiss based with China and Korea representatives

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What is this?

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rofl you still use this shit
I’m not a bastard who believes you and go for trash
I’m longing for bot ocean launch to trade with safe

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You didn't miss GRT or ALGO but you'll have to wait

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these curry bots are a disgrace

wait for what?

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Buy benchmark.

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GRT will take time and will not do a 50x in a week just because its hype season. It's cheap but you'll have to wait for profits

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NKN fren

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No pajeets in this. Might actually be legit.

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Quite well actually, just doesn't get the hype. Flamingo is a very decent Defi protocol and Neo 3 will be great for the next gen dapps.

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Obviously XIPOOH

> hasn't pumped yet
> great team
> meme token with real usage
> nice memes

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Looks good

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You are just in time for CargoX my fren, still under ICO price and about to explode in 2021..

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Super Gay Token

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V2 coming in 26 days. Rewards for hodlers announcing soon. Nvidia and Amazon are partners.

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>$2.5 Million marketcap
>Just released less than a day
>86% of coins locked for 6 months to 3 years
>Working freelance platform with 30,000 users
>Marketing savvy team



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where to buy?

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UNN if you want safecoin. HOGE if you want memecoin

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ADA and COTI are your best bets that are relatively low risk if you want to make it

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This. It’s a long term hold. It’s pretty much the Officer Chauvin of neck restraints. Your going to want to hold it tight for a long time to get the results you need.

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Buy more girth. Everyone loves girth. More girth will please you.

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LTO will make you a lotttt of money. 100-1000x ROI.

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I just aped in front.rank 500+. And its in binance. Solid project.

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Statera. It's always Statera, anon. Wake the fuck up.

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DFT - Defiat. Testnet for Anystake coming soon®.

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I also hold CARD

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I have Avax and LTO.

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RADIX - Best Layer 1 tech . Secretly shilled by Quant OGs. Their tech is so much superior to everything else that we've seen so far (DOT, Avaax, Elrond, Algorand, Cosmos, Fantom, Solana, ...), that i cannot see a future scenario of the top 5 being without Radix.

Heise.de was right. In the forum on that site, one crypto whale, an early ETH investor, mentioned Radix as the next big thing after Ethereum.

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ATOM is mooning but this is nothing compared to what it will be on the 18th

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How many wallet holders would that be anon? For a whole country I mean.
>not many

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both have deflationary supply of coins

it means 1% of tokens in every buy or sell get burned decreasing the supply of tokens meaning the price will keep rising

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SXP, but it's such a piece of shit it could easily gas out and dump before making a new ATH.

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redshill me

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Wolfy also has automatic liquidity mining in addition to deflation
That means you gain more just from holding. No need to constantly spend gas pooling and unpooling
Getting in now is especially beneficial, since the price is so low. You can make lots of Wolfy now, then sell it all after the inevitable pump to 1c

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Don’t miss REEF and FTM

>> No.28121021

If you were just starting today, what would you invest in? I have 350.

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Should have also mentioned, Wolfy's mcap is only $600k right now
To reach 1c it only needs to hit a mcap of 7M, which is very achievable, but still over a 10x from current price
Big news coming up soon. Hop in now for what feels like an easy 10x+ to me

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its a no brainer

>> No.28121954

You really think it'll hit 3$?
I really wonder how high it will go once they roll out their projects. It is backed by Binance after all.

>> No.28121982

Reef,but you may wait for a while

>> No.28122055

What do you think Reefs ATH will be?
I have no problem waiting for 3+ years.

>> No.28122084

Honestly I would look at picking up some $feg. Super low cal rn. It’s only 5 days old and you gain money as you hold. Easy 10-100x

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CFI CyberFi

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Asko already had one moon but is consolidating around the 10cent region. Usually it's above 10cents but right now it just dipped a little bit. Perfect opportunity to buy now before the Mainnet launch on the 13th.

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Can someone post the cute REEF anime girl pictures, I really liked those.

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