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Good Morning McBros. You know what always hits the spot when you take up, a nice cup of joe and the smell of Farm Fresh Eggs, Crisp Bacon, Hearty Sausage, Crunchy Hash Browns, Muffins, Biscuits and Hotcakes. You know what ain't so sweet first thing in the morning? Curry Fingered swindlers trying to take your McGriddles and cut you out of your McGains. We know that they're fudding your favorite breakfsst, we know that they're holding all the tokens and ready to rugpull you, we know that they're just an imitator. So feel free to take a seat, Grab a Hash Brown, Get an Iced Coffee, and strap into this McRocket because it is going to go to the McMoon.

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mcdonalds literally makes me shit my pants.
go with the king.

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The Original shitcoin MCDCOIN.FINANCE

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Mmh, just the right kind of breakfast to start into a very productive day of staring at charts all day and jerking off, thank you McDonalds!

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OP - Informative post, warm, inviting, neat.

You - Retard, Literally admit to shitting pants, points to scam after OP warns about you.

Nice one Curry Nigger, do you even know why people even like the Burger King around these parts? It’s because he hates fucking shitskin niggers like you for stinking up his plane.


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McFlurry please

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checked and redpilled.
BKcoin pajeets? BTFO
MCDC? To tha moon
1$ EOM is FUD

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is the biscuit mcchicken any good?

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What topping, sir?
Please hurry up with your order I have to clean up the bathroom

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You already missed out on about 40% gains this morning. Hop in, this is nothing. $mcdc

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Kek. For an actual pnd seems totally legit. Seething sand niggers can’t believe top wallets didn’t sell after 100x

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yea but i will always go with the mcgriddle

when are the scammer mcdc guys going to make McMenu NFTs?

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Oreo chocolate. Extra topping thx, poor wagie!
Can i pay with MCDC?

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Someone post the picture for how to buy this stuff. I'll throw you $100 in case this actually takes off.

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i dont have the pic but get metamask, put eth on your metamask directly then go to uniswap and buy it with the contract from the website

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I don’t have the pic but check mcdcoin.finance for contract info

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wagmi anon

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You can only pay with MCDC sir, we don't accept FIAT currency since 2025.

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IF you buy it with the english muffin then switch the buns its pretty good

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All instructions there

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Thanks I'll give it a try

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guys.. the price just keeps rising

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for me its the mcchicken

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You’re embarrassing yourself, Pajeet.

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Stay poor

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What the actual hell are these ETH gas prices?

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>he Mcmissed out

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Gas prices suck. Fortunately I bought MCDC and it covered my gas costs in the first 3 minutes.

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Store manager reporting in, are we hitting 20c today?

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It's going to cover a lot

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fud, 30c eod

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McDonalds is a well run organization that WON'T cum in your food. Can you say that about BurgerKing?

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Fuck off pajeet

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Take the King Pill

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Stay poor
pic related

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