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WHAT THE McFUCK WAS THAT burger bros ??!?!?
Mcdcoin is the shitcoin to end all shitcoins. Why does biz hate free money ?

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Post your McRanks.

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Ronald here not selling until 1mcdc = 1 Big Mac

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Drive Thru here, I only spit in your burgers if you don't tip me MCDCs

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McMoon mission

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Dollar Menu Waiting Room

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Should I become a humble berger flipper? Or go for broke and dump all my savings?

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Invest what you can afford to lose. Chances are you'll be gaining a lot either way

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Go for the inbetween option, don't go full broke into ANY coin, but fill a bag of $MCDC and you won't regret it.

Join the telegram community too fren.

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This coin is the most resilient coin I've ever owned. Props to the whole crew.

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i fully expected it to go back to 4 cents and crab for eternity but it's done really well and has left the shitcoin 48 hour lifespan graveyard

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>go back to 4 cents and crab for eternity
get ready to be proven wrong

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how can this coin holdup without mcdonalds corporate support?

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Where the fuck can you even track the price on this shitcoin?

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McDonalds will buy us out and raise our price to $135 USD EOY

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Why do you retards invest in this stupid shit

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Yeah can I get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh forever pump?

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because it makes money

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buy us out or lawsuit us?

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Pretty sure 90% of the people shilling it understand its a pump and dump and just want to make a quick 2x

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>why do you like free money?
Stay poor
>a quick 2x

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>a quick 2x
Me and others have made 100x+ and are not selling.

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Already up 100x. Not selling.
This isn't a PnD, it's a revolution. IYKYK

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fuuuuuu I put 1k in it I hope this works out I’ll at least try to hope so I can finally sleep tight at night. Would make all my dreams come true. I’m trying to put 5k more on alts but this is so fucking hard to do. My friend use new poolz and seems like he has sweet dreams while I try to stay alive. Does someone use it? Good or not?

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Join the telegram. We're gonna make it.

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Ahhh so people who missed the first sell off are desperate to get it pumped to recoup their losses. Jesus christ /biz/ I've only been lurking a week and even I can see what's happening here.

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>people literally get paid to make these threads

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how does $1534005 sound?

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kek, me and many others have made 140x+ and have not sold. None of the top 15 holders sold during the 17c ATH and none of them are selling now. Not selling, faggot

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Total win for this. great team, great atmosphere.

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where to buy ?

not even listed on coinmarketcap?

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McDOIN baby

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How will McDonald's shut this coin down? There isn't any stopping it now that the coin is out in the wild.

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Uniswap. See >>28102546

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Franchise owner here not selling until $1

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Just proving my point from another angle. If so many of you already made 100x+ then there is absolutely nothing stopping you from dumping at literally any moment. You have nothing to lose. Even if you miss the next ATH, you still win no matter what. Why would anyone in their right mind trust you guys to just hold out of the kindness of their own hearts and not fuck them over? If it's already been shilled this hard for days it's obviously too late to get in.

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Not selling until $135

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>nothing stopping you from dumping at literally any moment
There's locked liquidity you massive retard
>it's obviously too late to get in
See you when it hits $1!

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>still no sign of a dump
How will Pajeets McCope?

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Cause it's funny

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>If I make a claim, it's true.

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ok, so where does it show the price? its not listed on coinmarketcap

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Dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x76d629ebad7fdf703ed5923f41f20c472e8f23e3

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Don't need to take my word for it when you can view for yourself.

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Anon, you mean this meal only cost 2 coins?

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holy shit.. we're pumping

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They have nothing to lose, and everything to lose by NOT selling. Yet they continue to NOT sell, and lose more and more. Its because theyre looking for a good time to dump though righttt

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McMaking it isn't quick and it isn't easy, be patient crew

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you can still be fucking early its only 5 days old

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you know how many billions times this is said. Weak hands leave but clearly this is at least 1 dollar meme coin in the making. Finite supply miss out if you want.