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Is this just a pump and dump or actually legit?

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its legit. youre asking a dumb question so you should probably just all in rubic instead

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I'm not sure it could be a pump and dump if the UN is involved

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I bought LTO at 23 cents. Just thinking should I sell some or hold. Rubic has never interested me.

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Do the math and you get your answer.

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yes its just a peejet p&d, get back in your cage, wagie, nothing to see here

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Daily reminder WAGMI lads

This was literally yesterday and I'm already 6k up since then

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no, CEO has multiple "failed" cryptos (IE; rugpulls), do not buy this worthless 28c stablecoin

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Why tf would UN be involved in a pnd?

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Name one (1)
He has multiple successful companies

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Not legit, sell please.

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SCAM dont fall for it newbies

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>mfw the United Nations shills my coin to be used for land registry in the developing world

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Why does this coin have so low interest then? It's market cap is tiny.

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It's a B2B and government focused project, rather than DeFi. Interesting angle for sure. Founders are a bunch of ex-Deloitte types so you know they got connections.
I don't expect it to become a top 20 coin but it could definitely make you a good bit of money.

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...let that thought marinate for a moment

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Thanks for the insight. I'll probably take some profit out and leave some for longer hold.

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Would be a very shitty PnD if it were one...
>coin crabs
>no "moonshot" hype
>people are buying it to stake, not speculate

It is legit, at least more than most small MC coins discussed/shilled around here.

Disclaimer: I own some LTO.

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With so many big connections like IBM, UN etc. it doesn't make much sense?

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stop it I'm trying to accumulate I need more time

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>top 10 in transactions
>not a top 20 token

oh boy are you in for a surprise. LTO is literally the next LINK

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This isn't a rational or efficient market yet. This is a market where Dogecoin is worth $10bil. This is a market where honest to god opportunities like this actually exist and aren't immediately arbitraged away by professionals and institutions.

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Well it would already be a top 20 coin if most transactions weren't fake

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It just doesn't have any hype, traction really only picked up here the last 2 weeks. Sell your bags I still need to buy some

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99% of transaction on the LTO network are by clients actually using the network (see "Anchoring") column:

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Will act as a bridge between real business world and defi
through decentralized ids and credentials on chain

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jump off a bridge you fudding bitch.

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It depends on how fast they can grow in the space, or if someone like SAP realises what's happening and makes them an offer they can't refuse.

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It is time to shill LTO as the real world value business it is. Many normies entering the cryptospace.

Chad LTO is going to catch the boomers

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Well right now the UN is shilling LTO to other countries because they are having success with Afghanistan Land Registries.

Just wait until the World Health Organization gets involved....

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Yeah surely it's not it's not adresses which belong to the team right?

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KEK I love how everyone is panicking and desperately fudding since the price is already being retarded and people are being priced out

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Sources of transactions are clients

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Buy the dip, faggot
>they told again and again
Then shill this shit on /biz/
>fine I have bot ocean subscription and use algorithms for trading and low risks on DEX

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Waiting for a dip to buy in

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"No, it's not good. This has to change. Clients are anchoring through our node. We've done that for the sake of simplicity, but imho that was a mistake. New clients are setting up their own node (or we help them to set one up). You can also expect existing clients to start using a dedicated node and stop anchoring through our node this year."

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lease or stake your tokens to generate new LTO tokens every week by following this guide https://blog.ltonetwork.com/staking-and-leasing-lto-network-node-guide/#lease

the 28c stablecoin meme has arrived!! we moved up from last weeks 25c stablecoin. Feels good

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The top 5 "clients" are companies created by the team

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>tfw you waited for a dip that never came

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This is the easiest coin to DYOR on. Everything is transparent, and it already has real clients. Unlike pajeet scams which are nothing but promises and fancy websites with anonymous teams.

If the UN has it in their site, it's legit. They are literally recruiting middle eastern countries to move their land registry on board, and afghanistan is already locked in.

BaaS is going to explode this year. Tesla and MicroStrategy are legitimizing blockchain and it is NOT GOING TO STOP

and each client PAYS YOU for staking since the rewards come entirely from fees. 7% apy, with 50% of the supply staked, is unheard of. And transactions will keep climbing, meaning so will that yield.

If you don't hold at least a suicide stack....well...

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>We'll prove to you this isn't a scam this year I swear
They'll abandon the project and say it didn't work due to unforeseen circumstances

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take your meds schizo

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And then they will buy huge blocks of LTO, stake them, and get to use the network for free ("net zero")...and those coins will effectively be forever removed from the circulating supply.

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Who's determining these 'real values' and how?

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the math determines the value.

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Yes, and the UN and the Dutch government are also shell organizations created by the team.

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Where is the UN node on this list?

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welcome all newfags to participate in our daily LTO general threads >>28047082 where we discuss LTOs usecases, roadmap, partnerships, tokenomics.

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Price targets for LTO?

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Don't know whether UN has a node currently but


>Under the terms of the agreement, the two UN entities collaborated with the LTO Network, a hybrid blockchain for securing, verifying, and exchanging business-critical information—such as land rights—to leverage LTO Network technology for the survey, registration, and documentation of properties in Afghan municipalities.

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The "RV" variable is the current Bitcoin price, as a common point of reference to compare all the projects against.

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LTO gave them free tokens (so paid them) to use their service. If you have to pay clients so they use your service it's never a good sign

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The only things newfags need to know are:
>CEO is known for scamming and pathological lying, has spent most of his childhood in psychiatric hospitals
>The issuance of the ERC-20 LTO tokens have a tradeable asset versus the staking asset. This could certainly flag the ERC-20 LTO token as a security at the SEC, and the resulting measures taken against the LTO Network would be anything but good. T
>The whole process of having three different tokens (native, ERC-20, and BEP-2) is confusing and punnecessary.
>The team claim to have been working on it for 6 years but their website was created 2 years ago
>LTO is centralized, slow, and the tokenomics are unsustainable if the price gets higher than $0.5 as it would force clients to pay much more than if they were using a regular a regular company.
>They are using IBM cloud to host empty PDF files and claim they have a partnership with IBM
>The token was only created to get funds in the ICO and could easily be replaced by a stablecoin
>Their only real partner is the government of Afghanistan, which has the 7th lowest GDP per capita of the entire world in 2020 according to the IMF
>Most if not all of their marketing budget goes into paying pajeets to shill their scam on /biz/ and Telegram

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>he never sold crack

first taste is free. everything after that they have to pay. Or have you been sleeping under a rock with Uniswap and 1inch airdrops.

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>There's no proof that all 60 clients LTO has are paying customers and the team didn't offer a free or discounted trial run to boost their numbers to make LTO more appealing to investors.
>In fact the CEO explained several times that they are giving free tokens to companies to try out their system, and you wouldn't know if these companies stopped using LTO and their transactions were replaced by fake ones.
>IOTA will be able to perform LTO's entire usecase for free. LTO is a fork of waves which offers no real innovation and will be replaced by IOTA
>CEO is a long time friend of Jed McCaleb and Mark Karpelès, he was the mastermind behind the rise and fall of Mt. Gox
>Most members in the team are trainees with no experience, only the Lead Architect is talented but he was diagnosed with prostate cancer last month
>The parent company of LTO, Firm24 has lost customers and is close to bankruptcy after a scandal involving 2 employees who participated in child trafficking

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meant for>>28098674

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$1bil market cap in the near term seems fair to me, so about $3.5 price (based off circulating supply). In the long-term my conservative estimate is $10bil mk cap, so about $25 (taking into consideration that some of the LTO held in reserve will by then be released)

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Also, funny that these fudders magically appear with outlandish claims right as we broke 20c resistance. Heh, laughable

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>LTO gave them free tokens (so paid them) to use their service. If you have to pay clients so they use your service it's never a good sign

where does it even say that in the article kek

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stick to your IDIOTA coin then kek there's no changing your mind about anything and you just shit up this thread with false fud with no links to back up anything of what you say literally NOTHING.

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I will remind them again

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hes an IOTA shill ( IDIOTA) in my books

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Was just about to ask about buying VIDT in conjunction with this. Good idea? I should pr obably DMOR

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Anyone who thinks LTO isn't legit is low IQ.

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Anons, DYOR on this, seriously.

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Bullshit. They didn't even pay Binance to support LTO.

Companies bought it off the market. LTO hasn't touched their M&A fund. They literally bought VIDT with their business revenue, without selling their holdings.

THEY DON'T RELY ON DUMPING THEIR STACKS TO STAY AFLOAT. Unlike basically every other coin on the market.

You're a fool of you fall for this FUD and miss out this once in a lifetime opportunity

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please sir, do the needful and kys

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They have also specifically stated they will not such the 80mil M&A fund until the price has "significantly" appreciated, so as to be able to fully leverage it.

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>LTO in 1.5min:
>LTO in 3 min:
>in 30min /w /ourguy/ Rick (CEO):
>white paper
>/biz/ pastebin:
>general profile:
>tokenomics faq:
>big brain deep dive:
>/biz/ LTO Node

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I mean he still hasn't answered me where in the article I gave him it says that, so just ignore him, it's either one of our guys from biz node having a blast with us or just an idiot

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VIDT is a scam, you cannot validate real-world items on the blockchain. No artworks, no photographs, and no photographs of real world items. You can only validate binary and lossless documents, such as PDFs, Powerpoint projects, executables, and audio files. The Rembrandt etching on the blockchain was a marketing ploy to boost the credibility of the project. Good one at that. Fooled me as well. In the end you would still need a third-party examiner painstakingly verifying every single inch of the artwork and play "spot the difference" between a real Rembrandt and a fraudulent one to see whether you have pulled a switcheroo, rendering V-ID's validation process pointless. The artwork is going to be validated by an art examiner, not a blockchain solution. V-ID is as useful as a certificate of authenticity. Both can be forged enough to fool a notary.

Taking photos of a rental car and then uploading to V-ID is also pointless, because your car rental service would first need to recognize V-ID's services as legitimate before you have signed the contract. Said contract would also need to mention V-ID. You cannot escape a charge/fine by pulling up your phone to show that some no-name website says the photo hasn't been altered.

You can validate a scanned document and save it as a PDF and then validate against that same exact scanned PDF, but you could not validate against the original document. Medical and government documents are often printed out, scribbled on, then scanned back in. But even if nothing was scribbled on, a duplicate scan would not match. You would need to verify with eyes.

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Need the Coinbase listing for normans to buy this imo, I could definitely see it happening in the next year or two

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oh shit this is real
so happy to see how they try to shill fucking rubbish
u should know one point -NOT EVERY NFT ARE PEARLS
want to check good one - visit playcent - free win while using and playing apps

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they said the M&A fund will be touched when it hits $1 Billion MC. The vidt purchase was done from their positive cashflow. Unlike other projects, these guys know what the fuck their are doing and have the juice to back it up.

>> No.28100594

>positive cash flow
This. LTO is like a microcap stock with 100x potential (long-term) that ALREADY IS CASHFLOW POSITIVE and paying a dividend...this is the value investors wet dream

>> No.28100752

what are you talking about man, that's not how it works? Real world items are marked, and not checked directly for their authenticity but by their verified place in the blockchain. Get the fuck out with that FUD

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https://blog.ltonetwork.com/lto-network-vid-scantrust-pim-volkers/ You might wanna do some homework on VIDTs usecase. IOTA street shitter.

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Lto a trail blazer

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Thankfully LTO Network got you back with a bunch of links to all of your fudding and that's why this project is unfuddable and it makes it me sad because I couldn't accumulate below 22cents FUCK YOU GET BETTER AT FUDDING.

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you said that at .20 weak bait

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Fuck man my net worth increased two months of wage just today because I'm holding AVAX and LTO hasn't even mooned yet. Is this even real? Is it this easy?

>> No.28102701

>is it this easy?
Only if you put in the work to DYOR and recognize genuine value when the rest of the market is chasing Dogecoin.

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Dubious marketing strategy encouraging mass spamming and washtrading. Scam tokenomics. Useless worthless token. No unique tech. Operating at a loss. Partnered with LTO. Small side project of another company.

Let's look at the white paper and do some math. They will need 1,500,000 files validated to break even. One file validation costs as much as $2.20, $1.65 on the middle plan, and even less on the bulk volume plan. Let's go with an average of $2 per file validation.
>1,500,000 Files X $2 = $3,000,000
>$3,000,000 / 5 Years = $600,000
$600,000 is their estimated annual revenue as file validations are a one-time fee and not reoccurring. The verifications are free. V-ID sold $3,400,000 worth of tokens in the ICO with a white paper outlining a plan for five years, so the numbers so far are reasonable.

V-ID is a tech company with no unique tech or first mover advantage. Supposedly uses algorithms that cannot be patented, according to bagholders. Multiple competition exists, including Acronis Notary, IBM Blockchain Trusted Identity, and Bitcoin.com Notary to name a few. V-ID's potential advantage is a user-friendly design, which can be had for $10,000. V-ID is in the software industry, so let's value the business at an incredibly generous and delusionally optimistic 3X revenue. In which case the company can be estimated to be worth $1,800,000 as of today.

If VIDT will convert to VIDS, which represent shares in the company and the total supply is 62,391,039 VIDT, then one VIDT is realistically worth 2 cents today. 5 cents if we only use the circulating supply (30,800,318). Of course that's with the 3X multiple. At 2X annual revenue (and only looking at circulating supply), one VIDT is worth one penny. And currently, it's even worth less.

Will the largest VIDT whale with his tokens locked up in a smart contract want to sell or convert to VIDS next year? Will "he" also do cursory math before making his decision? Coin is overvalued and worthless.

>> No.28102948

Show proof that all 32 clients V-ID has are paying customers and the team didn't offer a free or discounted trial run to boost their numbers to make VIDT more appealing to investors. Validating a file on a blockchain costs no more than 1 VIDT (less than 10 cents), but the team is supposedly charging 10-16 VIDT for clients for essentially doing fuckall but providing an interface to interact with a blockchain. That's 10X profit per file. If you had a company, ready to validate 100,000 files a month, would you want to pay $10,000 or $165,000? All you have to do is a five minute research to save over $100,000 a year.

Acronis Notary costs $99 for the whole year and comes with a cloud backup solution, HDD image creation, and all the validations are free. That's right, motherfuckers. Free. Because 99% of people who buy the cloud backup solution are not using notary services in the first place and they're subsidizing the transactions of those who do need the service. Large companies that do thousands of verifications a month and don't need a backup solution only pay mere cents per validation. Cents. You can contact Acronis support and get the pricing structure, if you don't believe me.

>VIDT is a scam. Token not needed. They created VIDT for the sole purpose of raising money. Service idea came first and then VIDT got shoehorned into it. They needed a utility coin for an ICO, as otherwise it would have been a useless security token and have no chance of being listed on exchanges or being legal. They knew no one would want to invest in a "1 VIDT = 1 Validation" scheme because that would make it a stable coin and have no speculative value. Which also means that VIDT price doesn't matter to V-ID at this point, they already got their million dollars. Unless they want to dump. All buybacks are scams to raise the price, so you give them your lunch money and create liquidity to dump into when the time comes.

>> No.28103015

They are literally engraving diamonds with a unique code that gets uploaded onto the blockchain as we speak, you idiot.

>> No.28103042

Airbus is a customer of Acronis, FYI. Airbus Defence & Space is a division and has an even smaller division in Netherlands. And V-ID hasn't fully rolled it out yet, even though supposedly they have been a client for over a year. Uh oh. Show one single proof that Airbus has collaborated with V-ID on a large scale or let alone name-dropped them.

>Allows customers to notarize files of any type via a web console or API, generating a certificate that provides publicly verifiable proof of its timestamp, integrity, and authenticity.
>Easy to sell, upsell or bundle: Universal service that fits business of any size and industry
>Key improvements in the Acronis Notary Cloud service will allow service providers to easily enable data verification via a new public webpage – eliminating the need to use the Acronis Notary Cloud user-interface to verify files.

Acronis Notary costs $99 for the whole year and comes with a cloud backup solution, HDD image creation, and all the validations are free. That's right, motherfuckers. Free. Because 99% of people who buy the cloud backup solution are not using notary services in the first place and they're subsidizing the transactions of those who do need the service. Large companies that do thousands of verifications a month and don't need a backup solution only pay mere cents per validation. Cents.

Why would any company choose V-ID over Acronis is beyond me. Not only is it cheaper, but Acronis also works with over a hundred Fortune 500 companies and has millions of customers.

>> No.28103154

Validating your whole god damn hard drive with Acronis Notary takes less than 70 minutes. V-ID validations take over a day (sometimes there are days with no validations at all) and bagholders watch over Etherscan like a hawk to calculate the number of validations.

Here's a quote from the Acronis Notary user manual:
>The notarization process can take up to 70 minutes. To reduce the cost of each notarization, the notary service collects hashes throughout an hour, then builds a hash tree based on these hashes and sends the hash tree root to the blockchain database. After that, the notary service waits for the transaction to become confirmed in the blockchain database, and then changes the statuses of the files to Notarized.
$99 for a yearly subscription, as opposed to $600 a year. No nickel and diming like with V-ID, charging you over $2 per file. Imagine how much it would cost to validate a 100 files with V-ID, as opposed to using Acronis.

Acronis also owns the patent for blockchain validation technology in the United States (and it is enforceable if V-ID does any business in the United States, regardless of bagholder claims): https://patents.google.com/patent/US10114980B2/

>> No.28103442


You've convinced me maybe to sell, but I don't own any VIDT, I own LTO. How does this specificially concern LTO?

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see >>28099330
Apparently they merged. Not to say this guy is right, he copypasta'd this stuff quite a few times back when it was still called VIDT. Maybe he has a point. Then again, nothing makes sense. IMO, Video 2000 was a vastly superior system compared to VHS or Betamax, but in the end, VHS won the market (allegedly because porn movie producers choose it as their format), so which one becomes successful doesn't always relate to how effective or sophisticated it is.

>> No.28104421

Yes I know they merged, but LTO aquired VIDT right? So it's not like LTO's business is based on VIDT? Or am I understanding this wrong?

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Based thx

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this guy typed all that just to feel better about selling vidt at a loss after merger.
What an autist lmao

>> No.28105039

>Q3 epiphany

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You're absolutely right and just btfod his whole pathetic essay with 1 question

>> No.28105369

yikes, ngmi
but do you think a company like sign request which was just bought by box.com and who experimented and tested blockchains and in the end chose LTO to anchor their documents, do you really think business after business has chosen LTO because it was the shitiest blockchain they could find? Search for every single point he posted on LTO and see if you can confirm any of it. The cancer, the pathological lying, the child trafficking and everything else. This is why you DYOR and don't rely on anon to give you info or you will not be able to hold something with conviction

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not going to make it

>> No.28106134

>wagie in cagie working while I live off LTO rewards

>> No.28106619

Would GRT be a threat to the longetivity of LTO?

>> No.28106708

They're completely different.

>> No.28106876

Yes, absolutely. It's already ahead of LTO in term of adoption and will continue to grow due to its community, team, and marketing efforts.

>> No.28106989

Fucking hell - Afghan Governmnet - congratulations losers

>> No.28107163

after all your efforts its still above .28, might have no choice but to buy at these prices,

>> No.28107285

take your meds, schiz. nothing about the two overlap.
yes, and?

>> No.28107654

>Reusing image for other tokens
Red flag

>> No.28107738



ERC20 token is used in liquidity farm too (uniswap) as well as needed in the VIDT staking platform if you want to do a bit of a boost. So your claim is false.

ERC-20 and BEP2 made it easier to get listed in earlier stages (lowering exchange listing thresholds), now Binance and Bitmax have integrated mainnet.

website has relaunched a few times. Work in the early days was done under the name of LegalthingsOne, but as they branched out of their intended notary aims, they rebranded to LTO Network to show they are building an ecosystem.

Their partnership with IBM is on Internet of Environments, which still needs to scale up due to delays with covid, and IBM Watson, who are involved in the usecase of speeding up jurisdiction processes.

They need the coin to provide the public permissionless layer to secure their processes. Without economic incentive on the public layer that would not work (and they have one of the best value capture cycles in the cryptoverse)

Marketing budget is used for all kinds of platforms, including youtubers, news websites, supporting new approach crypto transparency websites, but I've not seen them strike a deal with 4chan biz pajeets yet.

Long story short: You're full of shit and are just looking to bring down the price because you have sold the top hoping to increase your stack. Weak FUD, time for you to fold and find a different job.

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>> No.28108094

Thanks! I'm happy to see blockchain can actually help improve situations in these countries that have difficulties building trust with their citizens.

Looking forward to seeing the node go live and to see the other countries explore the open source solution for land registry.

>> No.28108290

Nice try but this pasta was already debunked, all my claims still stand solid

>> No.28108620

I see no proof.

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>I see no proof.

>> No.28108822

I don't pepe is making your case stronger. Go home rage boy.

>> No.28108909

Who is the riddler you say? Maybe he is with you, closer than you think

>> No.28108947

best way to stake this stuff? can I do it on Binance?

>> No.28109013

30c waiting room

>> No.28109066

Mainnet. Binance staking is filled up already.

>> No.28109099

you have to do it on the mainnet, LTO wallet

>> No.28109252
File: 55 KB, 838x1024, 1609999791762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28109585

29c stablecoin

>> No.28109620


>> No.28110157
File: 36 KB, 1080x326, Screenshot_20210208-125815~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

El Tio is blessing us all today, friends. Continue your daily offerings of booze and cigs and he will lead us to prosperity

>> No.28110991

You must understand NO amount of FUD will drop the price.
NO amount of SHILLING will raise the price.
This a crypto for business, not retail. Either you are along for the ride, or you'll be a kiked out nigger sitting in a ditch

>> No.28111920
File: 37 KB, 828x160, 83F6DF9E-20D6-4224-A3D2-DC83ABADB1CD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just bought 10k more LTO and leased them to the /ournode/. Maximum comfort level. I now have 30k LTO and am trying to decide if I switch some PRQ or QNT over...

>> No.28112333
File: 42 KB, 720x835, 1607721387737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28112435
File: 202 KB, 1728x634, 8498498498498.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not mean for retail
Nope, it really wasn't. We're just here to provide liquidity and early network decentralization. We'll be rewarded for the part we played in establishing the platform. But ultimately, LTO is going to be 80%+ held by joint business partners -- basically the largest users of the network.

>> No.28112498

Secure an LTO make it stack at 55k and then you're 100% comfy.
I have a 38k stack right now and can maybe secure another 10k over the course of the week if prices drop. Scrambling to get a make it stack

>> No.28112730

That’s the goal. I could do it today if I wanted but PRQ (main hold) looking ready to break out. If it does I’ll swap enough to cover the final 25k and be able to live off of alcohol, cigarettes, and comfy LTO gains on an island in the Caribbean.

>> No.28112764

What does this mean? Will we eventually have to sell our bags or does it just mean new retail plebs wouldn't benefit from trying to buy enough to stake? If someone has a 55k bag now will they eventually have to sell or will they always benefit?

>> No.28112933

what is ournode?

>> No.28112955

Big enough bags won't have to sell.

>> No.28112991
File: 54 KB, 1280x672, 1612379308351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>new retail plebs wouldn't benefit from trying to buy enough to stake?
All that will remain of retail are those who got in early. There really won't be incentive for retail to buy late in the game.

>> No.28113039


>> No.28113061

i told biz about this coin fuck you guys

>> No.28113286

Define late buyers though. LTO has $100 written all over it. And as long as your investment is getting an APY of 6-8% on a deflationary coin, I think even late buyers will have a good deal. Better deal than banks at least.

>> No.28113339

Why is 55k so important?

isn't owning a node more important? (let's say of about 100k)

>> No.28113551
File: 116 KB, 976x1249, cryptokek_dot_com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lto just keep pumping on the daily

>> No.28113750

That's the thing, LTO won't be spinning off an APY of 6-8% at $100 a token -- or even at $25, imo. APY is going to be driven down overtime as the market cap increases. Its going to be like how a blue chip stock's effective dividend yield gets driven down by its high price. But that late in the game, those who have make it stacks that they bought when LTO was 25 cents or whatever will be able to live off even 1% APY.

>> No.28113819

My deposit is available to send off coinbase tomorrow evening but of course that shithead had to fucking pump BTC 15%
That's 15% of my future LTO stack gone
What a dickhead

>> No.28113981

LTO is pumping on its own as well so it's more than that unfortunately

>> No.28114090
File: 3.15 MB, 308x312, Alex Crying.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28114281

I will be settling for ~66k LTO. Still a make it stack but I'm not happy about it since if I moved on this 2 weeks ago I could have had 100k

>> No.28114446

That completely depends on the rise of txs though and when rebalances take place in adjusting the transaction fees. So far the APY has been around 6-8% going from 2 cents to 28 cents. With more adoption flowing in, it could potentially stay at 6-8% for a very long time, and since txs can rise indefinitely, while stake has a max supply, favor is actually at the side of APY growing, unless transaction votes are pushed through.

>> No.28114523
File: 10 KB, 226x223, 1611298111497.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I will be settling for ~66k LTO

>> No.28114524

I won't see another paycheck until August so I need you all to keep fudding until then so I can get a make it stack thanks

>> No.28114542

won't even read thread. nor any past generals. i'm buying in next dip because i trust you. i better not lose my USD 260.

>> No.28114565

It is what it is

I was actually considering tossing 1k more to get 66k as well.

>> No.28114620

where can I buy this? cant see it on Binance

>> No.28114658
File: 4 KB, 164x145, LTO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot to post my >makeit club badge

>> No.28114713

Might have sold out, it is LTO after all.

>> No.28114737


>> No.28114774

If you are overlooking the vast amount of red flags with LTO, you deserve to lose your money.

>> No.28114804

What LTO means?

>> No.28114867

Term Ownership

>> No.28114928

I agree, we won't see APY fall for a long time as the network continues to expand exponentially. But eventually the network's growth will level off and that's when we'll start to see the APY decline. Infinite growth is impossible, every network will eventually reach a mature phase. We are far, far from that stage obviously, but I just caution people to be realistic about how much LTO would actually be yielding if it were double or triple digits in price. This is why it is essential to accumulate a large stack as early as possible, so that you can continue to live off the dividends even as APY stabilizes along with the long term price.

>> No.28115432

Losing Trade Obviously

>> No.28115506

You're being priced out quite quickly, I'm considering aping in as well

If it dips to 25 - 26 range by any chance I'm jumping in

>> No.28116333

Did anybody unstake when BTC spiked?

>> No.28116585

Yes, whales are starting to send their LTO to binance and sell what they bought below 0.05$

>> No.28116691
File: 41 KB, 798x644, 5012132E-3BA8-4BA4-BC1E-6E40A083726E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that’s some onions shit to be doing fren

>> No.28116724

Lies, stake on mainnet is only growing. I'm sure people are leaving, everyone has their selling point, but it matters little. Do you have transactions on chain to proof it?

>> No.28116761

Why the fuck would you do that lmfao


>> No.28117210
File: 2.47 MB, 200x200, Vince McDone.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you're selling point is not at MINIMUM 6 dollars...

I have news for you son... you got a very severe and rare condition called paperus handernus

>> No.28118144

say i acquired 100k LTO, is there a benefit on running my own node as opposed to just leasing it to xeno? assuming reliability, processing power etc. is all handled by a cloud provider

>> No.28118488
File: 5 KB, 257x233, XXX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We are going to $1. I WILL NEVER SELL ! HEAR ME ! NEVER !!!

>> No.28118714

You'd get 100% of your reward instead of 99% and others could lease to you, getting fees from their stacks.

>> No.28118884

Lol you know that this whole market is irrelevant, at some point this board will be full on Pink wojaks. It will be within the next 15 months. You know it to be true.

>> No.28119185

I wouldnt, im asking if anybody else did.

>> No.28119703

the last dip was eaten like pussy, are early buyers weeded out?

>> No.28120150
File: 78 KB, 1280x595, C427160B-2D2C-4CBE-BF26-5D6F1EFBA154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28120679


>> No.28121300

anything under a dollar is good bro

that being said, im wondering if i wait for the next dip or cop more now

>> No.28121525
File: 33 KB, 892x465, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The next moments will unironically decide the fate of El Tio

>> No.28122412
File: 47 KB, 303x320, ltoOLIGARCH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What happens next will blow your fucking mind!

>> No.28122599
File: 27 KB, 200x140, proxy-image (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Being this much of a newfag

>> No.28122723

The math checks out.

>> No.28122800

checked, trips confirm its happening

>> No.28122882
File: 125 KB, 1280x822, IMG_20210208_221706_382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Zoomin in the foreign
Got the engine roarin
Prrt prrt

>> No.28123745
File: 71 KB, 600x929, shutitdown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

delete this now mf

>> No.28124009

how does the LTO staking benefits pay out? does it compound automatically/accumulate per month or what?

>> No.28124116

Lto is unironically a top 20 coin end of year

>> No.28124292

Every Saturday (at the /biz/ node, at least). You can immediately restake them, but keep in mind its wise to accumulate around 400 before you restake because there is a 1 LTO fee

>> No.28124521

LINKers have been talking about how LTO is the next LINK. I missed out on LINK, so I can't compare what it was like getting into LINK early.

>> No.28124931
File: 74 KB, 750x809, IMG_20210123_133704_608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Compare the usecases
Upcoming LTOe one vs links

>> No.28125019

how would that be used IRl for businesses?

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