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>finally starts to pump
>BTC suddenly pumps 10%
>LINK dumps 15% in sats

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I notice it too.

Eerie how much it happens

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Happens every time fag. Wait 2 weeks and it will pump


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> btc dumps
> "it's a conspiracy to make link shit!"
> btc pumps
> "it's a conspiracy to make link shit!"

What's the common denominator?

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Link is still heavily outperforming btc so we can reasonably conclude that people want link to look like shit even though it obviously is not

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t. link maxi

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>he doesnt know about the pump btc to keep a lid on link strategy.

Even Dumping btc even gets effective after all the weak normies sell. Sometimes they pump to fuck link

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I am so fucking tired. I am so fucking demoralized. I can't stand this shit anymore. I can't fucking do it. LINK was my last hope.

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I'm the one and only denominator

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This is going to be the worst hold in 2021 bullrun, fuck me

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This. Tired of watching my 100% link portfolio get outperformed by everything

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Is now unironically a good time to buy link?

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your homosexuality

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I bought 2k more last week.
Wish i did now.
If i still had the btc i would buy now

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Will it survive the inevitable crash or be dumped along with everything else?

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this has been my line of thinking about it for a while but at this point it is pretty fucking rekt how perfectly link is affected by btc dominance. Is it sergey dumping? this is not an organic chart brah

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>BTC pumps
>LINK dumps
>BTC dumps back down to pre-pump levels
>LINK dumps more anyway
>BTC pumps once again, even more than before
>LINK dumps again


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this coin is without a doubt manipulated to absolute fuck

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who is doing it specifically? It really is amazing to see

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>nice little IVHS.
>be a shame if btc randomly giga pumped 15%

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When this stops being suppressed it is going to be insane. Just keep in mind the bigger the crypto space gets the more LINK is needed. We literally can't lose

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Sergey dumps on fridays

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im about to swing my stinkies into BTC and DOGE fuck this $25 stable coin

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This. We are about to enter a new price range for Link unironically. Expect Link in the $35-$45 range by end of week. Screencap this.

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we should be at $75 tho so even a $50 link is underperforming

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why wont it just be suppressed indefinitely? at what point are they done accumulating? who is accumulating? why? wtf man im just totally fuckin blown away by this price action

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>just 2 more weeks.
>trust the plan
>we're all in this together

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Who gives a fuck if its satoshi value goes down to 20k sats bro.
Btc could end up at 400k and link would be 100$ while only being like 20k. How is that anything to celebrate

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stop with the sats, faggot

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really? when?

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seeing as this is 4chan(nel) I'm contractually obligated to say 'its the jews'

not ruling it out, but my bet is either private whale groups who control large wallets


shadowy forces in high places at the head of vast ubercorporate empires with a vested interest in domineering LINK supply

or perhaps Sergay himself. I'd like to think not

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>really? when?
I expect us to crab at this level for the remainder of the bullrun since we can't break the downtrend against btc so maybe in 5 years if this run ends eoy

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Just bought link at 21€.

I have never sold a single link.

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You are obviously a lonely worthless soul. Good luck. You glow so much you smell.

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You are too retarded to understand.

If btc ends up 400k, and link 80$, but you your stack worth 2btc or 800k, yet in aug 2020 your stack was worth 200k or 17btc, how the fuck is it a good thing? You’d have 6.8m in btc if you sold for the sats. Retard

Even eth is massive down in sats rn. Eth whales that sold for 0.15btc each in july 2017 are still massively in the green over people that sold for 1400 last bullrun. Eth would have to go to like 6k to catch up with the “sats fags”

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There have been large whales that seem to control every Link movement since ICO. I think early BTC whales are the ones who do it. Eventually, they will just stop suppressing it as they will have no more potential "FUD" to spread as it will be obvious at that point that Link is an industry standard and will play a critical part of the future systems that will run our world. Just remember to hold strong.

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linkcels BTFO

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No other chart has such violent wicks. Show me ONE fucking chart in the past 2 years that is comparable.

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see >>28088972

most link holders are up 20x in sats btw

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you couldn't be more wrong, I hope I'm proven wrong but so far link has performed horrible

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wtf those wicks! Is it cz hunting leveradge positions a la bitmex style?

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I first bought at 3k sats.
So what? You are a retard if you dont understand why sats measure links performance.

You are exactly the same as an idiot that would have sold his gold for 100k marks an ounce in hyperinflated germany thinking he has done well for himself

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Suck chink controlled cuckcoin instead. Top decision fren. This idiots try to beg you to invest in their shitpool. Don’t believe them if you aren’t a tard. Participate Poolz, new defi with nft. You will thanks me later

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This this fucking THIS!!!!!

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why would I care about sats if I don't care about BTC itself?

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there's always a retard like that. don't bother frens. he still doesn't get that going up in sats means going up in fiat

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I forgot biz was flooded with normies and they outnumber us 100:1

Imagine having to explain sats to people in 2021 kek

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Can someone help a retard here, I want to send LINK from another wallet to my binance wallet. When selecting 'link' as the coin I want to deposit on Binance, the address it gives me to deposit to, comes up as some random address on EtherScan that holds 2 random shitcoins...

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>Dogecoin is above LINK
Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?

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So there actually are glasshand fags selling. Maybe it isn’t entirely whale fags fucking with it

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I know what sats are you are the one who thinks a coin has to outperform BTC for some reason. the days of "alts are just a way to increase your sats" are over. There's a reason why coinbase doesn't have LINK/BTC pair

AVAX has been outperforming BTC for months, why are you not comparing prices based on AVAX?

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Please post this non stop on Friday afternoon. It will be funny if we are at $65 and you keep posting this. Top keks!

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I've held for 3 years, not selling my full stack, just want to take a little profit as I'm getting disgusting 2017/18 feelings right now. Would probably buy back in anyway if it dumps.

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shut the fuck up nufag. Lurk and learn for Christ sake

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LINK is a pile of shit
Why would I invest in a worthless piece of shit token, when I could just buy the king, while LINK gets annihilated. There is no fucking use for any of those shitcoins. BTC is money and a store of value. Everything else is just cope or whatever you want to believe. I don't care. Keep bagholding your shit

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this x10000

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Coimbase does have a btc pair u faggot, and i dont give a fuck about avax which is why i didnt bring it up. What kind of fucking cringe autistic point is that?

I care about making cash. Something you obviously dont care about. I’d have 800k rather than 500k rn if i sold btc for 170k sats each last summer. What dont you understand you fucking retard.

If link hits 1,000$ usd yet btc is 1,000,00 each, i’d be massively better off if i had sold my link at 20$ for btc (170k sats and then held btc from then on. Id have a lot more money after btc rises.

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I'll send you a picture of my bunghole if LINK reachs 65.

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and you'd be better off buying AVAX, thanks for disproving yourself

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You guys were morons. I recommend to buy rope

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Fucking disgusting likely tranny wtf. Do you really think $65 is not happening kek?

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t. fellow link maxi

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>10 lines + plebbit spacing instead of
The jews

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Retard. You’d be better odd buying GME at 5$ and selling at 450$

What kind of point are you trying to make? You just look like a newfag retard. Lurk more or fuck off to redd!t

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>my funds are chained forever
Now i understand.

>> No.28093315

My fucking sides

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What's the reason behind no BTC LINK pair on Coinbase?

>> No.28093547

>What kind of point are you trying to make?

you said you were better off buying BTC because of muh sats and I proved you'd instead be better off buying AVAX, why are you coping? BTC underperformed massively against AVAX that means AVAX is the better investment.

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>Link up 800% in 12 months
>BTC up 300% in 12 months
>Waaaaah why does BTC always shit on link wahhh why is Link so terrible waaahhhhh please sell all your Link

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i panic sold 90k link

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>shadowy forces in high places at the head of vast ubercorporate empires with a vested interest in domineering LINK supply

>> No.28093745


Because we are investing in LINK and BTC is the entire markets liquidity barometer.

Where are all the AVAX/Alt pairings you fucking homo? Nowhere. Just get the fuck out or say something valuable quickly

>> No.28093827

How aren't we 50 bucks yet kill me

>> No.28094053

you said you cared about making cash but you refuse to acknowledge how BTC underperformed against lots of assets while singling link out for underperforming against BTC in a short time frame.

you are a fucking retard please sell you 4 digit at best LINK stack and buy boomercoin because "le epic reddit man tweeted about it"

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It's obvious that LINK isn't going to go anywhere unless Sergey releases something soon. We only have until Q4 this year when the cycle peaks. We are in a bull run now and one thing is certain that retail isn't going to pump our bags. There is no narrative built for LINK unlike other shitcoins which normies chase like
all the ghostchains eth killers
niggers rushing to buy BTC because fiat = toilet paper
ETH = "idk what it does but it has better tech than BTC"
Meme shitcoins like DOGE are pumping thanks to Elon Musk
Smarter normies are getting into DeFi, all crypto youtubers are also shilling DeFi heavily.

LINK has no narrative set for it. The normans aren't going to buy en masse and pump our bags. The institutional whale niggers are too greedy and simply want to suppress it more than anything. If LINK tops out at $100 this cycle I wouldn't even be surprised but I would be suicidal for I was a man who knew but could not bring himself to sell.

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But others blockchains already have native decentralised tokens.
Are you sure you're not delusional?

>> No.28094366

thanks now you wont mess with the coming 30 floor. Enjoy your taxes paper hands bitch.

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it's teh jews dude

>> No.28094692


An announcement of anything will get lost. I dont think normies will hear anything to with link over memes. Even 99% of people in crypto the past few years don’t understand or hear LINK.

>> No.28094693

sergay selling millions in skinkies weekly and the doge black hole hamper that effort. 50 EOD.

>> No.28094702

no taxes faggot u mad

>> No.28094862


The only way it works is if whales start the pump intentionally. Normies follow pumps aggressively even if its GME or dogshit token

>> No.28095391

Yeah that's why I said normies won't ever pump our bags. They need to put out Arbitrum (which they cucked out on and kept delaying) or staking for any bit of hope. It's really hard to make a prediction on anything they are going to do given the absolute importance of having 0 margin of error when it comes to the Chainlink network. Whatever they are going to put out has to be battle tested to death before it's ready for use. How long it would take them is anybody's guess but I have a strong feeling it would take another year or two given how things are progressing. I am no Messiah but that is simply my guess. I just don't think that it's feasible for the network to grow and expand in such a short amount of time when the only thing that we fucking have right now is price feeds. The institutions and corps aren't going to jump on Chainlinks cock if the other fundamental features that actually enable seamless adoption is ready, with all the pieces (DECO, Mixicles, Tsigs) etc set in place. It just doesn't make any sense.

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Who knows the pain

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good for you fuck the govt lol

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>You’d be better odd buying GME at 5$ and selling at 450$
>measuring in dollars anot sats
Fucking newfag retard.

>> No.28096822

Sounds like a good time to buy more link.

>> No.28096839

>muh sats
i dont pay my bills in sats fag

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Why'd you blame the Jews twice?

>> No.28097446

Wow, bitcoin maxis usually aren't this retarded.

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Life is pain.

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