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As a poor anon from venezuela this is insane... I feel euphoric.

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How does it feel to make 10 years worth of medium salary anon? I feel the same.... Fucking lit.

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Cash out at some point anon

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Its crazy. I have relatives in bad situations and cant fully relate to them when they talk to me about their problems with money and stuff. Somehow I would like to help them but at the same time I know I cant disclose how much I have with anybody here.

Yes I have targets, the money in stablecoins is profits I am keeping, my initial was 400. Im not cashing out to local currency though and I dont have a foreign bank account. It will have to be stablecoins alone since I wont trust other centralized platforms like paypal or uphold.

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Be careful. Do not tell a lot of people you are in Crypto. Congrats anon, you're a smart cookie

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Thats like the 0.01% percent in Venezuela AMIR?

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30k is nothing. That’s my 2 month salary.

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How much is the rent in your town?

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In New York? 1500 per month for a nice studio

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Cant you buy a house in venezuela with that kind of money?

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get some clf anon


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Smart. Don’t tell anyone. Nobody, not even people you trust. No good can ever come if it especially in a place like Venezuela.

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T. retard

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t. poorfag

Get a real job nigger

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Good folio mate

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T. retard

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>Do not tell a lot of people you are in Crypto
this anon knows what's up

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Congrats bro, no more rat soup for you :)

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you do realize your 2 month salary gets taxed and most of your purchase power goes to rent and food right?

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holy fuck u spam this allday

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Good job. I love to hear poorfags coming up. Happy for you. You dealt with the literal hell that is 4chan AND grinding through your shithole country. And this is just the beginning your reward.

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t. Retard.

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Among the average joes, probably.

You can, or a comfy apartment. The one im living right now sells for like 20-25k

Thanks! The cake has me surprised since I bought at 44 cents to make like 150 on passive returns from their staking pool... And then it went crazy, and the returns are over 800 monthly at current rates/prices with that stack.

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Nigger I make 200k a year with my bonus AFTER taxes and I’m 24. Eat dick

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He lives in venezuela you retard

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Congrats anon

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Just wait until the commies are gone and private property is legal again.
On day 1 when everybody wants to get USD to buy a new TV and some food, you go and buy a house. Or maybe a full street. Or maybe the whole fucking city.

GG anon you made it. Just hide your money from the socialists and dont tell anyone

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Congrats. You helpless Venezuelan peasants deserve it.

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>15k grt (delegated)
>3 ETH
>200 LINK
>.5 btc
All long term holds obviously. I'm thinking about buying 5k cardano

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Keep your mouth shut.

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You should cash out and buy the country IMO

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You don't have enough money to really help your family though, and there will never be an end to how much they need. Be greedy or you'll end up just like them. Not saying you can't help out with $50-$100 once in a while when someone's in a pinch because that's what family is for but you're not going to change anyone's circumstances with $30k.

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Don't tell anyone.

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If you hold through the year you will be fine. If you're a flipper go fuck yourself
lol still use this rubbish and believe in this schiller's rubbish
don’t be so stubid dude, nft is new gem
want to see it by yourself? join fucking amazing playcent and forget about that stupid rubbish you use now

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When did you start and with how much

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Vote Maduro

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What app is that?

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you're not impressing anyone here
try having sex you insecure loser

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What's the most used crypto in daily life in Venezuela? BTC, ETH, NANO, something else?

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i'm glad you're making it venezuelabro, keep at it

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Yeah i have been selling 20-50 weekly for groceries and stuff. Also i carrying mom and my brother to medical appointments they couldnt afford previously. I know they suspect I have been doing good with crypto but im sure they think I have like 1k or something.

Yup read here >>28088560

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>t. retard

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Blockfolio, latest version is pretty sweet looking.

BTC even with the high fees. Dash has a decent following. And through cryptobuyer you can pay with a few more crypto like bnb and stuff in lots of supported stores.

Hope we all make it frens

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Just curious how well this translates to purchasing power.

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comfy! grats venezuanon

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t. retard

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Not as well as you might think. There was a time where the usd was powerful here, between 2016-2018. But now a lot of stuff is as expensive as it is in a normal country.
So we have Dubai prices with Somalian quality of life.

Love you frens

I wont. Not even my mom knows the real amount, which would be the only person I would trust with this. She does know I have crypto though, and I have a spare portfolio for her lol

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Congrats bro, you have a higher net worth than most Americans at your age kek

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Congrats anon, I hope you make it big.

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good going anon, especially from 400 initial! i'm happy for you.

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Do you realize he lives in a third world shithole, and also a commie one?

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t. retard

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congrats fren

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Are you thinking about going to Spain?

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>"living" in jew york
lol, nice meme

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yet you still choose to live in new york?
not smart enough.

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based, thank you anon. I'll have to think about accumulating some DASH

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how old are you anon?

congrats! happy for you

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Congrats anon. Genuinely happy that you were able to turn 400 into a modest fortune.

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bank balance right now larping nigger

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t. retard

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Enjoy it fren.

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>t. retard

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I only tell other people who are in crypto
But never reveal your net worth/positions

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You are the 1% in Venezuela, don't get top cocky.

t. Colombian

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i’m sorry the faggot CIA is fucking up your country. portfolio looks good anon, i’m hoping to get there one day

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Yo estoy en mexico me pagar on un trabajo en btc
Ando buscando en que moneda invertir cual es tu proximo plan? Y en que plataforma swinguea? Uniswap?

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Maybe, im thinking about moving if this shithole never fixes itself.

Lived in bogota for a few months, have good memories there.

Pues hago swings en binance mas que todo. Y suelo entrar a holdear a largo plazo principalmente, a veces hago trades pequeños. Podrias intentar flipear shitcoins en uniswap pero no lo recomiendo, mucho scam.
Toca mejor a largo plazo, investiga proyectos nuevos que prometan y eso.

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I want to make it too. Here is what I'm investing currently
Anything else I should get if I want to make it?

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Good shit, anon, I wish you the best. Stay safe and don't ever let people know how much you have.

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>>try to short sell it
stupid fucker, don’t shill on /biz/ with this shitty shitoptions u dumb
trading with best analytics and various bots is on Bot Ocean now
but still you can find an idiot who will buy your trashbot

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> t. retard

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congrats OP, just make sure you put more and more of it into btc or at worst stablecoins. Also, vote with your feet, move with or without your family somewhere else.

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poor? what do you mean poor?

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what did you start with anon? how did you learn to trade? where would you like your portfolio to be?

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Grande pana
Get out of there

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Felicitaciones anon, me hace muy feliz ver a alguien making it en Venezuela. Ojala puedas salir cuanto antes de esa mierda. Tienes algun plan para lograrlo? Estudias o tienes trabajo?

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pick a defi project, it doesnt matter which but i'd say AAVE is probably the safest choice. I know it mooned this week but I think it's still far from the top

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Nice move on cake. I'm in big at .72

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Holy fuck.

You must be the king of Venezuela now.

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>poor venezuelan
If that's poor then you must be jew-poor.
Any nosebergs in your family?!

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t. tread

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I dunno, it really does look like its soaring. Also, I want to get into BTC and ETH but I'm waiting for a crash and I think it might happen today

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Dude the avg salary in venezuela is like $4 a month. Inflation is a bitch, op may be nominally middle class as in went to private school, his parents own their house and have a car but salaries and purchasing power has decreased from middle income economy to sub saharan africa levels in less than a decade

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careful with those edges anon

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I started with 400. Bought LINK at 30 cents and held. Then started to spread a bit. Also got lucky with the uniswap airdrop, had two accounts.

Actualmente con la pandemia no he pensado mucho en emigrar, espero que cambie todo en los proximos meses. Y no trabajo actualmente pero si tengo un titulo en publicidad y mercadeo. Ejerci unos años antes que maduro jodiera todo.

Absolute insanity what this thing is doing. It became my main hold only because the pump. And the staking returns are crazy.

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What a fucking retard

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Holy shit, isn't the monthly wage in Venezuela something equivalent to only double digits in USD? Congrats on finding success in your country.

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What the fuck kind of slav shilling is this
Who even uses a trip to shill, jesus christ
I'm actually upset with this post

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The official monthly wage is less than $1 currently. No bullshit.
With that being said, few people wageslave for that, and most are earning in the $4-$50 range, depending on your luck. Still shit but better than minimum wage.

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Eso papa echandole bolas, compre asko

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>A Venezuelan is escaping poverty with smart investments,
>A New Yorker appears to brag about his salary
That stupid Jew hellhole should be glassed already. There are zero (0) people inside the city limits that anybody would miss.

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Imagine flexing, while being a fucking yank kek. You could be on millions a day and I'd still pitty you fucking mutts.

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God bless. Come to Doral, FL it’s the nicest suburb of Caracas.

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Hell yeah OP get it

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Congrats Venezanon. All of us at NKN are routing for you. Wait until your NKN doubles in value again by the end of the week.

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How can I start investing in shitcoins and crypto with around 1000 USD? Will gas fees eat up all my profits, is it even worth it or should I put in more?

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Good for you, anon. How long did it take you to get those gains?

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When family knows you have money they change around you and demand it. I made this mistake and i had to cut off my family. I was all for helping repair stuff but god damn they become greedy devils.

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>Dude the avg salary in venezuela is like $4 a month.
You can type numbers into spreadsheets on fiverr or Amazon for $5/an hour anywhere in the world. Why do I not believe that people can be this poor?

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Realmente quieres emigrar? Si consigues 100K eres un rey en Venezuela. Valdría la pena?

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>Why do I not believe that people can be this poor?

Bc you are retarded people not only are these poor but some dont even have internet

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now try to get the money you can earn on fiverr into venezuela. Its not that simple. These people dont have access to paypal, normal payment methods, cant receive USD into their bank accounts etc etc. Basically cut off from earning any money like westerners. Theyd have to do it in crypto or find someone that converts USD from a source into their local currency bla bla.

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Slow and steady over a couple years. I have withdrawn a lot also, to live and some expenses.

Kek noted

Realmente si quisiera... Hay cosas aca que no te aisla la plata, como la inseguridad o los servicios deficientes. O la gente alrededor toda corrupta y jodida. Igual pensaria todas las opciones.

Sadly this, is not as easy as it can be in ant normal country.

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Venezuela is mostly cut off from the international financial system due to political issues so getting your money or being accepted into those platforms is mostly only possible with work-arounds not everyone has access to. Not everyone has access to computers or internet, most work in other sectors where computer knowledge is not required. There are many reasons why most venezuelans cant fully participate in the dystopical hellhole that is the gig economy and instead have to live in the medieval-like hellhole of being a failed state. You cannot believe this because you have the privilege of not knowing how bad things can get,

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so you have food finally?

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